Repossessed (1990)

As a young girl, Nancy was possessed by the devil and could only be freed from the evil presence with the help of Father Mayii. 17 years later, when she is an adult woman, she becomes repossessed. Because Father Mayii is retired, she turns to Luke, a young, inexperienced priest instead. He is overwhelmed by the task and seeks out outside support, leading him to have to perform an exorcism on live TV…




Full Plot:
The 1990 parody film “Repossessed”, which was inspired by the horror classic The Exorcist, starts out in 1973, when Father Jedediah Mayii, a Catholic Priest, successfully exorcises the devil from the body of a girl called Nancy. Before the malevolent entity leaves, it proclaims: „I’ll be back“.

In 1990, 17 years after the exorcism, Nancy is a married housewife with two children. When the family watches the Christian show “The Ernest and Fanny Miracle Hour”, the kids start to protest and demand to watch something else. As the battery in the remote control seems to be dead, Nancy gets up and attempts to switch the channel directly on the TV. Before she can do so, an unseen force emerges from the screen and possesses her. Nancy – now obviously possessed – turns her head in a humanly impossible way and starts yelling at her children in a demonic voice, before projectile vomiting onto her husband. She instanly comes back to her own self and realizes what just happened. Upset, she runs into the bedroom, followed by her husband, who advises her to give the doctor a visit.

The following day, she gets examined by several doctors, who are all left clueless by her condition. On her way back from the hospital she spots a church, which she immediately enters. The sermon is held by a young, insecure priest – Father Luke Brophy. She leaves a note for him in the donation basket. Later that day, she calls him and he agrees to visit the family at their home the same evening.

When Luke arrives, Nancy’s husband and the children are playing with a Ouija board. When they ask a question, the planchette flies from the board across the room, and starts bouncing off the walls. Nancy – possessed once again – yells at her family in a demonic voice, before coming back to her own self and being escorted to the bedroom by Luke, the young priest.

She confesses to him that she has once been possessed by the devil and fears that she has now been repossessed. She shows him a „Certificate of Possession“ that has been signed by the pope himself and tells him that the last time she has been possessed, the devil has been exorcised by Father Mayii, who is now retired.

Luke gives Nancy a rosary and hugs her, but the devil overcomes her once again, making her throw Luke into the closet and then onto the bed, before violently attacking him.

Disturbed by the noise, Nancy’s husband rushes in and together with Luke, they tie her to the bed. Nancy starts taunting Luke about his religious beliefs and intimidates him by making flames shoot from the bedframe.

Luke feels helpless and turns to Father Mayii in his desperation. He visits him in his retirement home, where Mayii explains that Nancy, as well as himself, barely survived the exorcism 17 years ago. Luke tells him that Nancy has been repossessed and that he needs his help for another exorcism. Mayii refuses and insists that he has become too weak and his heart would give out if he would attempt to challenge the devil once again. He advises Luke to see this as a challenge from God, who wants him to not only save Nancy’s soul, but his own faith.

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When Luke goes to the „Supreme Council for Exorcism Grantings“, he meets Ernest and Fanny from “The Ernest and Fanny Miracle Hour” there. The priests are sceptical towards Luke’s claims, but Ernest convinces the council to not only go through with the exorcism, but to televise it in order to convert millions to their religion.

Still insecure about his abilities to perform the exorcism alone, Luke finds Mayii in a gym called „Bods-R-Us“. His attempts to convince the old priest are futile however and so the live TV exorcism starts with Luke being on his own against the devil. Mayii watches from afar, cringing, while Ernest and Fanny put on a ridiculous show, that leaves possessed Nancy unimpressed.

The donations are coming in in masses and it is announced that the show has now gained the largest audience in TV history.

Before the exorcism can really begin however, Nancy sets the studio on fire, the audience flees and Ernest and Fanny are turned into a pantomime horse.

Nancy adresses the TV viewers directly through the camera, but gets interrupted by Luke, who begs the spiritual community for help, before he rips out the connection cable. Nancy flees and is followed by Luke, as well as an international league of spiritual leaders, who just showed up after hearing his cry for help.

Luke manages to provoke Nancy into coming back into the studio for a rematch by taunting the devil inside her about losing the last exorcism to Father Mayii.

Through the TV, she calls Mayii out, who finally gives in and shows up at the studio after all. Upon arriving, he vomits on her and a battle of words, as well as paranormal activity ensues. Possessed Nancy pushes Mayii’s emotional buttons to the point that he suffers a heart attack. Luke manages to revive him and so the battle continues. The devil hops from Nancy to Luke’s body, to Mayii’s and back into Nancy’s, leaving the priests exhausted. Luke proclaims: „We tried everything: Prayers, holy water, sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll!“. Nancy reacts irritated and reveals that the devil hates Rock’n’Roll.

The spiritual leaders of the world break out in a Rock’n’Roll performance, led by Father Mayii, driving the devil out of Nancy’s body. Finally, everyone is relieved, but once again, the devil proclaims: „I’ll be back“.

Leslie Nielsen as Father Jedediah Mayii
Linda Blair as Nancy Aglet
Thom Sharp as Nancy’s husband
Anthony Starke as Father Luke Brophy
Ned Beatty as Ernest Weller
Lana Schwab as Fanny Ray Weller

Bob Logan

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