The Ouija Experiment (2011)

Brandon and Shay, who study film in New York, travel to Dallas to visit Michael along with several others, planning to document and upload a series of Ouija-sessions in order to get clicks online. As they gather around their Ouija board, they begin to squabble among themselves, accidentally creating a doorway to a world beyond their own and revealing a forgotten and dangerous enigma surrounding a little girl who died in Michael’s house.

Comedy, Horror



Prequel to:
The Ouija Experiment 2 (2014)

Full plot:
In “The Ouija Experiment” from 2011, we follow film students Brandon and Shay teaming up with Shay’s new boyfriend Calvin and his sister, LyNette, as well as his best friend, Michael, at Michael’s house in Dallas, Texas. Brandon does short interviews with the people in the house before the first Ouija-session starts. As they conduct the session, they learn about a 5 year old girl named Gracie 5 who claims to be together with a 35 year old woman named Lisa. They also learn of a man named Joseph who got shot to death and who they suspect might have drowned Gracie. 

When Calvin’s cellphone starts making noises, he goes away to use it in privacy. Shay starts to suspect him of cheating on her so she asks the Ouija who he is communicating with and the Ouija answers “BLR”. When Calvin returns she asks him the same thing, but Calvin claims it was just his mother. The other participants tell them they can go and take that somewhere else. Before Calvin leaves, he challenges the spirits to manifest or talk to him, trying to prove that the board is no longer reacting, but after he has left, the board spells out “BDRM” which the remainders interpret as bedroom. Hence they look in Michael’s bedroom and discover that his wall photos etc. have been turned upside down. They then go back to close the session.

Next we see how Calvin tries to make Shay appear on a sex tape with him to get views. Apparently, he has chosen to use Brandon’s camcorder for this. Next again we see Brandon, Michael and LyNette consulting “KC” over an online video chat. KC tells them that since they remembered to end last night’s session correctly by saying goodbye to all spirits they should have nothing to fear.

Michael and LyNette do the next session alone. They manage to make contact to Lisa and ask if they can talk to Gracie, but it appears that they get to talk to Joseph instead. In the middle of it all, Shay comes in, puts her fingers on the planchette and starts asking questions to the board. She learns that Calvin was indeed talking to his other girlfriend which he first met at the same time as he first met Shay. She also learns the Michael knew about this the whole time. This causes her to erupt and eventually leave the room. Everybody else follow, leaving the session open. Before leaving the room, Brandon puts the camera down, which continues to capture some unnatural growling noises. Michael quickly reenters and closes the session, but he appears to have been too late.

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Brandon then calls to tell him about the forgotten camera, and while Michael picks it up, a noise rings behind him. He checks his kitchen and finds a broken glass tossed on the floor. Somehow, after this, Shay has picked up the camera and, while filming around, catches a stranger on tape, approaching her and then vanishing… Third session around the board, the bunch makes contact to Gracie and asks to talk to Joseph instead, since nobody got to say properly goodbye to him the night before. Calvin rushes in and starts accusing Michael of having gossiped about his other girlfriend, Blair. He then steals the board and leaves before the others get a chance to say goodbye to Gracie. LyNette is now afraid of being subjected to poltergeist activity or harassment by ghosts, so she keeps the camera on, even when she sleeps, hoping that the spirits will shy away from being on camera. She wakes up when she hears what sounds like a child’s voice. She gets up to investigate it and sees someone running straight towards her, so she runs back to her bedroom. Over another video chat, Brandon tells Michael that Joseph was Lisa’s neighbor, that Joseph drowned Lisa’s daughter, Gracie, and that Lisa shot Joseph in revenge.

Calvin decides to film himself trying out the Ouija board alone in order to prove to Michael that it cannot be used to make spiritual contact. He hears noise behind him, and when he goes to check it out, he is killed by an unspotted assailant. When Shay comes over to look for him, she is killed by what appears to be Calvin’s possessed body.

In his house, Michael searches for Gracie. He is led by Gracie’s voice to a scrapbook in his attic, which contains records on her death. Meanwhile, LyNette heads to Calvin’s place with Brandon to burn the Ouija board. They find Calvin and Shay – or their corpses – on a bed, but as they approach, Shay’s body erupts in a scream which triggers a sequence of monstrous noises throughout the house. Brandon and LyNette grab the board and leave. When they get to Michael’s house, they are lured to the attic by a grim spirit (posing as Michael) who kills Brandon. In the meantime, Michael has found out that Lisa, not Joseph, was Gracie’s murderer. When he hears LyNette scream, he runs to the rescue. The two then find Michael’s fireplace and burn the board, although in the process Michael is killed by the grim spirit, leaving LyNette to cry over his body while his ghost is filming.

Carson Underwood as Brandon
Belmarie Huynh as Shay
Swisyzinna Moore as LyNette
Justin Armstrong as Michael
Eric Window as Calvin
Miranda Martinez as Lisa Mendoza
Leah Diaz as Cracie
Dave Clark as Joseph

Israel Luna

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5 thoughts on “The Ouija Experiment (2011)

  1. The movie is really good but what i’m still confused about is why one of the people became a spirt after Joseph and Gracie are back original form.

    1. Hi Taylor 🙂

      Michael (the homeowner) is killed by an angry spirit (presumably Lisa’s ghost) in the last minute when attempting to burn the Ouija board. As a consequence, he wakes up in the afterlife and picks up the video camera. One of the most common ideas about the realm of the paranormal is that ghosts, to varying degrees, are visible to recording equipment (fully visible in this case) but not to the naked eye, so the ending of the film was simply meant to suggest that Michael is now dead, along with Joseph and Gracie. For example; he can film himself and the other ghosts with the camcorder, but he cannot see his own reflection (mirror image).

  2. Hai there,

    Was the only survivor lenette the one who released the footage what led to this movie? What about this film is true? The fact a ouija board is a portal to our world or were the people in the movie acting for the real victims

    1. Yes, according to the logic of the storyline, only LyNette could have released the footage as the sole survivor. I would take the claim “based on true events” with a grain of salt though. This could literally just mean that the plot was based on the “event” of someone, somewhere, sometime playing with a Ouija board – but everything else is fictional. The people in the footage are definitely actors – other than that it’s unfortunately not really specified anywhere what exactly is true about the movie plot and what is fictional :/.

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