Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

The events in this movie take place two months prior to the events of  Paranormal Activity (2007).

After their son Hunter is born, Kristi and Dan experience a mysterious break-in in their home. They set up security cameras in hopes of finding out more about the intruders, but what they discover turns out to be a lot more frightening than your average burglar…




Sequel to:
Paranormal Activity (2007)

Full Plot:
The second installment of the Paranormal Activity series, “Paranormal Activity 2” from 2010, introduces Kristi and Hunter, her newborn son, via amateur footage showing them returning from the hospital after Hunter’s birth. Several scenes throughout Hunter’s early childhood are shown and the viewer gets to know Dan, Hunter’s father (and Kristi’s husband), his daughter from a former marriage, Ali and Abby, a German Shepherd. The viewer also learns that the family employs Martine, a hispanic woman, as their nanny and housekeeper.

In August 2006, a year after the birth of Hunter, Kristi and Dan find the inside of their home trashed, indicating that somebody must have broken in, even though all entries to the house were and remained intact and locked. All rooms are in a chaotic state, except for the room of their son Hunter. Mysteriously, nothing seems to have been stolen, apart from a necklace, that Kristi has once received from her sister Katie (the main character from the first Paranormal Activity movie).

Worried about the safety of his family and confused about the nonsensical nature of the break-in, Dan decides to install cameras all around the house, as well as in the backyard.

Beginning with the very first night, the camera starts to pick up unexplainable phenomena. The light by the pool keeps flickering until it turns completely off, followed by the pool cleaner leaving the pool by itself. The kitchen becomes another location of paranormal activity, when pots start falling without a seen cause. Hunter, the baby boy, keeps being woken up by loud noises coming from the surrounding walls and the window. The source of the bangs remains invisible, but Abby, the family’s German Shepherd, is seemingly upset, growling and barking at something in the room.

Martine, the housekeeper witnesses the strange occurrences in Hunter’s room and starts suspecting that an evil presence is haunting the house. She decides to take the baby downstairs and performs a ritual to cleanse the home of the malevolent spirit. As she begins burning sage, Dan comes home and immediately gets angry, firing her on the spot.

After Martine, Kristi also starts believing that her house is haunted, and is backed up by an intrigued Ali, but Dan keeps being sceptical towards the thought and keeps insisting that there is a more rational explanation for the seemingly weird occurrences.

A couple of nights later, Dan and Kristi decide to go out and leave Ali alone with Hunter. She invites her boyfriend, Brad, to join her. They decide to play with a Ouija board, immediately asking what the spirit that seemingly haunts this house wants from them. Brad doesn’t take the séance seriously and begins directing the planchette, spelling out P-U-S-S… . Ali starts laughing and the planchette starts spelling out „Hunter“. Ali is somewhat surprised but doesn’t assume the message to have a deep meaning attached to it. At some point, Brad has to leave and Ali falls asleep on the couch with the TV on. You can see a dark shadow covering her, when a loud bang wakes her up. She immediately runs upstairs to see whether Hunter is okay, but is interrupted when she hears another loud noise from the main door downstairs. She runs back down and opens the door. Unable to see anyone, she walks out to investigate the source of the knocking, when the door shuts behind her back. She is locked out and the entity is now alone with Hunter.

You can see Hunter floating into the air out of his crib and then crawling around freely around the house. The basement door opens, hinting at the demon trying to make Hunter go down there, but he crawls back towards his room.

After two hours, Dan and Kristi come back home and find Hunter crying, while Ali is outside. An argument ensues, with Ali trying to explain the situation, but she finds little understanding.

The couple gets visited by Katie, Kristi’s sister, and it is revealed that the two had paranormal experiences with a malevolent entity in their childhood, but decided to not talk about it, as it stirrs up uncomfortable memories and for fear of the entity returning.

After learning about this, Ali decides to find out more about what is happening in her home. She finds out that it is possible for humans to make deals with demons in exchange for power or wealth – and that often for the deal to be settled, the demon demands the soul of the family’s first-born son. That discovery frightens her, as the activity seems to have flared up soon after Hunter’s birth, who happens to be the first son to be born in the family of Kristi and Katie since the 1930s, around the time of their great-great-grandmother.

After hearing about the current events at the house, Katie gets upset and wants her sister to ignore the activity in hopes of it going away that way.

Unfortunately, Katie’s advice doesn’t help the situation, but the occurrences rather start to become more extreme in nature. While Kristie is alone in the kitchen at some point, the cabinets violently open by themselves and it’s contents get catapulted out of them, frightening Kristie to the core.

Abby, the dog of the family, who seemed increasingly fixated on the entity, gets physically attacked by the demon. After it loses consciousness, Dan and Ali decide to take it to a veterinarian, while Kristi stays home alone with Hunter.

After Dan and his daughter leave, Kristi sees the light in Hunter’s room turn off by itself. She switches the light back on and wants walk over to him, when she is suddenly grabbed by an invisible attacker, who drags her downstairs. She manages to free herself of the tight grip on the stairs, but while trying to get back to Hunter, she gets grabbed again and dragged into the basement. Kristi doesn’t come out before an entire hour passes and seems mentally absent when she finally exits the basement.

The next day, Kristi refuses to leave the bed, while Ali is the only one home with her, along with Hunter. Ali discovers the door to the basement having „meus“ („mine“ in Latin) scratched into it.

She hears loud bangs from Hunter’s room, so she decides to look after him and finds him crying while Kristi sits next to him, with a strange bite mark on her thigh. After hearing a loud noise from her own room, she leaves to find the source of it, but soon comes back to Hunter’s room because he doesn’t stop crying. When Kristi notices Ali’s attempt to comfort him, she angrily forbids her from touching him. Ali breaks out in tears and frantically calls her father, begging him to return home, as she is terrified and overwhelmed by the situation. When he comes home, the two review the footage of Kristi being dragged to the basement by an unseen force. Dan finally realizes that there is an actual malevolent presence in his house and decides to contact Martine, their housekeeper, who was the first one to notice the haunting.

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Martine suggests using a cross to exorcise the demon who has taken possession of Kristi, but explains that it will only work if the entity is allowed to attach itself to another blood relative of Kristi. She promises that in that case, she will be safely freed from the entity and will not even remember the possession afterwards. Dan decides to transfer the demon to Katie in order to save his wife and ignores Ali’s complaints about the cruelty of the solution.

In the night, Dan takes the cross and comes up to Kristi, who looks evidently possessed. He tries to bring the cross close to her skin, when she physically attacks him. Simultaneously the lights in the house switch off and it becomes completely dark. Dan activates the night vision function on his camera and discovers that Kristi has escaped together with Hunter.

The house sinks into chaos as furniture starts falling over and the chandeliers begin to swing back and forth. Dan finally manages to find Hunter in the basement, just to be attacked by Kristi who is coming from behind and makes him drop the camera. During the attack, Dan manages to touch his possessed wife with the cross, making her collapse instantly. The demon reacts violently; demonic screams can be heard while the entire room shakes. Suddenly, the shaking is interrupted by silence and the scene switches to Dan putting Kristi into a bed, followed by him burning a photograph depicting Katie in her childhood, to finalize the ritual and transfer the demon to her.

Three weeks after the ritual, Katie visits the family and reveals that now the paranormal activity seemed to have taken over her house as well, but she is met by a calm Kristi, who lost all memory from her possession and the exorcism. She advices Katie to stop paying attention to the activity, as she is convinced that that was the reason the strange occurrences stopped at her own home.

Katie returns home, greeted by her boyfriend Micah, who just bought a camera to investigate the beginning haunting at their house.

The scene switches to October 9, the very night after Katie has murdered Micah. You can see a possessed Katie, smeared with blood, breaking into the home of Kristi. She slowly approaches Dan, who is watching TV and swiftly breaks his neck. She then proceeds with searching for Kristi, who she immediately kills by violently throwing her upon finding her in Hunter’s room. Hunter begins to cry, but as soon as Katie picks him up, he calms down and even starts giggling in her arms as she walks into the darkness and the screen turns completely black.

The movie concludes with a text explaining that Ali was away on a school trip when the murders took place and found the bodies of her family upon returning home. Hunter and Katie however, remain missing.

Sprague Grayden as Kristi
Jackson Xenia Prieto as Hunter
Brian Boland as Dan
Molly Ephraim as Ali
Vivis Colombetti as Martine
Seth Ginsberg as Brad
Katie Featherston as Katie

Tod Williams

Michael R. Perry, Christopher Landon, Tom Pabst and Oren Peli

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