Vem Är Du? (2005)

Situated in an abandoned industrial complex, six young people have gathered around a Ouija board, playing the “Spirit of the glass” game. Everything goes well until one of the participants dares to ask: “Vem är du?” or “Who are you?” – Setting free an evil and wicked spirit, and from then on, it only gets worse.




Full plot:
Swedish horror film “Vem är du?” or “Who are you?” from 2005 begins with what seems to be a woman willingly letting herself possess by an evil force, after which her husband sees no way out save to smash her head with a clay brick. Said evil force escapes into a small ventilation shaft.

We then get a lovely intro-sequence, where a dude sits in a car and smokes a cig like a pro.

Next, we see Kalle leaving his mom’s house, with an old print of the bible (from 1845). Kim, the guy with the cig is still waiting for him in the car. Together, they take off to pick up Johan. The three friends plan to pick up chicks using an old bible and a Ouija board.

Meanwhile, Stina snorts some coke and throws it in her handbag along with her crucifix (?) before meeting up with her friends, Lisa and Åsa.

In the evening, the guys have arrived at an old, local liquor-factory, where the caretaker is about to lock down the building, having recently served a decade-spanning prison sentence for crushing his wife’s head with a brick. The youngsters are very afraid of him, believing him to be maniacal killer.

They break into the building, go to 3rd floor and set up candles to make the place seem cozy/scary and intriguing.

Their three dates for the evening (Stina, Lisa and Åsa) are bid welcome on 3rd floor with beers, and are ready to employ the Ouija board. The six party a little first and then sit down to play, but first, Kim explains the only one rule (in this case anyway), which says that a participant should never ask the spirit of the glass who it is (i.e., one should never ask as to its identity). They then exchange some horror stories, including the one about the local caretaker who murdered his own wife and recently got out of jail, and then they get started.

Each of them writes a question on a piece of paper and folds it together without showing the rest of the group. The Ouija board they’ve built has a start-button on it (an area literally reading “start”) so Kim places an empty glass upside down on “start”. Everybody puts an index finger on the glass and after a while, it begins to move. Johan keeps track of the glass and writes down any letters that the glass touches. The first full word he gets reads “öl” or “beer”, which is just Lisa trying to make a practical joke. They keep playing until a heavy brick falls onto the floor a few meters from them. This somehow compels Stina to go to the toilet with the bible to snort some more coke. Johan follows her to have sex with her, and the reason for even bringing the bible to the toilet is that, as they put it, they have no better “protection”. Not amused by the joke, Åsa, who describes herself as a more spiritual person, falls into a discussion about paranormal experiences with the others and ends up leaving the room with Kim.

Up next, the caretaker for some reason again drives by the old factory on his bicycle and spots the candles that the kids have put in the old, broken windows. He immediately suspects that some people are conducting a séance.

While Stina snorts coke on the toilet, she sees a frightening apparition of Åsa’s face with both eyes torn out in the mirror. Meanwhile, Kalle and Lisa decide to check out what the others have written on the paper notes, and discover that all the participants must have written “Who are you?” because that’s what every note reads. Then the candles blow out and the glass on the Ouija board starts moving by itself. Lisa and Kalle watches as it spells out “Satan”. Suddenly, Kally has a major seizure and falls to the ground frothing. Lisa tries to call for help with her phone but it doesn’t work, so she tosses it and runs to fetch the others. She finds Stina lying on the floor, having almost OD’d, and tries to get her attention. She then tries to find Johan but bumps into Kim instead. Kim is holding a key to the building in his hand, and explains that neither of them can leave the building. When she attempts to force her way through him, he hits her with a clay brick to the head. She falls lifelessly to the ground.

In another room, a convalescent Åsa gets up after having been beaten up heavily by Kim. She finds Johan wandering around in the dark and asks him to flee the building with her immediately, but he advices her to flee the building alone. Before she can put in a word, something invisible catches him and hangs him to death (using the belt from his attire). She flees the scene but all of a sudden finds herself lost in a sea of light. She makes contact to a malevolent spirit that she can’t see. The spirit surrounds her and she wants to see it, ending up tearing out her own eyes and dropping them on the floor.

Click here to unfold the remaining story (SPOILER WARNING)

After a while, Lisa regains consciousness and is soon grabbed at her feet by something invisible. When she turns on her flashlight, it lets go of her and disappears. She hears Åsa’s voice and finds her in a doorway, but is shocked as she realizes that Åsa’s eyes are missing. All of a sudden, Åsa is pulled into a dark alcove and screams for Lisa to help her but Lisa is frozen stiff and dares not follow her to help her. Lisa watches as Åsa disappears. She then runs through the building until she meets Kim again. Lisa tells Kim that he is sick and needs help, but he responds in a voice that suggests that he is possessed by something and is beyond her reach. Before them lies Stina, almost passed out, so Kim grabs the now familiar clay brick and holds it over Stina to strike. Lisa grabs the old bible that lies on the floor and hits him with it, but does not manage to stop him from crushing Stina’s skull with the brick. He then seizes Lisa and intends to give her the same treatment, but she frees herself from his grasp and escapes.

Kim chases Lisa through the building until he catches her, but Kalle (who was previously comatose) intervenes and tackles Kim.

Kim explains that he purposefully challenged this evil force to take over his body, and implores them to not leave him in the building. Lisa and Kalle notice that Kim is bleeding from his neck. They watch in horror as the invisible entity seems to cut Kim’s throat, and he drops dead on the ground.

Lisa and Kally put the old bible as well as Stina’s crucifix on Kim’s body and pray, however, Kim wakes up with a demonic glare and grabs the brick once again to attack. He almost gets to hitting Lisa in the face with the brick, when a door is kicked open and the caretaker enters with a giant crucifix and banishes “Satan into the walls” once and for all.

Ambulances then arrive to the sound of piano music and the caretaker is taken into custody by the police (despite him having just totally saved two young people)…

Anna Rydberg as Stina
Estelle Lönnberg as Lisa
Nils Olsson as Kim
Nour El-Refai as Åsa
Ola Roxendal as Johan
Staffan Anderson as Kalle
Fredrik Jönsson as the caretaker
Pernilla Thellmark as the caretaker’s wife

Jonas Skelterwijk

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