The Ouija Board (1920) [Short]

This short film composed of animation and live action tells the story of Max, an animation artist who gets annoyed by his colleagues for playing with the Ouija board. After drawing Koko the clown and a haunted house, he gets up to check on his colleagues – and suddenly, spooky events start to unfold.




Full Plot:
The short film “The Ouija Board” from 1920 takes place at an animation studio. Max walks in and starts animating Koko the clown, who is now excitedly running around all over the paper. His colleague and the janitor are currently taking a break and spend their time playing with a Ouija board.

Max draws a haunted house for Koko and then gets up to check on what the two are doing. He seems quite annoyed with them for playing with the board.

Meanwhile, Koko continues his lively behavior and starts exploring the haunted house, but soon has to flee as he becomes scared of the ghostly activity inside. He cries for help and then sticks his head into the ground like an ostrich typically does, as ghosts starts creeping out of the house one by one.

The ghosts start tormenting Koko, making him finally escape the paper. He runs through the room and crawls under the planchette, while the men are distracted and discuss how the Ouija board could possibly work. Koko moves over the board with the planchette, startling them. He spells out the confusing message “the fello, Yes, is from”, before escaping the Ouija board and crawling under a hat. He runs through the room with the hat on top of him, making it look like the hat moves all by itself. The three men are completely bewildered by the spooky spectacle in front of them and frantically run around in circles until Max stomps on the hat.

Koko escapes the hat and climbs onto a shelf, where they finally see him. The janitor throws an object at him, making Koko jump off. As he lands on Max’s shirt, he gets trapped there as a still drawing once again and the supernatural events come to an end.

Max Fleischer

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