The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death (2014)

A small group of friends have won tickets for a theatre event which takes an ever flamboyant twist. While messing around with their Ouija board, they happen to conjure up a murderous specter which in turn engages in an insane slash-fest blowout.

Comedy, Horror



The Ouija Resurrection

Sequel to:
The Ouija Experiment (2011)

Full plot:
In the budget horror film “The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death”, five friends go to the theatre in the weekend, not knowing that they’ll eventually get trapped there. Meanwhile, something malevolent has come out of a Ouija board. Their task is now to find a way to get rid of it – before it gets rid of them.

Situated in a theatre, Ty, the theatre manager presents to a crowd the actors featured in the previous movie. He asks whether the audience has got any questions for the cast, and a shy brunette, Margo, rises from the crowd, asking if the cast felt genuinely scared during certain scenes. She is immediately hit by a series of visions and so doesn’t pay attention to the answer but merely sits down. Another person, Elena, stands up and explains that the theatre is reputed to be haunted by some kind of man-eating ghost which dwells in the cellar. She is interrupted by Danny, a hyperactive member of the theatre staff, who informs the audience that winning-flyers have been placed under the theatre seats. A British blonde called Michelle discovers that she has the winner’s tag, and so has won a special trip/event taking place – at night – in the same theatre along with two others from among the crowd. She picks her friend Drew and the introverted Margo to stay with her overnight and they both accept.

The idea is that the actors from “The Ouija Experiment” are going to arrange a sequence of scary happenings to creep out the participants throughout the night. Before the night begins, Eric, one of the actors, shows Elena the Ouija board he used in the movie in an attempt to score or impress her. They mess with it for a bit but are then interrupted by a bitter Ty, and therefore they forget to say goodbye through the board (in order to close the session). After having had a personal talk with Elena, something follows Ty and eventually assaults him. Next thing, Elena is assaulted too.

On their way to the theatre, actors Eric and Justin are stopped by a skeptical sheriff in an SUV. He warns them to be careful about their horror-event in the theatre, and that the theatre is no safe place. Later, Danny and Eric leave to go on the boozer for the evening, but Justin stays behind at the theatre, where he finds a pair of video recording glasses. He puts on the glasses and spots a frightening figure. He tries to flee through the building but is attacked and, presumably, killed.

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When the nighttime horror event begins, Danny and the actress Swisyzinna can’t find Justin and Eric, however, Danny proceeds with the arrangement, locking all doors in the theatre before taking his three special visitors (Margo, Michelle and Drew) on a “haunted tour” through the theatre. Meanwhile, Swisyzinna heads down to the basement and pours fake blood over herself to create a fake death scene. When Danny leads the visitors down the basement however, they find her lying on the floor in two separate parts. Additionally, Margo experiences some kind of vision suggesting that it is indeed a real death scene. Later on the tour, the group sees what appears to be a supernatural monster or demon devouring Eric. They flee into different directions and a try to make their way out of the theatre. Drew is also slain by the monster but the three others manage to find a door that leads to the outside.

On the other side of the door, the three bump into Anderson, the sheriff from earlier, who stares at them with a mysterious look on his face. Alas, the caffeinated Danny meets his end when the sheriff raises his revolver and shoots Danny in the head.

The sheriff leads the two remaining girls back into the basement where he tries to feed them to the monster. He explains that the monster is his own offspring and pulls out a set of knives to butcher the girls. However, they wrestle a knife from him and stab him to death. The monster manages to bite and kill Margo but Michelle stabs it to death as well. Finally, Michelle leaves the theatre, assured that the sheriff is done for.

Swisyzinna Moore as herself
Justin Armstrong as himself
Eric Window as himself
Sally Greenland as Michelle Joy
Shanon Snedden as Margo White
Jessica Willis as Elena Cooper

Israel Luna

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