Sorority House Massacre 2 (1990)

Five college girls buy an abandoned house with plans to turn it into a sorority house. They soon find out that a crazed killer has murdered his entire family in this house 5 years ago, before being killed himself. They first think nothing of it and are more concerned with the creepy neighbor who keeps watching them. Soon after they try to contact the killer’s ghost with a Ouija board for fun, one of the girls goes missing and the fun turns into deadly horror.




Full plot:
“Sorority House Massacre 2” is a slasher movie from 1990 and a sequel to Sorority House Massacre. It starts out with a scene showing a girl sitting in a dark, crying. She is bleeding and is talking to someone. She says that that someone has hurt her and begs that person to remember if there is even an ounce of humanity left in him/her.

Then there is a sharp cut and we get introduced to five college girls: Janey, Jessica, Suzanne, Kimberly and Linda. They arrive in front of an abandoned house on a sunny day. It is in a pretty bad condition and they have bought it for a really low price. They are planning to fix it up and turn it into a sorority house.

The girls walk inside while being watched by someone sitting in a house from across the street. Inside the house, it is very dusty and empty of most furniture. The phone is dead and the electricity, as well as the heating doesn’t work. Suzanne and Linda don’t want to stay at the house this night, but Janey explains that the moving guys, as well as people responsible for the electricity and the phone are going to show up tomorrow at 6am. They also remember that they have beer and tequila to keep themselves entertained, so they all agree to stay after all.

Janey, who was responsible for finding an affordable house, finally reveals to them why they could get this house so cheap. She explains that 5 years ago, an older man called Clive Hockstatter killed his entire family in this house before being killed himself. The girls are shocked, but can not complain as they had a very low budget and this house is the best they could get.

Jessica reminds everyone to lighten up and jokingly asks what the old Hockstatter could do to them now that he is only a bunch of dust and bones. Just after she finishes the sentence, the window suddenly breaks accompanied by a loud noise. A strong wind blows through the house and the girls freeze mid movement.

At night, a violent storm is raging outside. The girl have a fast food dinner, then Janey gets up and pulls the curtain aside, revealing that a man in a flannel shirt is standing at the window, staring at them. The girls scream, assuming that it is Hockstatter who has somehow returned from the grave. The man walks into the house and introduces himself as Orville Ketchum. He is the neighbor who lives across the street. He says that he saw them moving in and thought that they might need help.

He tells them that he has found Hockstatter and his victims scattered around the house 5 years ago. He says that the night when the murders took place was a stormy one, just like this very night. A lighting suddenly illuminates the night sky. Orville then describes the murders in detail: He explains how Hockstatter hid under a blanket in the living room and when his wife came in to check what was going on, he jumped up and stabbed her with a drill. He then went after his two daughters who experienced a similar fate. He was only stopped by two girls who lived next door. One girl stabbed him and ended the massacre. Ever since then, the house was empty and a real estate guy paid Orville to keep an eye on the place.

The girls are relieved that it is not Hockstatter but are still weirded out by Orville’s strange stalking and his obvious enjoyment while telling them about the details of the murders.

Janey hesitantly introduces the girls and Orville suddenly sticks his hand into his pants, saying that they might need “this”. The girls gasp, but he luckily just pulls out the key to the basement. Before leaving, he says that if they should need anything, he is watching.

When Orville gets home, he puts on a slasher movie and eats raw meat as a snack. Then he turns it off and flips through newspapers with the headlines “Mass murders stalks suburbia”, “Hockstatter kills five in slumber party massacre”, “Slasher slashed by intended victims” and “Elvis Lives!”. He looks up with an empty stare and an open mouth.

Meanwhile, the girls are exploring the house and eventually check out the basement. It is full of random stuff and tools. Linda picks up a doll that has a big blood stain on it. She screams and drops it, irritating Janey, who tells her to stop being so scaredy. Then they find a ouija board and Jess immediately suggests to try it. After some resistance from Linda, the girls decide to make themselves ready for bed and then give it a shot.

At this point there is a change of location and characters: Sergeant Shawlee and Lieutenant Block are driving down a road before they have to stop when they encounter a blockade that has been set up due to the heavy storm. Block explains to his colleague that they have received a disturbance call from the old Hockstatter place. Shawlee is not familiar with it so he tells her the gruesome details of the murders 5 years ago. He says that he found the place filled with scattered body parts: fingers in the sink, scalps on the mantel and guts cooking in the oven. She has enough of the horrific images his words create in her mind and points out that Hockstatter is dead. Block understands, but explains that he thought that his neighbor was extremely suspicious as well, even though he could not prove that there was anything to his gut feeling. The two turn around and continue on their way.

Back at the house, the girls are preparing themselves for bed, taking showers and changing into their sleepwear – all while Orville is watching. They then gather around the Ouija board in front of the fireplace in the living room. They get the idea to contact Hockstatter and start sipping on tequila. The girls put their fingers on the planchette which starts moving instantly. Jess instructs them to first summon a spirit guide who will lead the right spirit to them. They ask whether there is a spirit with them and the planchette moves towards “Yes”. The girls get excited and ask for the name of the spirit, upon which is answers with “Colin”. They ask him whether he can bring them the spirit that they seek and the planchette goes towards “Yes” again, before spelling out “Name”. They say “Clive Hockstatter” out loud and the planchette suddenly flies off the board and lands in the fire. They freak out and decide that they should just go to bed instead of continuing to mess with the Ouija board.

Janey and Suzanne are the only ones who keep awake. Janey admits that she first thought that the bloody history of the house might be funny, but that she herself is starting to become scared. Suzanne massages Janey to get her mind away from such things. When Janey asks who she learned that from, Suzanne replies with “Billy”, a boy who Janey apparently has feeling for. Janey jumps up visibly upset and rushes out of the room to get a drink from the kitchen.

Downstairs, she immediately grabs the tequila bottle and takes one sip after the other. The basement door suddenly opens with a creaking sound, but she ignores it and continues binging on the alcohol. Before she can calm down, she gets grabbed by an unidentifiable attacker and stabbed with a metal hook.

Suzanne starts to feel bad for her and goes downstairs to apologize. She discovers the tequila bottle broken into many pieces, while Orville watches her from outside the window. She doesn’t see him but hears a loud noise that startles her. She runs back upstairs and bumps into Jess. She explains to her that Janey has gone missing, waking the other girls up. They decide to split up and search the entire house.

Linda and Jess go downstairs, while Suzanne and Kimberly look upstairs. Suzanne climbs into the attic with a flashlight as it is especially dark in there. She hears a thud and then walks into a bear trap, causing her to bleed severely. The situation gets even worse when somebody grabs her from behind, drags her away and stabs her with a hook, just like Janey.

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In the meantime, Block and Shawlee walk into a stripclub and we get to know the dancer Candice a.k.a. “Candy”. She and her sister Pamela are the only survivors of the Hockstatter massacre, who overpowered and killed him with a knife. Block asks Candy whether the neighbor Orville Ketchum could have had anything to do with the murders, but she says that they didn’t see him at the crime scene. He was lurking around the neighborhood that day, but as he always does that there is nothing unusual about that. Block is disappointed, gives her his business card and leaves.

With now Janey and Suzanne missing, Jess, Linda and Kimberly get increasingly uneasy. They go down into the basement, as it is the only place that hey have not looked so far. When they get there, a strange liquid starts dripping onto Linda’s face. The girls shine their flashlights on the ceiling and get hit by a blood chilling sight: Janey and Suzanne are hanging from the ceiling, soaked in blood. The three girls scream and run upstairs. They run outside into the pouring rain, but when they see that Orville is standing across the street staring at them, they freak out and run back inside. They sit down in the living room, each girl with a knife in her hands. They suddenly hear a noise and see Orville knocking on the window. He then tries to open the door, but fails as it is locked with a door chain. The girls run up into the attic, where Kimberly sees a wet shoe print. As it looks like a print of a men’s shoe, she goes crazy with fear and runs back out. Jess runs after her, leaving Linda alone in the attic.

On her way down, Kimberly runs into Orville. She screams and runs back upstairs, followed by a slow moving and heavily breathing Orville. She locks herself into the bathroom, before a hand bursts through the door, holding a hook.

Orville ends up in attic, where Linda jumps out of a dark corner and stabs him, making him collapse onto the floor. When she walks by him, he grabs her leg, so she grabs a chain and chokes him until he collapses again. She runs downstairs, calling for Jess and Kimberly and shouts that she has finally killed Orville, who she assumes is the murderer of Janey and Suzanne. On her way through the house she finds the bathroom with a hole in the door. The walls are smeared with blood and the bathtub is filled with bloody water. When she steps closer, Kimberly shoots up from the water, faintly whispering “Jessica”, before falling back into the tub. Linda screams and suddenly, Orville is behind her – very much alive. She kicks him, throws him onto the toilet and drowns his face in the water, before he collapses once gain.

She then walks downstairs when the phone suddenly rings. An elderly lady is on the phone, asking whether Clive Hockstatter is there. Visibly upset, Linda asks who it is and the woman explains that she is his wife. She insists to speak with him, but Linda tells her that he is not there. The lady then says that she is afraid that he is and hangs up. Then, the basement door opens and Linda hears Jessica’s voice calling her from the basement. She runs down, all while shouting that she has killed Orville and that Jessica and herself are the only one left. When she finally sees Jess, she is wearing men’s clothes and speaking with the voice of an old man. She corrects Linda and tells her that it is only her who is left. Jessica is gone and Hockstatter has taken over her body. He thanks her that she and her girlfriends have summoned him and tells her that she is his next victim.

Linda is horrified and runs upstairs, but the main door seems locked. She grabs a fire iron and tries to stab Hockstatter-possessed Jessica, who manages to cut Linda with his hook. They fight until Linda knocks Jessica out. As soon as she is down, Linda crawls to grab a knife, but when she looks up, Jessica is gone. Linda sits down into a corner and cries, begging her to remember if there is even an ounce of humanity left in her – just as we have seen at the beginning of the movie.

Jess finally comes around the corner and tells Linda that it is a shame that Hockstatter is not in a man’s body, otherwise he could have had a little fun. She prepares to kill Linda, when Orville returns from the dead once again, with a knife in his stomach and a chain around his neck. He pulls out the knife, proclaims that he wasn’t man enough the first time, but will get Hockstatter now, and stabs Jessica’s body. She hits him with the hook, knocking him out. She then turns back to Linda, who jumps up and stabs her in the throat, finally killing the actual murderer of her girlfriends.

The next morning, Block arrives at the crime scene, accompanied by two armed policemen and the moving guy, who explains that he has found the place likes this when he walked in this morning and has not touched anything. One of the policemen asks Block, whether this was the old Hockstatter place, when suddenly, Linda emerges from a bunch of rubble and says in Hockstatter’s voice that it still is, before laughing sinisterly. Block draws his weapon and Orville all of a sudden rises again, grabs his weapon and shoots Linda. The policemen open fire as well, shooting Orville numerous times. Orville collapses and Block rushes to feel his pulse. He notices that Orville is still alive and calls for someone to get an ambulance.

The last scene shows a news anchor reporting that suspected mass murderer Orville Ketchum has been released from the hospital. He is alive and well and was freed from the accusations against him, as no supporting evidence could be found.

Dana Bentley as Janey
Melissa Moore as Jessica
Barbii as Suzanne
Stacia Zhivago as Kimberly
Gail Harris as Linda
Peter Spellos as Orville Ketchum
Toni Naples as Sgt. Shawlee
Jürgen Baum as Lt. Block
Bridget Carney as Candice a.k.a. “Candy”

Jim Wynorski

Mark Thomas McGee, J.B. Rogers and Bob Sheridan

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