Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Released on October 20th in 2016 but set in LA in the 60’s, Ouija: Origin of Evil follows a widow who runs a fake séance family business with her 2 daughters. By mistake, a something evil passes through a newly implemented Ouija board (which they plan to incorporate in their usual hoaxes) and takes possession of the youngest daughter.

Supernatural horror




Full plot:
Aice Zander lives in the suburbs with her two daughters: Doris, who is 9 years old, and Paulina, who is teenaged. Together, they make money by scamming people with spectacular con-séances, and Alice claims that she’s only trying to help people, even though everything she does is normally completely staged. When Paulina proposes including a including a Ouija board into her fake readings, she readies the Ouija board for her next scam session by equipping it with magnets underneath to see what she can come up with. When she begins to test her new system she opens what appears to be genuine contact with an entity calling itself Marcus…

Marcus briefly possesses Doris and Begins to speak through her, and later, Doris sits alone with the Ouija board in the night, contacting what seems to be a human spirit. The day after this, the local priest, Father Tom, asks for Alice to come to Doris’ school because Doris has handed in some homework written in the italic (cursive) style of handwriting, in spite of not yet having been taught this. Later again, Doris sits alone with the Ouija board, communicating with what she believes is the ghost of her dead father, Roger. She is led to a hidden stash inside a wall in the cellar. Here, she discovers a purse filled with money which she shows Alice and notes that she is able to communicate with Roger over the Ouija board.

Alice and her daughters arrange for a genuine Ouija session where they ask the board question they believe only Roger could answer. Paulina does not think they are really talking to Roger, but Alice becomes convinced since the Planchette moves without their help and seems to spell out all the correct answers. After this, Alice keeps Doris in the house to use her as a medium in several following Ouija sessions, and at some point Doris speaks in the voice of someone else for a moment. Doris now starts suffering from unexplainable or paranormal experiences, and as she looks through the planchette, she sees a moving shade which she follows though the house and is ultimately possessed by.

When Paulin finds some papers that Doris has written in Polish, she tells Father Tom about it. He hands them to Sister Hannah, who should be able to translate them. He then visits Alice’s house, stating that he is interested in contacting his deceased wife, Gloria, through a séance in the basement involving the Ouija board. He subsequently talks to Alice & Paulina upstairs, explaining that Doris in fact never conversed with his wife’s ghost, but instead just repeated what he what thinking due to telepathic or psychic abilities. He therefore concludes that Doris must be capable of some form of mindreading.

As they speak, Doris is still in the basement where she attacks Mikey, Paulina’s boyfriend, and breaks his neck. Alice, Paulina and Father Tom agree to destroy the Ouija board and put Doris through an exorcism, however as soon as they head downstairs again, they find Mikey’s dead body hanging in a rope. Father Tom also finds a large hidden deposit filled with human skeletons within a wall segment.

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The house has been the base of operations for a crooked doctor who performed illegal experiments on people and stacked their corpses in the wall. This means that they have essentially used the Ouija board inside a tomb, which is for obvious reasons quite risky.

After they’ve incinerated the Ouija board, they hear an old phonograph playing along with Doris crying in the background. Father Tom tries to trace the voice, and creeps through a narrow crawlspace into yet another secret area. He eventually encounters Doris, who hovers above the ground and drifts unnaturally towards him. When Paulina & Alice see him again, he too is possessed by an evil spirit and chases them through the building with a sharp knife, although he transiently reclaims control over himself and traps himself in the cellar on purpose. Still in the cellar, the possessed Doris comes crawling along the ceiling and batters Father Tom’s head against some stairs. In the hall, Paulina and Alice find the Ouija board lying once again on the table in pristine condition. Here, Mikey’s revenant body assaults them and knocks Paulina unconscious, after which Doris appears and begins to whisper into her ears. Alice now implores the evil spirits to instead take her and leave her daughters alone, but gets violently pulled away by a moving shadow as seen before. Doris then ties Alice up in the secret cellar room.

When Paulina has a form of vision or flashback wherein she finds that the face of one of her old dolls have been obstructed, she learns that in order the to banish the evil spirits, she must first silence the evil voices by sewing Doris’ mouth shut with wire. She tackles Doris and manages to fend off the moving shades while stitching up Doris’ lips. Meanwhile, Alice has managed to break out of her confinement by breaking her own hand, although, once united again, Paulina suddenly gets possessed an evil spirit for a short while and stabs her mother who falls to the ground, dying. Before passing away, Alice sees a vision of the ghosts of her husband & Doris.

We then see Paulina two months from that. She has been committed to a psychiatric institution, and is being interviewed by a doctor who tries to establish what became of her younger sister. Once Paulina is alone, she starts to write bloody letters onto the floor to form a Ouija board. She uses the lense from a pair of glasses as the planchette, and summons Doris to her side. As the doctor passes by outside the room, he sees them together shortly, but as he approaches, he only sees Paulina sitting alone. Doris then shows up behind him and begins coming his way fast… Finally, Paulina can be seen in a mysterious scene after the film’s credits, where she is being visited by a person who claims to be her niece. She has grown old but is still institutionalized.

Elizabeth Reaser as Alice Zander
Lulu Wilson as Doris Zander
Annalise Basso as Paulina Zander
Lin Shaye as Older Paulina Zander
Henry Thomas as Father Tom
Parker Mack as Mikey
Sam Anderson as Mr. Browning
Kate Siegel as Jenny Browning
Nicholas Keenan as Walter
Alexis G. Zall as Betty
Halle Charlton as Ellie
Ele Keats as Ellie’s Mom
Doug Jones as Ghoul Marcus / Devil’s Doctor

Mike Flanagan

Jeff Howard & Mike Flanagan

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  1. You wrote that Doug Jones stars as both Ghoul Marcus and Devil’s Doctor. In deleted scenes I watched, I think it’s him – the devil’s doctor, but I don’t know how when in the movie it is said that Doris’ writings are a journal entry from Marcus ABOUT a man they called the “Death Doctor”. So is Marcus both the victim and the torturer? Because if he is an innocent victim of the doctor then he wouldn’t posses Doris, right? That’s the thing I don’t understand.

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