Night of the Hell Hamsters (2006) [Short]

One stormy night, Julie is babysitting the kids of the Williams family. After her boyfriend comes over, the two play with an improvised Ouija board to kill some time. The séance goes wrong and the hamster cage suddenly gets hit by a lightning. The two think it’s just a coincidence, but soon the hamsters turn from furry cuties into little demons from hell with a special taste for blood…


UK/New Zealand


Full Plot:
As an introduction to the short film “Night of the Hell Hamsters” from 2006, we see a close up of hamsters hanging around in a cage. They are sniffing, scratching, running in a hamster wheel and just being their innocent, furry selves.

Then there is a scene of a girl in a dark alley, frantically screaming, when some people in scary rabbit fur suits attack her. Then a courageous man comes to save her, the camera zooms out and reveals that it’s just a movie running on a TV screen in a children’s room. The room is decorated with children’s drawings, the floor is littered with all kinds of toys and a hamster cage stands in a corner.

Julie is babysitting the children of Mr. and Mrs. Williams on a stormy night. While they are asleep, she is talking on the phone. A hooded stranger steps up to the house and knocks on the door. Julie hangs up the phone and runs to open the door, gasping when she sees who it is. It’s Karl, her boyfriend, who she has been eagerly waiting for to keep her company. She asks him whether he has brought “it”. He makes a face and asks what she means. In the children’s room, he pulls out an old box saying “Ouija – Mystifying oracle”. Julie is excited and opens the box, but gets hit by disappointment when she finds nothing inside. Karl acts as if he is surprised, but Julie doesn’t buy it. She turns away from him, pouting. He suggests to spend their evening doing other stuff, but she insists that she wants her Ouija board. Karl gets up and gets a drink from the kitchen.

While he is away, Julie spots a wooden board with letters stuck into a it – a toy designed for children to learn the alphabet. She grabs it, swiftly downs the shot that Karl brings back from the kitchen and uses the shot glass as a planchette.

Karl sticks a finger into the hamster cage, but gets instantly bitten and screams. Julie spots her chance to make her improvised Ouija board even more authentic and grabs his finger. She holds it over the board and squeezes his finger until a drop of blood drips onto it. Karl is irritated but realizes that she will not leave him alone until she gets her séance. Julie’s mood immediately improves and she puts her fingers on the glass. She asks Karl to think of a specific spirit they could call, but as he can not think of anyone, he looks around the room and sees a bunch of wooden toy cubes with letters on them, which happen to spell out “spozgar”.

Karl takes up his arms in a theatrical manner and proclaims “We hail thee, oh Spozgar!”. Julie is annoyed as he has obviously just made that name up, but rolls with it. The couple puts their hands on the shot glass and it immediately starts to move. It spells out “spozgar“, but Julie thinks that it’s just Karl messing around. She asks him to stop as she wants to do this properly, but he insists that it is not him pushing the glass. He takes away his hands to prove it and the glass starts moving completely by itself, spelling out “spozgar is here”. Julie gets even more excited and asks into the room whether Spozgar is really here, with a big smile on her face, much to the displeasure of Karl, who gets an increasingly bad feeling about the whole thing. The glass moves towards “Y”(for “Yes”), before the board suddenly flies into the air and flips around, making all the letters fall out. Immediately after, a lightning strikes the hamster cage, giving the two a fright.

Julie runs to check on the kids while Karl examines the hamster cage. He picks up a dead hamster and while he gets distracted by Julie, who comes back into the room, the hamster suddenly comes back to life. It’s eyes light up red and it starts growling, before biting into Karl’s nose.

Karl freaks out and throws it through the room. The hamster seems unbothered and directly attacks Karl again, by climbing into his pants and biting into his private parts. Karl tries to get it out, but gets his finger bitten off. Julie hurries to open his belt to get the hellish creature out, but gets blinded by a constant stream of blood spraying into her face.

She wipes her face and out of desperation, she kicks Karl in the crotch. A finger, the demonic hamster and a testicle fall out. Karl collapses onto the floor as sinister high pitched giggles can be heard all around the room. Julie drags Karl out of the room into the kitchen, followed by a group of blood thirsty hamsters. She slams the door just in time before they can get into the kitchen.

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Unfortunately, it is too late for Karl and he dies on the floor, while the pool of blood around him keeps getting bigger. Julie breaks down and cries, but after a while she gets herself together to battle the hamsters. She tapes her pants tightly to her ankles, grabs a knife and a pot and walks back to the room where it all began.

Sinister laughs surround her and she is watched by glowing red eyes. She stabs a few teddy bears by mistake before she stumbles and falls onto her back. A growling hamster jumps onto her chest, but quickly gets his head bitten off by an enraged Julie. She gets back on her feet and grabs a cricket bat. A floating hamster creeps up on her from behind and starts taunting her about her dead boyfriend, in a tiny, high pitched yet demonic voice. She gets even more angry and hits the little monster with the bat, slamming it against the wall, leaving behind a bloody mark.

The phone suddenly rings and we learn that she is not the only one going through this nightmare. The person on the other end tells her that their mother was eaten by guinea pigs. Julie is shocked, but gets distracted by someone knocking on the door. She runs to open it, but instead of meeting a person, she is hit by an eerie sight that reveals that their séance had far greater consequences than imagined. The entire street is illuminated by the red glowing eyes of countless animals. Demonic hamsters, rabbits and even a floating cow are staring at her with the thirst for blood in their eyes, sinisterly giggling – but Julie stays strong and takes up her cricket bat, ready to take them all on.

Stephanie Ratcliff as Julie
Paul O’Neill as Karl

Paul Campion

Paul Campion, Hadyn Green and Mike Roseingrave

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