Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust (2003)

College girl Lucie is an aspiring artist and an alcohol-guzzling party girl. When her birthday comes around, she invites her slacker friends to a drug and alcohol fueled house party. A mysterious Ouija board is among the presents, but no one has a clue where it came from. Soon after playing with the board, the party guests start slipping into a bad trip and blame it on the drugs. However, when morning comes around and Lucie still doesn’t seem quite like herself, her friends start sensing that something else than the drugs has taken possession of her…




Full Plot:
The 2003 slacker movie turned slasher film, “Twisted Weekend 3: Slacker Holocaust”, begins with a scene showing college girl Violet walking home when a black cat crosses her path. She stops and does the sign of the cross, revealing that she is superstitious. Already nervous, she runs into Bobby, a fellow student, who lives in the same building. As he comes speeding around the corner, she gets a shock and falls backwards into a bush. The two talk about the birthday party that they are going to see each other at tonight and she continues on her way as Bobby lustfully watches her walk away.

Back home, her room mate Lucie, who is tonight’s birthday girl, is painting a face onto a coconut and talks to Morris, their gay best friend, about her upcoming artwork series and how much she hates “yuppie scum”. After venting their frustrations they remember the party and swear that it’s going to be filled with weed smoking, drug taking and liqueur drinking. To hit things off right away, Lucie takes her first sip from a bottle and the party music kicks in.

At this point, there is a sharp cut and we see a sequence showing maggots, blood and someone with long and pointy nails crafting a Ouija board, before packing it into a black box.

Back at the headquarters of our party hungry slackers, the guests have arrived and it’s time to open the presents. The black box from the previous sequence is lying besides the other presents. It catches Lucie’s attention, so she immediately grabs it and asks who it is from. Nobody seems to have a clue, but she opens it anyway. After discovering that the box contains a Ouija board, she just approves with a casual “cool” and continues the alcohol binge together with her friends.

Joe and Chuck, two of the drug-loving party guests, start eyeballing Violet and Joe decides to introduce himself to her. His approach doesn’t work very well as his lack of hygiene seems to have created a stench cloud around him, eventually scaring Violet away.

Meanwhile, Morris hands Lucie his gift: A black cord necklace with an Ankh-pendant. He explains that it’s supposed to bring good luck and fend off evil spirits, upon which she replies with “killer” and asks him to put it on her.

When the party calms down and only Lucie, Violet, Morris, Joe and Chuck are left, the group decides to light some candles and finally try the Ouija board. Before they start, they pop some colorful pills and down them with alcohol.

Violet watches from the couch as the others sit down on the floor and begin the séance. Lucie and Joe put their hands on the planchette and ask whether there is any spirit present. As if a spirit has already been eagerly waiting for them to ask all along, the planchette immediately speeds off and lands on “Yes”. Violet feels increasingly uncomfortable and when the planchette spells out her name, she finally has enough. The others suggest that the spirit might want her to join the game, but she gets up and heads to the bedroom, turning down Joe’s offer to come with her.

The others continue without her and find out that it’s a male spirit and his name is “Art”, but upon asking him how he died, he spells out “No, No, No” and then “All”. They figure that he wants all the members of the group to put their hands on the planchette. Morris and Chuck put their hands on the planchette as well and ask “How did you die?” once again. Suddenly, the friends slip into a bad trip, reality becomes distorted, their faces grimace like they haven fallen into a trance, candles flicker like crazy, pictures swing around on the wall, objects start falling down and a demonic voice rings through the room. Then it suddenly stops and the group snaps out of the twisted mind state. They let go of the planchette and it flies off the board by itself. But instead of being scared, they are amused and have another drink to celebrate “killer drugs” before continuing the party.

In the meantime, Violet is asleep in her room. A demonic whisper wakes her up and as it seems to come from the open closet, she gets up to check. When she pushes the clothes aside, she is suddenly standing on a meadow and it is broad daylight. A demonic voice calls her name once again and she follows it into a dark path that leads into a forest. There, she scratches her arm on a sharp branch before running into a man with a demonically disfigured face and long pointy nails. He asks her whether she will play the game and says that everyone eventually does. She tells him that she doesn’t want to play any games with him, but he reveals that there is a catch – and that catch is that you can not refuse. Violet wakes up in a panic. She is safely back in her bed, but the scratches are still on her arm, indicating that what she just experienced was more than just a dream.

Meanwhile, Lucie is in the bathroom and grabs a tube of toothpaste. The lights start to flicker and she falls into a trance. A demonic being appears behind her, growling and touching her. When he kisses her, she wakes up. Just like with Violet, it appears to have been only a dream, but for some reason she still has the toothpaste tube in her hands. The confusion about the toothpaste doesn’t last long, when she discovers that all three of her guy friends, Morris, Joe and Chuck are lying in bed with her. Horrified, she climbs over the passed out guys and runs into the bathroom where she has another drink.

Violet is up as well and cleans the living room, which has been transformed into a chaotic mess over night. Lucie stumbles into the living room, finds the Ouija board in the rubble and takes it to a more quiet and isolated place by the pool of the apartment building.

She sits down all alone and continues the conversation with “Art”, accompanied by countless sips from the bottle. She finally wants to know how he died and he answers with “murder”. She then gets approached by Joe and Chuck. Joe gives her his number and Chuck tells her how much he liked the last night with her. Lucie gets upset and shouts at them in a demonic voice to give her some space. The two immediately get up and leave.

Throughout the entire afternoon Lucie stays at the pool with the Ouija board while Violet cleans up. When Violet is scrubbing the counter with a sponge an invisible attackers scratches her arm on the same spot as in her dream, but so much that she starts bleeding.

She gets out to look after Lucie before she leaves for the gym. Lucie finally leaves the pool and jumps into the shower to cure her hangover. There, a demonic face appears behind the transparent shower curtain and suddenly her necklace starts burning her skin. She screams and rips the necklace off. After she is done showering, she lies down on the couch and takes a nap. As soon as she closes her eyes, she suddenly finds herself standing in a graveyard. A man with blood dripping down his face stands there, staring at her with his one black and one white eye. He identifies himself as Art and smiles creepily at her. Lucie becomes scared and asks him what he wants, upon which he replies with “Kill for me!”. He reaches out for her and she wakes up in her living room, immediately grabbing the bottle for another sip.

By now, the sun has set and Violet is back from the gym. Lucie has locked herself into her room and refuses to grab a coffee with her and Morris. When Violet leaves again, we see Lucie painting horrific faces with dead eyes and sharp teeth, all while images of Art’s face flash on the screen. She then starts touching herself with pleasure before growling and appearing clearly possessed.

In the meantime, Joe and Chuck are back at their place and snort coke when the phone rings. Lucie asks them to come over as soon as they can and the two immediately follow up on that invitation.

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When they get there, Lucie is nowhere to be found, so the two decide to wait until she comes around. Joe puts on some music and Chuck disappears into the bathroom. As soon as he is done, Lucie comes around the corner and throws him into her room. The grim paintings and a hanged baby doll that has a knife stabbed through it’s head throw him a bit off, so he asks whether she is an artist, upon which she grabs a corrosive solution and sprays it into his face. He screams and his face and hands start melting away before he collapses onto the floor.

Unaware about his friend’s demise, Joe entertains himself in the living room and finds a bottle in the fridge. He observes the fish in an aquarium when Lucie creeps up on him and kicks him from behind. Joe draws a gun and shoots her in the head, but to his surprise, Lucie continues walking around with the hole in head as if nothing happened. She growls and smiles before throwing him onto the couch and stabbing him repeatedly.

After she is done with Joe, Lucie creeps up on her next victim, Bobby, who is at the laundry room of the building, looking through a Playboy magazine. Lucie swiftly throws herself on him from the back and stabs him with a painting brush.

When Violet and Morris come home, Lucie’s victims have been hidden away. Violet goes to the bathroom while Morris has a drink in the kitchen. Lucie runs up to him and attemps to make him his next victim, but he manages to hit her in the face and run into the bathroom where Violet is currently sitting on the toilet. He explains to her that something is seriously wrong with Lucie. The two arm themselves with a toilet brush, a hair dryer and a plunger and sneak out.

The unusual weapons prove very effective when Lucie sneaks up on Morris to overpower him and Violet knocks her out with the plunger. They tie her up and decide to visit one of Morris’ friends, who is knowledgable about the occult. They receive some herbs, tea and a prayer book from him and immediately take the objects back home.

First they try reading the prayers, but even though Lucie does seem bothered by them, the demon still refuses to leave her body. They then sprinkle the tea on her which proves more effective, but they soon run out of it. Violet runs into the kitchen to make more by using the herbs. Possessed Lucie immediately uses the chance and frees herself of her restraints. She then grabs a pair of scissors and stabs Morris. When Violet comes back with more tea, she finds Morris dead. She finally has had enough and explodes with rage, throwing the tea into Lucie’s face. Lucie attacks Violet but can only scratch her cheek. Then Violet overpowers her, the knife slips and ends up in Lucie’s stomach. Lucie starts vomiting and collapses onto the floor.

As Violet wants to walk away, Lucie grabs her leg. Violet stabs her one more time, Lucie collapses once again and the pool of blood underneath her becomes bigger and bigger. Violet slowly walks away and Lucie gets up again, grabs Violet and throws her into her room with the grim paintings. All her victims are in there and suddenly awake like undead zombies. They start tearing at Violet, but she manages to flee.

Just as Violet thinks that she can escape this hell, the demon from her dream appears in her way and thanks her for playing after all. He says that it’s been a good show but that the game is over now.

Her possessed friends grab her from behind, she screams and the credits roll.

Dayspring Nelson as Violet
Frank Barnhardt as Bobby
Asha Sabini as Lucie
Jason Brunt as Morris
Erhard Falk as Joe
Dave King as Chuck
Peter Herman as the Demon from their dreams
Brett Circe as Art

David C. King

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