Ouija Board (2009)

What is supposed to be a fun weekend, turns into a horror-trip when a group of friends runs over a blood soaked girl. Assuming that the worst is over, the group is terrified, when the spirit of the girl starts haunting them, turning their life into a bloody nightmare…




Full plot:
“Ouija Board” from 2009 is about Kerry who, after graduating from university, decides to spend the weekend with her new boyfriend Paul in a cottage located in a remote corner of the Scottish countryside to celebrate. Kerry brings along three friends; Lucy, Simon and James – against Paul’s wishes, who wanted to spend the weekend with her alone.

As they drive along never-ending rural roads through the night, Paul – the driver – slips into sleep for an instant and immediately suffers the consequences. He hits a blood soaked, young woman who is standing in the center of the road, killing her instantly. The group is shocked and an argument ensues about who is to blame for the accident. They finally decide to put the dead girl into the trunk of the car and to proceed driving.

When their search for the cottage turns out to be unsuccessful deep into the night, they decide to spend the rest of the night on the road and continue on their way the next day.

After waking up the following morning, the group is surprised when they notice the corpse is gone from the trunk. More conflict between them arises, but they eventually agree to take off and finally arrive at the cottage.

The friends start to relax and hit off their celebration with alcohol, elevating the mood – until one by one, they start seeing apparitions of the bloody girl from last night all around the cottage. We also learn that the girl reminds Paul of his ex-girlfriend.

Intrigued by the haunting and encouraged by the alcohol, the group decides to play with a Ouija board to get some answers about the mysterious girl. The game goes wrong, as the spirit is released into this world, free to take revenge and violently unleashes it’s anger upon the unknowing group of friends.

Georgia Goodrick as Kerry
Nick Smithers as Paul
Candice Edmunds as Lucy
Lee O’Driscoll as Simon
Ross Maxwell as James
Marysia Kay as Dead Girl

Matt Stone

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