Only You (1994)

When the Ouija board tells Faith that her soulmate’s name is Damon Bradley and she later hears the same name from a fortune teller, she is convinced that he is real and her destiny is to be united with him.

After 14 years of failing to find him, she gets engaged to another man. But when one of the invited guests calls to cancel his attendance at the wedding and identifies himself as Damon Bradley, Faith abandons all her plans and is determined to meet him.




Full Plot:
The 1994 romantic comedy “Only You” has a dreamy girl as it’s main character: Faith is an 11-year-old girl who believes that every person has a soulmate who they are destined to be with. When she and her brother Larry play with a Ouija board, the question who her other half might be is the most important thing on her mind. Surprisingly, the Ouija board is very precise and spells out the name „Damon Bradley“.

A couple of years later, when Faith attends a carneval, the tent of a fortune teller draws her in. She can’t help but ask about her soulmate, and counter to any reasonable expectation, the mysterious lady presents her with the same name – Damon Bradley. She ignores the advise to make her own destiny instead of waiting for it, but rather becomes obsessed with the idea of meeting Damon and looks for him everywhere she goes. Letting 14 years pass, she fails to find him and is now a Catholic school teacher who gets engaged to a podiatrist (who is far from the man of her dreams) instead.

The wedding is fully planned out and is taking place in 10 days when one of the invited guests, a former high school classmate of her fiancé, calls Faith to explain that he can not attend the wedding as he is currently abroad and heading to Venice in Italy. Before she hangs up she asks for his name to cross it of the guest list and he spells out „Damon Bradley“ – immediately, Faith’s world collapses.

She forgets about the wedding and rushes to the airport to catch the next plane to Venice, with Kate, her sister-in-law by her side.

Once in Italy, Damon seems to always be one step ahead of them as they desperate try to catch him and are led from Venice to the countryside and later a restaurant in Rome.

On their way, a handsome American man approaches Faith, while she is far from interested until he reveals his name – Damon Bradley! She is blown away and instantly agrees to spend an evening with him. As the evening progresses, she falls head over heels in love with Damon and all of her dreams finally seem to have come true – until Damon confesses that he is actually Peter Wright. She is shocked and feels betrayed, immediately packs her bags and wants to head home, dragging Kate out of the hands of Giovanni, an Italian businessman who has found a liking to Kate.

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The following morning, Peter says that he found out that her beloved Damon is currently in a hotel in Positano. Giovanni drives Faith, Kate and Peter to the hotel, where Faith meets Damon. He is quite good-looking and agrees to have a dinner with her.

While they eat, Peter secretly watches them until he sees Damon act unappropriately sexual towards Faith, who is quite repulsed by his approaches. Peter reveals that her date is not Damon either, but just a friend of his, ending the play.

Faith and Kate are done with their quest to find Damon and prepare to head back home, when Larry, Faith’s brother and Kate’s husband, finds out what the two have been up to. Just before the two leave, he arrives in Italy and has a confession to make:

During the Ouija board session in their childhood, he has moved the planchette to spell out „Damon Bradley“ and later bribed the fortune teller at the carneval to say the same thing to Faith as a prank. He didn’t expect her to take it so serious and as time went on, he didn’t dare to tell her the truth out of fear for her reaction.

At the airport, she and Peter finally meet the real Damon – a quite unattractive man. Peter explains to him why he has been followed these last days and proclaims his love to Faith in front of Damon, before getting on his plane heading to Boston, leaving Damon and Faith alone.

When Damon asks her whether she loves Peter, she is overcome by the realization that she indeed does and runs after him. She manages to catch his plane before it takes off and is welcomed by his open arms. The crowd around them applauds while they kiss and the plane takes off, heading towards the beautiful sunset sky.

Tammy Minoff as young Faith
Harry Barandes as young Larry
Antonia Rey as the Fortune teller
Marisa Tomei as Faith
Fisher Stevens as Larry
Bonnie Hunt as Kate
Robert Downey Jr. as Peter Wright
Joaquim de Almeida as Giovanni
Adam LeFevre as Damon Bradley

Norman Jewison

Diane Drake

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