Ouija (2010) [Short]

Amanda and her friends gather around a Ouija board to contact her dead brother, who keeps tormenting the group because of a fatal mistake they made in the past..




Full Plot:
The Brazilian short film “Ouija” from 2010 is about four friends, who gather in a candle lit room around a self made Ouija board. They are all distressed as the purpose of the séance is not to play a game for fun. They pray and place their fingers on a glass. Amanda, the only girl in the room, initiates contact by asking „Is anybody there?“ into the room. The candles flicker and the group becomes increasingly nervous. Renato suggests calling the whole thing off and wants to remove his fingers, when Pedro warns him of the consequences that breaking the circle might have. The group continues by asking for a Rogerio and Renato wants to interrupt the session again, when the door suddenly slams.

The group is startled, but feels that the presence of a spirit has been confirmed and so they carry on with the séance. Pedro asks whether the ghost present with them is benevolent. The glass starts to move and points towards „Yes“, with their forth friend, a boy with down syndrome, repeating the answer out loud.

They ask who the spirit is and whether it might be Rogerio. When no answer comes back, Renato gets upset and asks to cancel the endevour, when the glas swiftly moves to „No“.

When they ask whether the spirit is related to anyone in the room, the glass moves towards „Yes“ and then Amanda breaks out in tears upon realizing that they have managed to contact Rogerio, who turns out to be her deceased brother.

She fights back her tears when the others keep saying: „Tell him!“ to her.

Click here to unfold the remaining story (SPOILER WARNING)

She continues with telling the story about how the same group of people once gathered to inhale ether in the room of her brother. When the brother entered the room, Renato shared the drug with him, even though he was in an unhealthy state at that point.

An arguement ensues in the group about who is to blame and it becomes increasingly clear, that the ether caused the death of Amanda’s brother and that they have been haunted by his spirit ever since.

Amanda begs her brother’s spirit for forgiveness and Renato becomes increasingly angry, telling Rogerio that he is to stop tormenting him as he is dead. At this moment, the glass shatters, the candles extinguish and the door opens, letting in a violent wind. The group panics and starts praying. The door suddently slams shut and the candles relight – it’s becomes completely quiet and silent in the room. There are no longer four but three people in the room. It is revealed that the forth friend, the boy with down syndrome, is the dead brother of Amanda, who only the viewer was able to see.

Lorenna Mesquita as Amanda
Leonardo Miggiorin as Renato
Caio Blanco as Pedro
Ariel Goldenberg as Rogerio

Marcelo Galvão

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