Witchboard (1986)

Linda’s party becomes more exiting when Brandon, former friend and now arch enemy of her boyfriend, pulls out a Ouija board. She is intrigued when they manage to contact David, the ghost of a little boy. She immediately becomes obsessed with the board and can’t stop playing with it. When the spirit starts showing it’s true intentions, the game turns into a living nightmare that she can not seem to escape…




Full Plot:
The horror classic “Witchboard” from 1986 starts with Linda, the main character, and her boyfriend Jim hosting a party at their apartment. One of the guests is Linda’s ex-boyfriend Brandon, former best friend and now arch enemy of Jim. He brings a Ouija board to the party and claims that he can use it to communicate with the dead. Linda is immediately intrigued, much to the annoyance of Jim, who is very sceptical towards Brandon’s claims.

Brandon invites Linda to be his partner in handling the planchette during the séance while the other party guests watch. They manage to come into contact with the ghost of ten-year-old David, a dead boy Brandon has talked to several times before.

They try to ask him several questions, but the session gets constantly interrupted by Jim’s provoking remarks. Brandon warns him to hold his tongue, but when Jim igornes this advice, David eventually snaps and angrily throws the board violently into the air and stops responding. Later, Brandon also finds that the tires of his car has been slashed.

The following day, when the party is long over, Linda discovers that Brandon has forgotten his Ouija board at their apartment. She can’t help but play with the Ouija board again and David comes through like at the party. He helps her find her diamond ring, which she has lost a while ago, convincing her that he has her best interest in mind.

Jim, who is a construction worker, is at work during the séance. The same day an accident happens at the construction site, killing his friend and colleague, Lloyd.

Linda becomes worried that the accident was caused by David, who killed Lloyd by mistake and was actually aiming to kill Jim as a revenge for his behaviour at the party. When she asks David in another Ouija board session, he says no, which is a lie she is not aware of at that time.

At this point David’s behaviour openly changes for the worse and he starts intimidating Linda, making her too scared to defend herself against his torment.

Brandon suggest contacting a psychic called Sarah “Zarabeth” Crawford, who he is convinced will help them dealing with and possibly getting rid of David. When Zarabeth comes over, she immediately recognizes that the entity Linda and Brandon have been communicating with, has only used „David“ as an innocent mask to lure in people to trust it. In reality, the entity is demonic and malevolent in nature.

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She manages to banish „David“ from Linda’s apartment, but when she arrives back at her own home, she soon realizes that instead of disappearing, it has followed her home. She is attacked by the entity, gets her throat ripped open and then thrown out a window. When she lands on a spike outside, she instantly dies.

When Brandon learns about her violent death the next day, he is sure that „David“ is to blame for it. Jim and Brandon decide to put their differences behind for the sake of Linda, who is now hopelessly overpowered by the hostile spirit. They attempt to communicate with it via the Ouija board once more, but it only results in Brandon being killed.

Linda feels increasingly unwell and checks into a hospital. After returning home, she is immediately drawn to the Ouija board, but is unsuccessful in establishing contact with „David“. Later, when she is in the shower, the demon attacks her and eventually possesses her body.

When Jim comes home the following morning, he is greeted by an axe-wielding Linda in a chaotic apartment. In this very moment, Lt. Dewhurst, a detective who has been investigating the recent deaths all along, enters the scene. He is convinced that Jim is responsible and about to kill Linda as well, but is immediately proven wrong, when Linda attacks him, causing him to drop his weapon while collapsing to the ground. Jim grabs the gun, aims and shoots at the Ouija board, before Linda throws him out the window.

The movie abruptly switches to a scene showing Linda and Jim getting married at a church.

Their apartment is being cleaned by the landlady and an assistent, when the two find the Ouija board. Her assistent asks; „Wonder if it still works?“, as the landlady flings the board with it’s planchette into a box. Suddenly, the planchette starts moving towards „YES“ as the camera zooms onto it.

Tawny Kitaen as Linda Brewster
Todd Allen as Jim Morar
Stephen Nichols as Brandon Sinclair
James W. Quinn as Lloyd
Kathleen Wilhoite as Sarah “Zarabeth” Crawford
Burke Byrnes as Lt. Dewhurst

Kevin Tenney

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