Seance: The Summoning (2011)

Four friends decide to conduct a Ouija board session in a morgue. They conjure up a malevolent entity that comes a lot closer than they bargained for, spilling their darkest secrets and making them turn against each other. To save their lives they have to put their conflicts behind them and banish the demon forever…




Full Plot:
Eva, one of the main characters of the 2011 horror movie “Seance: The Summoning”, comes from a family where many of the women has been known to be psychic. Some of those women were less fortunate than Eva – for example her grandmother, who has been burned at the stake by the Catholic church for being a witch. Now, Eva is a college student just like her friend Sara, who furthermore is a born again Christian.

While hanging around in a public park or recreational area, Eva gives Sara a tarot reading. The Devil card comes up and Sara gets startled, but Eva explains that it is rather a symbol for indulgence and physical desires than the actual devil. At this point the viewer learns that Sara had a past that went against the Christian values she holds today.

Marcus and Joey, two fellow students of the girls, join them at the park. We learn that Marcus works as a security guard at a morgue for unclaimed bodies (dead people without a family or friends who would bother to bury them).

The group comes up with the idea to take a hearse to the morgue, investigate the corpses and conduct a seance there. Marcus, who – besides working at the morgue – is a film major who plans on filming the seance as part of his documentary for his thesis. Joey, a singer in a punk band, claims to not believe in anything paranormal and accuses Eva of being a fraud. He dares her to dance at a gig of his, if she should fail to summon up a spirit.

When the group enters the morgue, they first explore the building and examine the corpses before they finally start the seance. Eva commences the summoning, but soon notices that a negative entity tries to build a connection with them, as well as Joey becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

He outs himself as having psychic abilities himself and the group decides go on with the ritual. Joey gets second thoughts about the endevour, but at this point it’s too late.

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The seance goes wrong and the entity they are talking to turns out to be a demon, who possesses Joey.

The demon starts to speak through him and reveals secrets about the group members that make them turn on each other. Everybody learns that Sara, who keeps preaching Christianity towards the others, had sex with Joey and it resulted in a pregnancy, that she terminated by having an abortion. Joey turns out to be Eva’s ex-boyfriend and so the hostility between the two girls ensues.

Despite their conflicts, they have to work together to rid Joey of the demon to save their lives. They first tie him to a chair while trying to find a solution. With some effort, they manage to exorcise the demon into a random rat and finally banish it by biting the rat’s head off.

Nazneen Contractor as Eva
Devon Ogden as Sara
Chris Olivero as Marcus
Bobby Campo as Joey

Alex Wright

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