The Pact (2012)

Annie investigates the house of her recently deceased abusive mother after her sister disappears in it. She immediately senses a negative presence in her childhood home and is plagued by nightmares. When her cousin also disappears after staying at the house, she reaches out to a police man. He discovers a secret room in the house, but suspects herself to be responsible for the disappearances. Out of desperation, she turns to a psychic and slowly uncovers a dark family secret…




Full Plot:
The 2012 horror film the “The Pact” begins after the mother of Nicole and Annie Barlow has died and her funeral is about to take place. Nicole is staying at her mother’s home in San Pedro, California while preparing for it. She lets her own daughter Eva stay with her cousin, Liz.

Nicole wants to convince her sister Annie to attend their mother’s funeral, but she refuses, as their mother has been abusing them in their childhood.

In the evening, Nicole makes a video call to her daughter from the house. As the connection is bad, she walks around with her laptop hoping to get a better signal. When the connection breaks down completely, she discovers a door to a dark room standing open. She enters the room and disappears.

When Annie hears about her sister’s disappearance, she decides to check out their mother’s house after all. Nicole is nowhere to be found, even though her phone is at the house.

After a night filled with nightmares, Annie finds an old photograph depicting her mother with another woman who wears a floral dress – both women are pregnant in the picture.

Her mother’s funeral takes place the next day. The viewer gets a close look of Annie’s eyes, of which she has one blue and one green one – as opposed to her mother. After the funeral, she meets her cousin Liz with Nicole’s daughter Eva. They go to back to the house and stay over night. Once again, Annie experiences a nightmare. She sees a distressed, crying man. The same night, her phone mysteriously lights up by itself, showing an adress on a map. After waking up from her bad dream, she spots a human shape down the corridor, that she decides to investigate. As she walks into the room, where Liz is supposed to be sleeping in, she finds her bed abandonded. Suddenly, Annie gets attacked by an invisible entity. She panics, grabs Eva and flees the house.

Annie decides that it’s time to contact the police, but instead of helping her, the police man Bill Creek starts suggesting that Annie herself might be responsible for people going missing around her.

She goes to a motel, where she finds a blurry photograph depicting a figure wearing a floral dress. While checking her phone, she also discovers the adress that mysteriously showed up on her screen.

Another nightmare haunts her this night: She sees a headless woman wearing a floral dress, as well as the crying man. She dreams about trying to escape the room, but failing when a slamming door traps her inside.

The next day, the Bill Creek agrees to investigate the house with her. During the investigation they discover a room, that Annie has never seen before, even though she grew up in the house.

Bill refuses to believe her. Out of desperation she reaches out to a friend called Stevie – a girl who has psychic abilities.

Stevie agrees to inspect the house while being accompanied by her brother Giles. As soon as Stevie enters the newly discovered room, she freaks out, collapses and keeps yelling the name „Judas“. An apparition manifests above the group – it is the woman in the floral dress, that Annie keeps seeing in photos and dreaming about. Annie starts to suspect that she is the one haunting the house and not her mother, as she assumed so far.

Giles becomes very upset, as he fears Annie has involved his sister into a dangerous situation. He grabs Stevie and they drive away, leaving Annie completely alone in the house once again.

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Annie does an online search for the name Judas and learns that a murderer with the nickname „Judas Killer“ exists. He supposedly murdered Jennifer Glick – a woman who wore a floral dress.

Her research also reveals that her dead mother had a brother, who knew Jennifer, just like her mother herself.

Bill decides to continue the investigation of the house after discovering a photograph depicting a cupboard which includes a door that leads to the secret room. During his inspection he is killed by a mysterious attacker.

By that point, Annie is left completely alone and creates a Ouija board as a last hope to get answers. She manages to contact the spirit of Jennifer Glick, who tells her that she has been killed by the brother of Annie’s mother – the Judas Killer.

Annie is shocked as she suddenly sees Judas emerging from a hidden opening in the floor. She manages to flee, but stumbles upon the corpses of her sister Nicole and Bill. Desperately, she grabs Bill’s gun, but loses consciousness when Judas knocks her out. Tied up in a closet, she wakes up soon after. She grabs a coat hanger and stabs Judas, giving her an opportunity to escape. Judas attempts to kill Annie, when the spirit of Jennifer pulls Annie towards Bill’s gun, which she immediately grabs and fires. After Judas gets shot, the viewer gets to see that Judas has two different coloured eyes – just like Annie.

Now that Eva’s mother and Liz are dead, Annie takes custody of her. The house sells and gets renovated.

The movie ends with a close up of Judas’ eye. It opens and looks around. Whether it is happening in one of Annie’s dreams is not revealed.

Agnes Bruckner as Nicole Barlow
Caity Lotz as Annie Barlow
Dakota Bright as Eva
Kathleen Rose Perkins as Liz
Casper Van Dien as Bill Creek
Haley Hudson as Stevie
Sam Ball as Giles
Mark Steger as Judas
Petra Wright as Jennifer Glick

Nicholas McCarthy

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