Necromentia (2009)

In “Necromentia”, four different individuals experience the wonders of Ouija boards that are tattooed unto a person’s back. This reversely narrated indie film deals with some of life’s heavy topics, such as necromancy, tattoos, going to hell, etc.




Full plot:
The reverse chronology of “Necromentia” starts out with a man named Hagen waking up on the floor in a place which is essentially hell, when a demonesque person calls his name, steps forth and explains that Hagen himself chose to come to this place. From here, 4 separate but related storylines unfold; told mostly in reverse chronological order. We see how Hagen attempts to call his deceased wife, Elizabeth, back from the dead. His experiments quickly lead to postmortem hair-loss and even though Hagen does his best to save her decaying body, while constantly talking to her without receiving answers, he becomes more and more frustrated and starts losing faith in his efforts.

We then see how, while Hagen works in a barbershop, another man named Travis seeks him out after office hours and forces him to do his bidding. Travis wants to reconnect with his deceased brother, and has researched thoroughly and found numerous little holes or entryways to other dimensions. He and a mute accomplice then carve or scarify a stylized Ouija board into Hagen’s back. They force him to go and search for Elizabeth inside a place Travis calls Hell. Hagen and his wife will serve as test-subjects to clarify whether it is possible to seek out deceased people in this manner – and whether it is possible to return with them. Once arrived in Hell though, a grotesque monster brutally strikes Hagen down…

11 months before all this, we see how Travis is living a life of both financial trouble as well as many hardships trying to care for his disabled brother, Thomas, who is stuck in a wheelchair and needs a lot of attention. Also, their parents have not left sufficient funds at their disposal when writing legal wills. When Travis leaves to go to work, he puts Thomas in front of a TV screen that doesn’t quite work, but after Travis has left, Thomas starts to see visions of the enigmatic Mr. Skinny, who dances around in the room and urges Thomas to commit suicide.

The scene jumps to a torture chamber, where a female fetishist pays a masked man with exclusive drugs to torture her. The man, who reveals himself to be Travis, asks for drugs that will help him quit his heroin-addiction, so the woman gives him ketamine (a powerful anesthetic whose side effects include drug-psychosis and amnesia). Travis injects a ketamine shot and is immediately transported to a horrific scene of hallucinations and loud noises, where he is approached by Morbius: a man with a demonic voice who says he needs Travis to help him obtain human form.

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Back in their home, the surreal Mr. Skinny convinces Thomas to commit suicide. Fortunately, Travis returns from his ‘job’ just in time to prevent it. This makes Travis ask his social bookkeeper, Sam, for an increase in monthly benefits from his parents’ testament, trying to arrange for a guardian to take care of Thomas while Travis is gone.

The second time Travis takes a shot of ketamine, he is taken to the same hellish place where he finds himself bound to a chair and is again approached by Morbius, who tells him that his brother is in danger because of him.

Travis enlists a random pervert to look after Thomas. This time, when entering the “Red Room” (his commercial torture chamber) Travis mistakenly starts torturing himself by cutting deep marks all over his own body with a straight razor, resulting in a self-induced trance wherein he sees Morbius again. Meanwhile, Mr. Skinny makes Thomas stab his guardian in the belly and then hang himself in the guardian’s entrails. When Travis comes home, he finds the guardian he hired murdered but cannot find Thomas. He falls into another trance and cuts a deal with Morbius: If Morbius will help Travis finding his brother as well as those responsible for his disappearance then Travis will help Morbius gain entry into the world of the living.

When Travis wakes up, he finds an arcane book which is ostensibly given to him in order to teach him necromancy. He grabs the dead body of the guardian, removes the internal organs and performs a ritualistic scarification on the entire body according to the necromancy tome. He is transported to a dim, industrial corridor representing Hell, where Morbius tells him to seek Hagen. As Travis wakes up, the scarified and embalmed corpse of the guardian wakes up with him – but is unable to speak – suggesting that Morbius is controlling his body from afar.

We then witness again how the two find Hagen and send him to Hell, where Travis announces that he has brought Hagen; although he finds neither Morbius nor Thomas, but instead, a pale, masked figure confined to a wheelchair, who explains that in order to be reunited with his brother, he is going to have to die. Travis refuses this, and is therefore struck down and dragged away by the large, hideous monstrosity which is shown giving Hagen the same treatment earlier in the movie (or later in the story).

Way before these events, we now see how Morbius (when he was still alive and breathing) is working as a bartender, servicing, among others, an extremely drunk Travis. At that time, Elizabeth is living together with Morbius but has Hagen as her lover. Hagen asks her to elope with him, but out of pity she cannot bring herself to leave Morbius. She then agrees to marry Hagen if they can successfully poison and kill Morbius with herbicide, and this they do…

Morbius fights back however, and takes Elizabeth and her unborn child with him, as he strangles her to death before Hagen finishes him off by crushing his skull with a folding-chair.

In Hell, Morbius meets yet another demonic figure who claims to be the unborn child. It urges him to forget the wrongs that have been done to him and simply find peace in Hell.

But Morbius swears revenge upon the people who have done him wrong. And with this, Morbius undergoes a fierce transformation into the vengeful lost soul that we’ve already seen persuading Travis to go and find Hagen in the world of the living.

Chad Grimes as Travis
Zelieann Rivera as Elizabeth
Layton Matthews as Morbius
Santiago Craig as Hagen
Amber Nicolai as Jamie
Zach Cumer as Thomas
Crow Garrett as Connor

Pearry Reginald Teo

Stephanie Joyce

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