Spirit of the Glass (2004)

The 2004 Philippine horror film “Spirit of the Glass” is about Kelly, a young woman who plans to spend the holidays in idyllic Boracay, but ends up on the country side, in an ancestral home of her family instead. She brings along her boyfriend Choppy, as well as her friends Myra, Cecille, Anton, Drue and her younger brother Aries with his buddy TJ. The group is bored out of their mind, as they are used to and prefer living in the city.

A little bit of exitement ensues when Aries finds a Ouija board. Having nothing better to do, they give it a try, ignoring the advice of Mang Anduy, the caretaker, to leave it be.

Their boredom instantly turns into fear when they unexpectedly manage to conjure up a spirit, who they immediately lose control over. A desperate quest to banish the ghost begins, but the group will not find peace before they shed light on the dark secret that haunts the spirit…



Tagalog, Filipino

Rica Peralejo as Kelly
Dingdong Dantes as Choppy
Alessandra de Rossi as Myra
Ciara Sotto as Cecille
Drew Arellano as Anton
Paolo Contis as Drue
Jay Aquitania as Aries
Jake Cuenca as TJ
Cris Daluz as Mang Anduy

Jose Javier Reyes

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