Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway (1993)

When Paige moves into a loft to explore her artistic side, she finds a Ouija board in a closet. She contacts Susan, the former renter of the loft, who – according to the landlady – is not dead at all. Paige’s attempts to find out who the spirit really is unleashes a deadly force and soon she has to fear for her own life…




Sequel to:
Witchboard (1986)

Prequel to:
Witchboard 3: The Possession (1995)

Full Plot:
The second installment of the Witchboard series, “Witchboard 2: The Devil’s Doorway” from the year 1993 features Paige, a blonde young woman who works as an accountant but whose true dream it is to become an artist. She recently has broken up with her boyfriend Mitch, who is a cop and not supportive of her goals at all. As a way to start over, she moves into a spacious loft that is perfect for her ambitions. The building the loft is located in is also inhabited by the landlady Elaine, who seems to be stuck in the 60s, her boyfriend Jonas, who is supposed to be the handyman and her brother Russell, who is a photographer.

On her very first day after moving in, she finds a Ouija board in the closet, which she immediately plays with out of curiousity. To her surprise, it instantly works and she gets to know a spirit that identifies itself as „Susan Sydney“.

Suddenly, Mitch bursts into the loft, upset about Paige’s decision to move. He tries to intimidate her into moving back in with him, chasing her into a corner, and only leaves when Russell, the brother of the landlady, threatens to report him to his superiour.

At work, Paige is competing against her coworker Carla over a promotion, but is having difficulties as a report she has been working on has suddenly gone missing. When she asks Carla about the files, she denies having anything to do with the disappearence.

Still caught up about the Ouija board, Paige asks her neighbours about Susan. Elaine confirms that a Susan has indeed lived in the loft, but has moved out 2 years ago. Russell also knew her and describes her as beautiful, independent, but very tough. She also was into the occult and the Ouija board Paige has found was very likely hers. He claims to have shot photos of her in his studio and invites Paige to do the same.

Excited that the information she received over the Ouija board was based in reality, she attempts to contact Susan again – but instead of getting more answers, the planchette goes crazy, drawing circles over the board over and over again. During the séance, we see Jonas, the handyman, sitting in the basement, when he starts getting chased with sharp tools driven by an invisible force. He manages to escape into the boiler room, but the boiler overcooks and burns Jonas with the steam. Just as he dies, the planchette stops and Susan tells Paige where she can find her missing report from work.

Following Susan’s instructions, Paige finds her files in Carla’s desk and curses her out, which is very counter to her otherwise shy nature.

Having found a new, more independent and tough side of herself, Paige decides to visit Russell in his studio and pose for him. We learn that she always wanted to be an artist and has only become an accountant because of her father, and that Mitch discouraged her artistic ambitions as well. She now feels that is is time to be more selfish and follow her own goals.

That night, Paige starts having nightmares of a hand coming through the Ouija board that chokes her. Bewildered, she asks Mitch to help her finding out Susan’s cause of death.

When attending Jonas’s funeral, Paige gets told by Russell that Susan’s way of paying her rent was to have an affair with Jonas, but that Elaine had no idea as she is living in her own world. When Paige asks him how Susan died, he is surprised as she did not die, but just moved out.

Paige feels betrayed by the spirit she has been communicating with and rushes to Ouija board. The ghost however, keeps insisting that it is indeed Susan and that she has been murdered. Before going silent, she spells out „rifle cape“, which leaves Paige confused.

The confusion becomes even greater, when Mitch tells Paige that he can’t find any death certificate for the name Susan Sydney.

Paige gets angry and wants to throw board out, but the spirit locks her into the loft, terrifying her to the core. Alarmed by her screams, Elaine and Russell rush to her help. When she explains what has happened recently, they play with the Ouija board together, contacting the spirit once again. Susan spells out „uptown 217 park wood“ which happens to be in a forest. Russell is very sceptical, making the spirit furiously smash a mirror. Elaine freaks out and leaves, but Russell and Elaine decide to check the address out.

Mitch meets them there and prevents them from investigating the place further. He notices how differently she is dressing, as well as her frequent swearing and insists on driving her home.

Paige has another nightmare this night, dreaming of looking into a mirror, when her reflection shows a brunette woman, who violently grabs her hand.

Desperate for answers, Paige and Russell go to an occult shop, where they are given an atomatic writer – a planchette with an integrated pen, that is supposed to reveal the spirit’s handwriting, identifying them unmistakeably, as well as a book on Ouija boards.

The store owner also gives them hint that the word „rifle cape“ doesn’t make sense and might be misspelled.

At home, Paige rearranges the letters and gets „fire place“. When she examines the fire place in her loft, she finds an earring.

She also immediately tries out the automatic writer against Russell’s wishes to wait until he has read the book. She tells Susan, that Mitch is about to find her body, but she only gets a „STOP“ in response.

In the mean time, Mitch makes his way to the address Susan gave, but his car mysteriously locks the brakes and he loses control until he finally crashes into in incoming car.

At the same time, Paige faints in her loft. She dreams about Susan getting stabbed before falling and smashing the mirror. Elaine and Russell wake her up and explain to her that Russell has finally read the book, that they have received in the occult shop. It said that Ouija boards are dangerous and that spirits and demons use it as a way to get into the world of the living. They lure in their victim by playing nice, but then get progressivly more intimidating and violent until the attacked person is so weak, that they can finally possess the body and take over. He also shows her a sample of Susan’s writing and points out that it doesn’t match the writing from the automatic writer.

Paige gets worried and agrees to throw the board and the automatic writer away.

Click here to unfold the remaining story (SPOILER WARNING)

Later, Elaine reveals in Paige’s absence that the sample of Susan’s handwriting was fake and the real one matches the automatic writing perfectly.

When Paige hears about Mitchell’s accident, she retrieves the board from the trash, curses at the spirit and asks it what it wants. She doesn’t get an answer, but the séance causes another death: Elaine gets knocked over by a wrecking ball that gets controlled by an invisible and dies instantly.

Paige goes to Russell’s photography studio, where he gets angry that she doesn’t want to let the issue go. The tension increases, when she finds photos of Susan wearing the earrings she found in the fire place. She is hit by the thought that Russell is responsible for Susan’s death and locks herself into a room with the Ouija board. She calls for Susan’s help, while Russell tries to knock the door down with a pick axe, but gets stopped by Mitchell who walks into the studio, pointing a gun at him.

Russell claims that Elaine and Jonas murdered Susan and that now she wants to possess Paige’s body.

When the door of the room opens, that Paige locked herself into, Susan walks out. She makes Mitch drop his weapon, then throws him across the room, out the window and he is only saved from hitting the ground by getting his leg stuck in a cable.

Russell grabs Mitchell’s gun, when Susan begins taunting him. She confirms that Elaine was the one who killed her and asks him to let her walk free, reminding him that shooting her would mean to shoot Paige. Russell refuses, so she kills him with the pick axe.

Meanwhile Mitchell manages to free himself of the cable and makes in back inside. He grabs Susan by the neck, but lets go once she reveals that it is Paige’s body he is strangling. She throws him across the room and attempts to kill him with the pick axe, but Paige manages to fight her movements from within and hits the Ouija board lying next to Mitchell instead, making Susan leave Paige’s body.

The next scene shows Paige finally moving out of the loft to go to art school and her making up with Mitchell.

But before the movie ends we get to catch up with Jim, one of the main characters from Witchboard (1986), who apparently works as a garbage man now. He and his colleage find the automatic writer in the trash when his colleage asks: „You don’t think these things really work, do you?“. He throws it back into the trash and as they walk away, the camera zooms in on the automatic writer, that swiftly writes „Yes“.

Ami Dolenz as Paige
Timothy Gibbs as Mitch
Laraine Newman as Elaine
Christopher Michael Moore as Jonas
John Gatins as Russell
Sarah Kaite Coughlan as Carla
Julie Michaels as Susan

Kevin Tenney

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