The Unleashed (2011)

After the death of her mother, Madison returns to her childhood home and finds an unsually old Ouija board in the attic. What seems like mindless fun at first, soon unleashes frightening entities that she can’t deal with on her own…




Full plot:
The Canadian horror movie “Unleashed” from 2011 starts out with a scene taking place in 1889. An old, blind woman with psychic abilities gets a visit by a man who wishes to get more insight into the spirit world. They hold a seance utilizing a hand made wooden Ouija board, but as it becomes clear, that the man’s intention is to buy the Ouija board and mass produce it, he is immediately asked to leave. At that point an invisible entity attacks the woman and the man flees with the Ouija board in his hands.

When the timeline shifts to modern times, the story continues in a school, where a professor holds a lecture about paranormal phenomena including Ouija boards.

The protagonist, Madison Kennard, is finally introduced at this point. Due to the recent death of her mother, she returns to her childhood home after 8 years to clean it and put it up for sale. Lindsay, an old friend of hers, offers her help in the situation and also moves into the house.

Daunting memories from a bad childhood creep up on Madison after returning to the house, which makes her stay quite uncomfortable, but improves with Lindsay’s presence. More friends join them at the house and they decide to elevate the mood by having a cozy get together with cocktails.

After finding an unusual looking and old, wooden Ouija board on the attic, they attempt to conduct a séance out of curiosity.

The game immediately goes wrong and the group unleashes malevolent spirits into the real world. Scary apparitions start to haunt the house and Lindsay gets possessed by a hostile entity.

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Desperately, Madison starts seeking help and runs into the author Andrew Porter, who happens to be at the local book shop. Andrew is an author who specializes in paranormal phenomena and is immediately intrigued by Madison’s story. He offers his help and together they manage to banish the entity that resides in Lindsay’s body.

Trisha Echeverria as Madison Kennard
Jess Salgueiro as Lindsay
Colin Paradine as Andrew Porter

Manuel H. Da Silva

Diane Da Silva and L.A. Lopes

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