Ouija / Seance (2007)

A private séance involving a Ouija board is interrupted when two young women seek help from their passed-away grandma, trapping a malign paranormal entity with them in the physical world. The time has come to overcome all fears and interpersonal quarrels if they are to banish the evils they have summoned.



Tagalog, Filipino

Full plot:
Asian horror movie “Ouija / Seance” from 2007 sees Romina & Aileen as kids having fun on the beach together with 2 friends and a Ouija board. Out of curiosity, they call out to the “Spirit of the Glass” and while this does cause them to have a number of unexplainable experiences, their grandmother quickly intervenes at the shore and uses a special incantation to shut down the whole operation.

Romina & Aileen are half-sisters, and as they grow up together to become adults their grandmother inevitably dies. When they hold their grandmother’s funeral in the city of Camiguin, they are joined by their first cousins Sandra and Ruth, as well as Lucy, a close friend of Sandra. Returning to the beach they congregated at, now years 10 ago, and employing the same Ouija board as they did back then, they manage to establish contact to the grandmother’s spirit. This time however, the grandmother can do nothing to stop the frightening situations that begin to arise.

The girls accidentally set the board ablaze before properly ending their séance, invoking a rapacious specter from an incorporeal world and leaving it stuck with the girls in the corporeal world. Meanwhile, more and more drama bubbles up to the surface between the half-sisters, exposing their relationship to be far from perfect. Gino, Ruth’s boyfriend gets unwittingly (and unwillingly) dragged into both the drama and the otherworldly perils that surround the girls. Sandra’s friend, Lucy, quickly starts to lose her cool, and this has a somewhat devastating effect on Sandra.

Cornered, and facing impending doom, the 5 no longer have anywhere to run. They begin to realize that in order to rid themselves of their menacing foe, they must first identify its headstone (i.e., who is this supernatural nemesis the ghost of?) and then lead the ghost back to that person’s physical gravesite. Only then can the five girls hope to shake off the ghostly menace that haunts them.

Jolina Magdangal as Romina
Judy Ann Santos as Aileen
Iza Calzado as Sandra
Desiree Del Valle as Lucy
Rhian Ramos as Ruth
JC de Vera as Gino
Ella Guevara as the childhood-Romina
Sandy Talag as the childhood-Ruth

Topel Lee

Aloy Adlawan & Annette Gozon-Abrogar

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