Ouija (2006)

An enigma circling around the dismal pasts of two different individuals becomes gradually unraveled as six friends who are their own worst enemies seek the counsel of a perplexing Ouija board and its ominous lures.




Full plot:
In “Ouija” from 2006, Adam, Mariam, Hany, Farida and Ibrahim go on a friendly trip not far outside of Cairo with a Ouija board packed in the trunk. Hany meets Sara on the beach. Farida and the emotive Mariam go first on the planchette. They ask the Ouija board whether a spirit is present. The Ouija board is affirmative but will not give away the name of the spirit. Ibrahim takes over for Mariam. Board spells “betrayal” – then “pain” – then “farewell” – then “con” – then “killer” – then the beginning of a name that Adam remembers bleakly from his past. Mariam henceforth starts drinking heavily.

All six of them appear to be lodged at the same luxury hotel, where disaster awaits them all.There, while Hany and Sara are having sex, Farida secretly visits Ibrahim’s room and has sex with him while Adam is asleep, in a way so that Ibrahim cannot tell whether it actually really happened. He has a nightmare of Mariam and Adam walking into the situation, while in actuality, Mariam attempts to commit suicide by slitting her own wrist. She does it the wrong way however (transversely instead of longitudinally), and ends up unconscious (due to circulatory shock) but not dead. Farida, Adam and Ibrahim go the local hospital to see her. One of the days Hany wakes up and can’t find Sara. He only finds a written note from her plus a credit card. The same night Adam asks Farida to play the Ouija board with him but she refuses. Adam, who often carries a pistol on him, then has a vision in which he meets his twin self and shoots Farida. Adam’s murderous visions continue when he almost runs over a stranger in his car and then seeing himself reacting by drawing his pistol and shooting the stranger. He then turns to the Ouija board again, trying to play it along and make the board give up secrets about his friends, although he wipes the board off the table in frustration and drops the session.

Hany, who is a television actor, gets back to work but can’t concentrate on the set because his mind is too occupied with his recent experiences with Sara. Meanwhile, Adam discovers that Farida has betrayed him and goes to a firing range to let out some aggression. This doesn’t help much though, and his temper only gets worse. Mariam continues drinking and smoking like somebody died. She gets extremely drunk at a local bar-restaurant and loses balance so Hany has to escort her to her apartment. There, Mariam makes advances towards him but he tells her that all of them need to come to their senses. He also reveals that even though Sara ran away with some of his belongings at the hotel, he is still hoping for a chance to see her again. Many cigarettes later, Mariam and Hany falls into a trance-state of sorrow and mistakenly has sex. They wake up next to each other without clothes and immediately become very embarrassed on top of their sorrow. Furthermore, Maryam gets tested positive by a doctor shortly thereafter. Hany takes Mariam to a local café to talk to her about it but Ibrahim storms in and hits Hany in the face, so he pull Ibrahim to the side and tries to talk things out with him, but ends up just getting into another fight.

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Later, Farida finds Adam’s pistol under his desk, ejects the magazine and picks out the cartridges. She then tries to call Mariam’s cellphone but Mariam ignores the call. While Hany is at work he suddenly gets visited by the returning Sara, who tells him that she never wanted to have left him back at the hotel but that she was forced to leave him by an accomplice. He then calls Adam and Ibrahim, asking them to come over, but Adam is having another conversation with his twin self, convincing him to ready his Beretta.

Ultimately, Hany calls Mariam and tells her that they are waiting for her at Ibrahim’s apartment. She grabs a kitchen knife and drives to Ibrahim’s place, where Farida and Ibrahim are having a heavy discussion. She interrupts them but is in turn interrupted by Adam who rushes in and waves a loaded gun at Farida. Mariam attempts to draw first blood though by assaulting Ibrahim with the kitchen knife. This sparks a fight which involves everybody in the room, but Hany intervenes just in time when he and Sara walks in on everyone. Disappointed, but relieved that all of them are still alive, he proclaims that he and Sara will be on their way, although as the two stand in the outside hallway, waiting for the elevator, they hear screams and gunshots from the apartment. They rush back into the apartment and realize to their horror that their hopes that everyone would survive the night have been in vain.

Dolly Shaheen as Sara
Hani Salama as Hany
Hend Sabry as Farida
Sherif Mounir as Adam
Menna Shalabi as Mariam
Mohamed Kholai as Ibrahim
Basma Hassan as Basma

Khaled Youssef

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