Satanic (2006)

Michelle wakes up in the hospital with amnesia after a car crash. One of the few things given to her from her past life is a Ouija board. When people start violently dying around her, she is forced to uncover her past and face the malevolent force that has taken hold of her…




The 2006 movie “Satanic” is about Michelle, a young woman, gets into a car crash, which leaves her father dead and herself with amnesia and a destroyed face. When she wakes up in the hospital, her head is completely covered in bandages and she is given the nickname „Bride of the Mummy“. Michelle is shocked and in tears upon hearing the news about the accident and her disfigured face, but the doctor assures her that the reconstructive surgery she’ll get will make her look like her old self in no time.

The doctor soon follows up on his promise and she indeed gets her looks back, but is still unable to remember anything from her life before the accident.

This changes as soon as the doctor hands Michelle objects that supposedly belonged to her: A rather old looking, wooden Ouija board and a journal. As soon as the board is back in Michelle’s possession, she experiences sudden flashbacks: She sees herself looking Goth.

After getting her belongings, she is taken to a home for teen offenders, hinting at that she was a troublemaker in her past. The very day that she leaves, the janitor of the hospital dies violently.

From then on, she is plagued by constant nightmares at night. The day becomes a living nightmare when her roommate, Dalia, gets found dead with slashed wrists, hinting at a suicide.

As the corpses around Michelle become numerous, a detective starts suspecting that she might be to blame for the deaths.

Annie Sorell as Michelle
Eliza Swenson as Dalia
Jeffrey Combs as Detective Joyner

Dan Golden

Dan Golden and Ben Powell

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