Spookies (1986)

A group of friends drive down a forest road at night, looking for a party. They get lost and end up at an abandoned mansion instead. They find a Ouija board inside the mansion and soon learn that it is far from abandoned – but that they have walked into a death trap, set up by an evil sorcerer, who unleashes his hellish minions upon them.




Full plot:
The 1986 humorous horror movie “Spookies” starts with a view over a cemetery at night. A grave is pulsating and trembling as if something beneath it is fighting to get out.

Kreon, an old sorcerer with a heavy German accent sits in a dark dungeon that is illuminated by candles. He sits by an open coffin, talking to Isabelle, a young beautiful girl, who is lying in the coffin. She is alive but doesn’t seem conscious. He is saying that he can no longer wait and that the foolish victims will soon arrive. This time, he proclaims, he and Isabelle shall be together forever.

The movie switches to a scene showing Billy, a thirteen year old boy, walking through a dark forest. Spooky humanoid figures with monstrous features, who are the servants of Kreon, are observing him.

At the same time, two cars with a group of people looking for a party are driving down a dark road close-by: Duke, an aggressive young man looking for conflict, who doesn’t quite know where he is driving, his girlfriend Linda, Carol, the comedian Rich, Lewis, Adrienne, the bossy young woman, her boyfriend Dave, Meegan and Peter, who is getting increasingly fed up with Duke’s provocations.

While on his walk, Billy gets approached by a stranger who asks him for a light for his cigarette. Billy is startled, but helps the stranger out. We learn that it is Billy’s 13th birthday today and that his parents have forgotten about it. The smoking stranger tells him to go home, but Billy continues on his way through the forest. When Billy is out of sight, the spooky figures attack the stranger and leave him behind bleeding and dead.

Meanwhile, Kreon keeps talking to Isabelle, his slumbering bride. He reveals that he has been waiting for 70 years now, sacrificing the youth of many so that she could live.

The group is still on the road when Kreon’s main servant, a humanoid creature with blue skin, fangs and claws drags a big branch onto the road. When the group comes across it, they stop their cars to not crash into it. As usual, an argument ensues in the group, but they decide to continue on their way after removing the branch from the road.

Billy finally ends up in front of a big mansion, that is located on top of Kreon’s dungeon, surrounded by big trees and a cemetery. He steps into the mansion and finds a big table that is decorated for a birthday party: Balloons, toys, presents and even a birthday card addressed to him. He assumes that it is a surprise party and that his parents didn’t forget after all. As toys start moving, the candles on the cake magically light up by themselves and no family jumps out to congratulate him, he is getting a bit nervous, but proceeds to open up one of the presents. What he finds inside is Kreon’s head, loudly proclaiming: “Happy Birthday, Billy!” and frantically laughing. Billy gets the shock of his young life and immediately runs out screaming. He is followed by Kreon’s servant, who hunts Billy down, tears up his face with his claws and buries him alive.

The group spots Kreon’s mansion from the road and stops to inspect it. After another argument and hesitation, they finally walk in and take a look around. The viewer gets a glimpse of Kreon, who watches them from his dungeon using his sorcery powers and proclaims “Welcome, fools!”.

The group decides that the mansion is abandoned and starts out their party by opening up beers. Duke finds a wooden box with occult symbols on it and an intricately ornate planchette inside.

When he comes across a locked door, he immediately breaks it open. A blue skinned mummy falls out, holding a case with a Ouija board in it.

Carol explains to the group that the board is a tool for communication with the dead. Seemingly in a trance, she continues to tell the group about the board and explains to them that the dead are all around them, watching them. The others are weirded out by her behavior and have no clue that Kreon has taken possession of her.

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Linda, Duke’s girlfriend, sits down with the planchette, which immediately starts moving. As Linda doesn’t know Adrienne’s age, they ask the board to test it. The viewer sees Kreon saying “24” in his dungeon and the planchette spells out “24”, correctly telling Adrienne’s age. They ask how old she is gonna get and the board, again, spells out “24”, making Adrienne upset.

They ask when they are going home and the board spells out “Never”. Carol asks whether they will leave this house alive and the board spells out “No”. The friends get increasingly nervous and let go of the planchette, which continues to move by itself, scaring them even more.

The scary Ouija board session becomes even more horrifying when Carol suddenly turns into a demonic, green skinned zombie, with Kreon speaking through her. She starts attacking the others, making them run outside. When Lewis gets swallowed by the earth and a headstone pops up with his name on, the group runs back inside. They wait a moment and try to escape the mansion again, but are welcomed by half rotten zombies, making them head back to the mansion once again.

Back inside, they cannot decide on what to do and split up into three parties: Duke & Linda, Rich, Meegan & Peter and Adrienne & Dave, who stay at the entrance.

Finally, we see Isabelle awake from her slumber. When she realizes where she is, she gets upset and we learn that she hates Kreon and that he has kept her in this state against her will. Isabelle wants him to stay away and let her die, but he keeps telling her how they can never be separated and live through each other. He vows to make her his forever.

Duke and Linda are trying to find a safe exit, constantly arguing on their way. They end up in a wine cellar, where Linda lies down on the floor. She starts to relax when three burping and farting zombies with a pick axe emerge from the ground. Duke tries to fight them, causing one zombie to fall into a pool of water, upon which it immediately dissolves. The couple starts smashing the wine barrels around them, successfully dissolving the other two zombies.

In another part of mansion, Rich finds the Ouija board again. A possessed Carol knocks him out and locks him into the room, cutting him off from Meegan and Peter, who go on a search to find another way to get to Rich. They remain unsuccessful and instead stumble upon a hung woman with a rotten face, who carries a note saying “May God forgive me. This is the only way I know to save myself from them.” When Rich regains consciousness, the door has been reopened, but Meegan and Peter are nowhere near.

At the entrance, Adrienne and Dave try to sit out the paranormal attacks. Dave finds a bottle of alcohol and downs it against Adrienne’s wishes. He soon falls asleep, leaving Adrienne the only one awake in the room. Noises start to emerge around her, before we see a possessed Carol using the Ouija board to summon small, imp-like demons that manifest around Adrienne. She desperately tries to wake up Dave, but instead discovers that he is dead and his face has been half eaten off.

The imps stark attacking her, biting her neck and leg, making her bleed severely. She manages to fend them off and escapes from the room.

In the meantime, Kreon continues to torment Isabelle and even reveals that they have a son named Korda. A blue skinned boy with fangs steps close to her, making her scream in horror and flee the scene, followed by Kreon’s servant. Kreon keeps calm and says that she will not come far, as she will become weaker the further away from him she gets.

Adrienne is stopped in her escape by a seemingly alive and unhurt Dave, who is speaking softly to her – but when he steps closer, he is transformed into a ray shooting, slimy monster with a tentacle, that it uses to strangle her to death.

Duke and Linda run into Meegan and Peter, but their joy doesn’t last long and the next argument ensues. As Kreon’s servant observes them, Duke and Peter break out in a physical fight, which is only interrupted by them being locked in. Once again, we see Carol using the Ouija board to summon a demon to attack the group: A statue of death with a scythe, that is in the room with them, comes alive and starts attacking the four with it’s scythe and by shooting rays. It kills Duke and manages to injure Linda before she can escape with Meegan and Peter.

Carol’s summoning of hellish forces continues, as she concentrates on her next victim: Rich. As he is making his way through the mansion he runs into a beautiful woman luring him into a cave, where he gets attacked by a spider the size of his head. He manages to fend it off, but lands in a sticky web, leaving him immobile. The beautiful woman observes his struggle, before she herself turns into a giant spider monster with fangs, which kills him by draining and devouring his insides.

Linda, Meegan and Peter, the only ones left alive, are chased onto the roof by death. Peter wrestles with it and manages to throw it off the roof. Death explodes on impact. Relieved, the group goes back inside, where they find a statuette of a demon, that resembles the one that took over Carol. They also find a photograph of Kreon and notice that he wears the same ring as the mummy that held the Ouija board. They take an axe that hangs on the wall and proceed on their way through the mansion.

They enter a room that is lit up by torches. Demon possessed Carol welcomes them, before shooting the axe out of Peter’s hand with a ray. We see Kreon telling his son Kronda that Carol is no longer needed, before commanding him to play with his “toys”. Carol’s head splits open and a bright light, accompanied by shrill sounds starts coming from within her.

Everyone drops to the ground, tormented by the light and sound. Peter crawls to the mummy, which awakens and tries to strangle him. He rips of it’s hand with the ring on and throws it at Carol, but she shields herself with the Ouija board, causing rays to shoot from it, which kill every one in the room. Finally, Kreon’s prediction that none of them will leave the house alive, comes true.

Isabelle suddenly stops her escape and hatches a plan to get rid of Kreon. She comes back to Kreon and grabs an awl behind his back, hiding it beneath her dress. She lures him close to her by telling him that maybe there is hope for them, if he can teach her how to love him. When he is close enough, she uses the moment and stabs him in the head. He screams and she runs off, escaping over the roof.

On her way through the cemetery, the dead awake in masses. They start to tear at Isabelle and rip her dress off. After a long struggle, she finally escapes and sees a car, that she immediately gets into. A man gets in front of the car, claiming that it is his. As he sees the zombies, he jumps into the car with her and the two drive away. Isabelle believes that she is finally free, but just as the movie seems to have a happy ending for her, the man behind the wheel transforms into Kreon’s servant.

She screams and the trembling grave from the beginning of the movie finally gives way to a triumphant Kreon, who jumps out while laughing frantically.

Felix Ward as Kreon
Maria Pechukas as Isabelle
Alec Nemser as Billy
Nick Gionta as Duke
Joan Ellen Delaney as Linda
Lisa Friede as Carol
Peter Iasillo Jr. as Rich
Al Magliochetti as Lewis
Charlotte Alexandra as Adrienne
Anthony Valbiro as Dave
Kim Merrill as Meegan
Peter Dain as Peter
Pat Wesley Bryan as the Stranger
Dan Scott as Kreon’s servant
A.J. Lowenthal as Korda, son of Kreon & Isabelle

Genie Joseph, Thomas Doran and Brendan Faulkner

Ann Burgund, Thomas Doran, Frank M. Farel and Brendan Faulkner

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