Ouija (2003)

Clara decides to spend her vacation in an charming little town. There, she meets Victor and his friends, who like to spend their time playing with a Ouija board. Together, they conduct a séance and manage to establish contact with a spirit called “Audscias”. After an initially fun conversation with the invisible guest, scary phenomena starts unfolding around them and soon the true nature of the entity starts showing…




Full Plot:
The Spanish horror movie “Ouija” from 2003 begins with a scene showing a violin being crafted from the ground up.

After that, there is a sharp cut and we see a group of guys on motorcycles driving up to a night club where they join the party. The group of friends consists of Santi, Victor and Nacho, who all happen to be in a band and their newest addition, Clara, a young female journalism student who seems to be interested in Santi. The friends are all from a small town that Clara is visiting for a vacation. She is staying with her uncle Tomas, who is a blind priest at the church of the small town.

The next day, the three friends and Clara meet up for band practice and are joined by Bea, who is the only female member of the band. Clara pulls out a home made Ouija board, causing a lively discussion between the band members before they finally start playing some music while Clara takes photos of them.

Later, the band plays at the church accompanying Padre Tomas’ sermon. In the evening, the band and Clara get together to have a little private party. Victor pulls out an old looking, highly ornamented, wooden Ouija board that has the year number 1743 carved into it.

They put their hands on the planchette and begin a séance. Suddenly a dark shadow can be seen moving through the room just as the planchette starts to move. It spells out “Audscias”, the name of the spirit that seems harmless to begin with. After a short period of nervousness, the group really gets into the party mood and even plays truth or dare with their invisible guest. Carla kisses Santi and everybody seems to have the time of their lives. The fun ends abruptly when the planchette spells out “Samanta”. Santi becomes angry and thinks that the others are playing a prank on him, but they are all confused and don’t know who Samanta is. Santi gets up and leaves, followed by Nacho, who is Santi’s best friend and knows why Samanta’s name stirred up a lot of anger in Santi.

The mood is ruined, so Bea and Victor leave as well, leaving Clara behind alone. After the others are gone, Carla hears disembodied whispers and the planchette starts moving by itself, so she leaves in a panic.

At their next meet up, Santi is still mad about what he believes was a prank. Clara has lost interest in him and flirts with Victor, who flirts back without hesitation, making the others leave the two alone. Soon after, they disappear into a car and have sex.

Nacho accompanies Bea back home, clearly trying to get close to her. When they hear a dog whining in the dark, they follow the noise and find a small puppy, which Bea picks up and takes home.

When Santi gets home, he hears his mom talking to him. What seems like an everyday thing soon turns into a living nightmare when her voice suddenly turns into demonic sounds. Santi is startled and looks around, but his mom is not in his room at all. He runs to the doctor and gets his ears checked, but the doctor can not find anything wrong with him.

When the group meets again and continues the séance, the planchette immediately spells out “Audscias” once again, but this time with a lot of force and speed. Right after, it spells out “Samanta”, making Santi incredibly angry again. He leaves, followed by Nacho and Bea. Clara and Victor use the privacy to make out but get disturbed by disembodied hissing voices and whispers.

Nacho walks Bea home and tries getting close to her once again. She doesn’t seem interested and as soon as he tries to kiss her, she runs off, leaving him behind angry.

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In the meantime, Santi speeds off on his motorcycle listening to loud music. Suddenly, the music gets interrupted by loud and fast violin music over and over again, driving him crazy. He stops and jumps off his bike and rips out the head phone cable from his cassette player, but the violin music continues. He then takes the head phones out of his ears and discovers that he is bleeding from his ears. He is too distracted to notice the car that is coming his way and gets run over.

The next day, Santi is in the hospital, lying in a coma and Nacho is devastated. He finally tells Clara and Victor why Santi was getting so upset. Samanta was some girl who he slept with but turned out to be a transvestite. He kept it secret and felt embarrassed and thought you found out and tried to wind him up.

They start to suspect that their séances might have something to do with Santi’s accident and that Audscias might not be a friendly spirit after all. They try to get some answers through another séance but fail to establish any contact at all. Nacho gets angry and rushes outside, followed by Victor. After talking for a while, they hear Clara screaming, so they run back inside and find her on the floor, crying. Mysteriously, red writing has appeared all over the walls.

The friends give Bea a visit, who started to hear disembodied whispers around her as well. Bea gives Carla the puppy and they leave again.

Later, Carla takes a shower and can feel someone touching her through the shower curtain. She thinks it’s Victor and when the touching turns into scratching she opens the curtains but fails to see anyone in the room.

Meanwhile, Nacho listens to the tape Santi was listening to before he had the accident. He gets shocked by the sudden loud violin music and hurls the cassette player against the wall. He gets up and gives Santi a visit at the hospital. While Nacho sits by his side in silence, Santi suddenly sits up and grabs Nacho’s head. His eyes flaming red, he speaks in a demonic voice, before collapsing back onto his bed. His heart beat stops and the nurses who come running into the room fail to save him; Santi dies.

After his funeral, when the sun has set, Bea walks home in darkness. A dark male figure follows her. She tries to hurry home, but gets grabbed by a hooded man and dragged into a hidden corner, where he rapes her while loud violin music plays in the background.

After this soul crushing experience, Bea spends the night in the shower, bleeding and crying. Next day, she tells Clara about the rape and the strange music. The two are joined by a drunk Nacho with a bottle in his hand and Victor, who has done some research and found out that Audscias is a known demon with the appearance of a centaur and that he carries a violin. Victor hands Bea a drawing that is supposed to capture Audscias’ looks.

The group attemps another séance, but all that happens is that the planchette loudly moves around in circles by itself. Then it just suddenly stops without them getting any answers from the demon. Nacho gets angry, smashes the bottle and wants to leave, but finds the door locked.

While Victor tries to calm him down, Bea discovers bite and scratch marks on Nacho’s arm, revealing that he was the one who raped her. Bea seems paralyzed and then runs off. Clara becomes furious, starts beating him up and is joined by Victor. Nacho seems confused at first and then falls into maniacal laughter, suggesting that something else might have possessed his mind.

Clara runs out to search for Bea and finds an eerie sight: Bea has hung herself on the rope of a nearby well. Violin music can be heard once again.

After her funeral, when Clara is home alone with her new puppy, she prepares some food in the kitchen. When she opens the microwave, she finds the puppy torn to bloody shreds inside. She is scared out of her mind and leaves her apartment.

Meanwhile, Victor is sleeping and dreaming that he is tied up. A ghostly Bea stands by his side and asks whether he hears the music. Victor wakes up terrified and when he turns his face, Bea lies in bed with him. He jumps up and she disappears. Victor tries to call Clara but she walks out without picking up the phone.

When Clara exits her apartment, she finds Victor parked outside. He is acting strange, but she still gets into his car. After a short ride, he stops and gives her a threatening look. She starts feeling increasingly uneasy about his strange behavior, gets out of the car and takes her bags out of the trunk. Just as she wants to walk away, Victor hits her leg with a shovel, injuring her. She limps away and Victor runs after her.

In the meantime, Padre Tomas finds the Ouija board. He drops his walking stick and when he tries to pick it back up, he cuts himself on the glass shards Nacho left after breaking the bottle. The door suddenly slams and we can see that something is watching him. Padre Tomas senses that a demonic presence has manifested in the room, so he pulls out a crucifix. He then pours alcohol over the Ouija board and drops a lit match on it. An unseen force grabs him and suddenly, he can see again. Initially, he becomes happy but then he sees a vision of Clara being attacked in the flames of the burning Ouija board. He immediately runs to save her.

When he arrives at the scene, he takes the shovel away from Victor who is bleeding from his ears. The situation seems to finally calm down, but then Clara suddenly starts talking in a demonic voice. Violin music can be heard once again and a vision of a centaur holding a violin in the midst of fire pops up on the screen. Victor is shocked and grabs Padre Tomas’ walking stick and stabs it into Clara’s throat, upon which she starts bleeding heavily and dies.

The last scene shows Victor in jail 5 years later. Padre Tomas is blind again and Nacho is in an insane asylum wearing a straight jacket.

Jaume García Arija as Santi
Ricard Sales as Victor
Carlos Olivella as Nacho
Montse Mostaza as Clara
Núria Font as Bea
Juan Inciarte as Padre Tomas

Juan Pedro Ortega

Carmen Abarca

Ouija (2003) IMDB

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