Ouija (2010)

Based on “partially true” stories, in July 2010 original footage is recovered from a Danish island where three people are found dead after having participated in the shooting for a reality TV project named “Ouija”. Upon inspection, it becomes clear that in spite of the supernaturally themed nature of the project, the dangers lurking among human beings can often be attributed to much more earthly matters…




Full plot:
“Ouija” from 2010 sees four Danes named Mads Frederik Gyldsteen, Kasper Emil Nielsen, Saphia Vilder and Simon Aske Rostrup arriving on the Danish island ‘Linø’.

Simon explains how Mads, Kasper and Saphia have been selected for participation in a one-week reality project which Simon needs in order to get him enrolled in a film school. During the week, the three let themselves incarcerate in a house monitored via video surveillance. Furthermore, each is presented with small camcorders that they all have to wear around, recording 24/7, including in their sleep.

As a stable activity, each evening they must attempt to establish spectral contact through a black Ouija board; however, things stop making sense to them when they learn that they are visited each night by a mysterious stranger, who wanders around the house, wearing a bag and wielding a rope with a noose around his own neck. Power outages start appearing until no one can bring the power back. They also rapidly lose their cellphones and the house is not equipped with phones.

Mads and Kasper happen to be half-siblings, and one morning they discover that Saphia has gone missing, so the two commence a short recon, although to no avail. They go back to the house and wait for Saphia to return, but are scared out of the house by the intruding stranger with the hangman’s knot.

They scout the island terrain in almost total darkness and are led to an abandoned building where they crawl into the attic and fall asleep. Next day, Mads heads back to the house to retrieve his asthma medication while Kasper proceeds through the woods.

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Kasper encounters the hooded figure in the woods, is struck down and taken to an old bunker nearby. He is tied up in a cell alongside Saphia. Back in the house, Mads meets up with Simon and gives him an activated credit card with 100.000$ before heading to the bunker to declare his bottomless grudge to his half-brother. After having ranted for a while, he leaves Kasper & Saphia in the bunker to die of exhaustion.

He finally walks back to the house, puts in headphones and hangs himself.

Michael Hansen as Mads Frederik Gyldsteen
Brian Bang as Kasper Emil Nielsen
Lara Leon as Saphia Vilder
Micki Stoltt as Simon Aske Rostrup

Brian Bang

Bang Entertainment

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