Ouija (2014)

A young woman mysteriously hangs herself after playing with an old Ouija board, and her closest friends seek to reexamine the cause of death. Gathering around the Ouija board, they delve further and further into past events taking place in their dead friend’s house, unknowing of the perils they all bring upon themselves in doing so.




Full plot:
After having played with a Ouija board she’s had since childhood, Debbie Galardi gets frustrated and hurls the board into a fire along with its planchette. Her friend Laine Morris tries to pay her a visit but is dismissed at the door, after which Debbie finds her Ouija board on the bed, grabs the planchette and looks through its oculus. Whatever the Ouija shows her, she quickly commits suicide by hanging.

When Laine is informed of the incident, she and her boyfriend Trevor gathers Debbie’s loved ones to examine the Ouija board which she suspects led Debbie to her doom. With Sarah, Isabelle and Debbie’s boyfriend Pete, the gang is assembled to play the board.

They encounter an entity which they mistake for Debbie’s ghost. The entity salutes them as friends but later harasses them individually on several occasions.

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Playing the Ouija once again, they discover a malevolent spirit identifying itself as “DZ”, portrayed as a young girl with her mouth sealed shut. Isabelle is subsequently attacked and killed in her own home.

Laine and Trevor investigate the identity of “DZ”, the ghost of Doris Zander (a missing girl who used to live in Debbie’s house).

Doris’ sister Paulina had killed their mutual mother and now resides at a mental institution. Laine visits Paulina and is told to locate Doris’ corpse in Debbie’s house. Laine finds Doris and frees her spirit from her body. Laine realizes her mistake when Doris afterwards manages to kill Pete.

And so, Laine, Sarah and Trevor set out to incinerate the remains of Doris, along with the Ouija board that has caused them so much grief – ending the Ouija board’s curse, as well as the restless haunting; however, as Laine finds the Ouija board’s planchette lying at her own table, she decides to take a final look through the oculus…

Shelley Hennig as Debbie Galardi
Olivia Cooke as Laine Morris
Daren Kagasoff as Trevor
Bianca A. Santos as Isabelle
Ana Coto as Sarah Morris
Douglas Smith as Pete
Lin Shaye as Paulina Zander
Sierra Heuermann as Doris Zander

Stiles White

Juliet Snowden & Stiles White

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