Witchboard 3: The Possession (1995)

Brian is an unemployed stock-broker eager to regain an income. When his wealthy landlord reveals that the secret to his fortune is a spirit he communicates with with the help of a Ouija board, he first believes it to be a practical joke. When the tips coming from the other side turn out profitable indeed, Brian is impressed – but taken back by the trail of deaths that start following him. His hesitation gets interrupted by an accident that leaves him a changed man, much to the horror of his wife…


Canada / USA


Sequel to:
Witchboard (1986) and Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway (1993)

Full Plot:
The 1995 horror film “Witchboard 3: The Possession” is the third installment of the Witchboard series. The movie starts by introducing Brian, a stock-broker, who has recently lost his job and whose search for a new job proves very hard. He is married to Julie, an anthropology professor.

One day, Mr. Francis Redman, an elderly man and the landlord of the couple, invites Brian into his apartment upstairs, which is full of occult objects and drawings. Francis explains that he is now retired, but accumulated wealth through investing into things that a certain knowledgable „friend“ advised him to.

When Brian asks to be introduced to this friend, Francis pulls out a Ouija board. Brian is very skeptical and is thinking that this might be a practical joke, but to his suprise the planchette seems to really move by itself. The spirit recommends to invest in Californian orange juice.

When Julie comes home, Francis is in their apartment with a drunk Brian on the sofa, but he claims that he just wanted to deliver him home safely.

Next day, the price of Californian orange juice indeed rises significantly and when Brian rushes to tell Francis, he finds him on the balcony. Francis reveals that he always wanted to have children, but it never worked out and that now, he is dying of cancer. He gives him a ring before he jumps of the balcony, gets impaled on a fence and dies instantly.

At Francis’ funeral there is only Brian and Julie, when Francis’ ex-wife rushes in and opens the coffin. Brian tries to hold her back, but she manages to poke a hole into his forehead where he got impaled. Brian drags her away and when she sees Francis’ ring on his finger, she gets upset and rushes out.

As soon as Julie leaves for a couple of days, Brian goes to Francis’ apartment and gets the Ouija board. He attempts to contact the spirit and succeeds. He asks for the same help that Francis got to get wealthy. The spirit agrees and spells out „coffee buy“.

Brian immediately tries to invest in coffee, but gets informed that he needs 50.000$ to do so. He pays a visit to Finch, a loan shark who is pinning dead butterflies for his collection. He agrees to lend him money for 24 hours if he comes back with 62.500$ back the next day.

The following day, the price for coffee drops, which turns Brian desperate. He consults the spirit via the Ouija board, but it tells him to hold the stock.

Desperately, he follows the advice and rushes to the loan shark without the money and with the Ouija board in a suitcase instead, in hopes of being able to explain his way out of the situation. When the loan shark hears about the missing money, he attempts to cut off one of Brian’s fingers, but manages only to scratch him, making him bleed on the suitcase. Suddenly, the suitcase begins to tremble and pins fly through the room stabbing Finch, while his bodyguard gets impaled by several knives. Both die on the spot and Brian leaves with the suitcase.

When Brian hears about the murders on the news, the reporter points out that no suspects are known and that Finch was known to be involved in dirty business. It is also reported, that the price for coffee has risen extremely.

Relieved but terrified, that he is dabbling with dangerous forces, Brain tries to burn the board, but gets hit by an open cable instead, electrocuting and killing him in the process. His soul exits his body and gets trapped in a mirror. When Julie comes home and finds him unconscious, she immediately calls for help. The paramedics try to revive his body, but to no avail until he suddenly opens his eyes and starts choking one of the paramedics, but Julie is too happy to care about his weird behaviour, unaware that his body has been possessed by a demonic entity.

Next morning, he wakes up and everything seems to be better than ever. Brian tells Julie that he has made 500.000$ and showers her with flowers. They seem both to be very happy and madly in love.

The carefree mood gets interrupted when Brian confesses that he wants to have a child now, even though they have previously decided to wait with that. Julie feels pressured and uneasy about his sudden change of heart. With his behaviour, his look also changes – he starts dressing very differently and gels his hair back.

One night, while she sleeps, Brian cuts off a lock of Julie’s hair and removes her wedding ring, before binding the hair around the ring and using it in an occult ritual.

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Julie starts noticing that the occult objects from Francis’ apartment are all around their apartment now – including the Ouija board. When she asks Brian about them, he explains that Francis chose him as his sole heir.

Whenever Julie is alone, the viewer sees Brian’s spirit appearing in the mirrors and all reflecting surfaces, trying to communicate with her, but she doesn’t see or hear him.

In the evening, Brian and Julie get together with Julie’s friend Lisa. They get quite drunk and Lisa starts flirting with Brian, who flirts back without hesitation. Lisa mentions that Julie told her that he wants to be a father, but explains to him that Julie is not ready to be a mother. He uses that statement to ask whether Lisa might be ready to be a mother and compliments her fertile physique. Julie is shocked by the behaviour of the two. When Lisa starts dancing seductively and Brian joins in, Lisa breaks out in tears and wants to go home. Brian swears that he loves only Julie and they are only having fun, but when he doesn’t stop with the attempts to become intimate with Lisa, she slaps him in the face and leaves.

On the way home she tries to test him with an inside joke, that he doesn’t get, proving that Brian is not himself anymore.

That night, Julie has a nightmare. She dreams about the planchette of the Ouija board turning into a demonic grimace, Brian himself turning into a demon during love making and her being highly pregnant.

The next day, Brian’s spirit confronts the demonic spirit possessing his body through a mirror, but he only gets taunted with the fact that his wife no longer belongs to him and that she will soon carry the baby of the demonic possessor. He is advised to just leave and that any attempts to contact Julie will result in her murder.

Brian then goes on to visit Lisa, who is reluctant to let him in. When he becomes aggressive and suggests to impregnate her and she refuses, he kills her by throwing her into glass wall surrounding the shower, which shatters and impales her.

Meanwhile, Lisa notices her wedding ring with her hair tied around it, realizing that Brian has been practicing black magic to get her pregnant. She takes a pregnancy test, which luckily turns out negative.

When Brian returns home, Lisa’s mother calls Julie and tells her that her daughter has just been murdered. Julie becomes terrified upon hearing the news and now knows that she has to fear for her own life as well. She flees into the bedroom and insists on being left alone. There, she pulls out the Ouija board and Brian’s spirit comes through. She hints at their inside joke and he immediatey confirms it. She finally sees his face in the mirror and gets an adress from him, that he instructs her to go to as soon as she can.

When Brian bursts into the room, she suggests cooking dinner for him. She makes a dish with shrimp in it, which he gladly eats, unware that Brian’s body is allergic to it. When he suffers the allergic reaction, she flees the apartment and arrives at the adress Brian’s spirit has given to her.

The adress belongs to Dora, Francis ex-wife, who initially refuses to help her, but eventually takes her in. We learn that she has been through the same struggle with Francis, but managed to escape. Dora gives Julie an amulette that will protect her against the demon that possessed Brian’s body. She says that Julie needs to remove the ring from his finger and shoot him with an arrow smeared in his own blood to defeat him.

Before Brian walks through the door, Julie runs back home and Dora stays behind. He immediately kills Dora upon entering her house and returns back to the apartment.

In the apartment, a fight between Julie and possessed Brian ensues. The amulette proves to be effective until she drops it and is completely defenseless again. Brain attempts to rape her, when Brian’s spirit makes one of the mirrors explode into the face of his possessed body, causing a blood covered shard to land close to Julie. She smears the blood on the amulette, while Brian’s spirit distracts the demon and drops a heavy stone figure onto his head, knocking him out.

Julie cuts of his finger with the ring on it, which causes the demon to leave Brian’s body. Brians’s spirit instructs Julie to hold the planchette of the Ouija board against the mirror, freeing him from his trap. When Brian’s spirit is back in his body, he saves her from being raped by the demon and shoots it with the blood smeared amulette using a crossbow. The demon dissolves and the atmosphere is immediately freed from the evil presence.

Julie and Brain move out of the apartment to start a new life somewhere else.

But before the movie ends, we see the planchette jumping out of the furnace in the basement, hinting at that the demon’s quest for offspring is far from over.

David Nerman as Brian
Elizabeth Lambert as Julie
Cedric Smith as Mr. Francis Redman
Danette Mackay as Dora
Addison Bell as Finch
Donna Sarrasin as Lisa

Peter Svatek

Jon Ezrine and Kevin Tenney

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