Paranormal Activity (2007)

Katie and her boyfriend Micah move into a suburban home just to find out that the entity, that has followed her since childhood, has moved in with them. Micah sets up a camera to capture the malevolent presence and so the paranormal activity begins to unfold every night..




Prequel to:
Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

Full Plot:
The found footage film “Paranormal Activity” from 2007 is about Katie and Micah, a young couple, who move into a house located in the suburbs of San Diego, California. Katie has been haunted by a ghost since early childhood and reveals to Micah that she suspects the ghost to have followed her into their new home. Micah is highly curious about the entity and decides to purchase a camera in order to catch some evidence of their invisible guest. He sets up a tripod and the camera in their bedroom upstairs and lets it record over night.

Dr. Fredrichs, a psychic, who visits them on request by Katie, claims that a demon has attached itself to her and it’s main goal is to cause her torment, as it survives on negative energy. Dr. Fredrichs warns the couple to not attempt communication with the entity on their own, but rather get in contact with Dr. Averies, who is a demonologist and therefore more qualified to deal with the entity.

Katie is interested in following up on the advice, but Micah is very sceptical and so conflicts between the two start to arise.

In the mean time, the camera starts to pick up unusual activities during the night. It starts out with barely noticable things such as doors moving, the television and lights turning on and off. Later, it continues to intensify with objects moving, loud footsteps and eventually growls can be heard with no visible source.

The thirteenth night gets disrupted by a demonic scream, which shocks the couple out of their sleep.

A couple of nights later, Katie rises from the bed in a drunken manner and continues to stand and stare at sleeping Micah for several hours and then goes outside. After noticing that Katie is gone, Micah finds her in their backyard and wants her to go back in, but she insists on staying outside. The next morning, she claims to have no memory of the previous night.

At this point Micah decides to go against Dr. Fredrichs’ warning and buys a Ouija board. Katie becomes angry and the negative tension between the two increases further.

One evening, after the couple leaves the house, the camera captures the planchette on the Ouija board in the living room moving by itself and then breaking out in flames, which extinguish soon after. After seeing the footage, Katie suggest again to contact Dr. Averies, but Micah insists on keeping everyone out of the situation.

Before going to bed on the seventeenth night, Micah distributes baby powder along the corridor that leads to the bedroom as well as the bedroom floor itself. This night, the two wake up just to discover footprints in the powder, that don’t look human. They follow the footprints and end up in the attic, where Micah finds a slightly burnt photo depicting Katie in her childhood. Katie is shocked, as she believed that photograph to have been lost in a house fire that happened in her past.

During the next night, the couple continues to get terrorized by the entity. The door to the bedroom slams violently and loud thuds are heard. Katie finally manages to convince Micah to seek help. When the demologist Dr. Averies seems to be unavailable, they reach out to the psychic Dr. Fredrichs again and he agrees to follow up on the invitation. However, upon stepping into their home, he is instantly put off by a strong malevolent presence that seemed to have established itself fully after his last visit. He apologizes to the couple, but decisively leaves the house with the explanation that he can’t help and that him being there only provokes and infuriates the entity further.

On the twentieth night, the entity drags Katie out from her bed and along the corridor. She wakes up, panics and begins to scream for Micah, who wakes up and tries to run after her, just to have the door slammed into his face. He opens the door, manages to grab Katie and free her from the invisible grip of the hostile presence. After this frightening attack, they decide to spend the rest of the night on the couch downstairs.

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The morning after, Micah inspects Katie to see how she is doing after the assault and he finds a bite mark on her back. The couple decides that they had enough and agree on spending the next night outside the house, in a hotel. Later that day, you see a framed photo getting scratched, with the glass cracking. Micah discovers Katie squeezing a cross so hard that it causes her to bleed from her hand. He takes it from her and tosses it in a fire together with the burnt photograph from the attic. He is ready to go out and leave for the hotel when Katie suddenly becomes eerily calm and convinces Micah that she is okay and would prefer to stay at the house after all. She turns to the camera and smiles, giving the viewers a hint that the entity has taken possession of her.

During the night that follows, Katie leaves the bed once again and stands next to it for several hours, staring at Micah sleeping. She finally interrupts her staring and leaves the bedroom, going downstairs. The silence is broken when she starts screaming, waking Micah up. He runs out of the bedroom in an effort to rescue her, but only darkness and sounds that indicate a fight are recorded on tape.

The sounds suddenly stop and soon loud footsteps can be heard coming upstairs.

Endings (There have been several different endings produced for Paranormal Activity)

1. You can see Micah being thrown towards the camera, which immediately drops to the floor. The viewer can now see Katie, whose clothes are smudged with blood and face is scarily distorted. She moves in an animalistic manner, crouching and crawling towards Micah’s body, sniffing it before she gazes into the camera, smiling. She jumps towards it and the screen goes black.

The movie concludes with a text explaining that the police found Micah’s body on October 11, 2006 and that Katie has not been found to this day.

2. Katie enters the bedroom holding a kitchen knife and her clothes are massively stained with blood. She sits down next to the bed and begins rocking back and forth for several hours, until the next day comes along. You can hear the phone ringing and the answer machine activating. A friend of Katie, Amber, leaves a message saying that she is worried. Katie ignores everything around her until you can hear Amber stepping into the house downstairs, which makes Katie stop the rocking. After Amber’s screams upon finding dead Micah and fleeing footsteps are heard, Katie continues to rock back and forth again. Shortly after, the police arrives at the house and upon coming upstairs, they find Katie, who finally snaps out of the trance like state. She points the knife towards the policemen and gets shot.

The movie concludes with the text „Dedicated to Micah & Katie“.

3. Katie returns to the bedroom, with a kitchen knife in her hand and her clothes covered with blood. She moves quickly towards the camera, taking the knife and cutting her own throat before falling to the ground and dying. The screen goes black.

Katie Featherston as Katie
Micah Sloat as Micah
Mark Fredrichs as Dr. Fredrichs

Oren Peli

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