Long Time Dead (2002)

A group of college students wants to spend the night partying with alcohol and drugs. Their chase for the ultimate kick leads them to conduct a séance in an abandonded factory building. When one of the students has a terrible vision and runs off, breaking the circle, they unleash a djinn, an Arabic demon, who has come back to seek revenge. Soon people start dying in brutal ways and they find out that one of them has a past that connects them to the djinn.


UK / France


Full Plot:
The UK/French produced horror movie “Long Time Dead” from 2002 begins with a scene taking place in Morocco in 1979. We see a group of people chanting. They are conducting a séance using a Ouija board. Through a first person perspective, we see something moving in high speed through a corridor, into the room with the séance and finally plunging into the planchette.

Then there is sharp cut to modern times: The three college students Rob, Liam and Webster are hanging out at their dorm, smoking and drinking beer. Stella, another fellow student, comes home from a long day at the university. The three guys get themselves ready for going out to a night club and leave.

The phone in the entry hall of the dorm rings and Stella picks up. It’s Lucy, her friend, who is urging her to join the party. Stella agrees and wants to go back up to her room, but hears strange noises coming from downstairs. She takes a bat, slowly sneaks into the room where the sounds are coming from and spots a stranger, who she wings the bat at. Both of them are shocked until the stranger introduces himself as Joe and reveals that he is the new roommate and a friend of Rob.

The two calm down and make themselves ready for the party. Upon leaving, Joe offers Stella some “wonder pills” and she promises to take him up on that offer later. They then run into Mr. Becker, the caretaker of the building. Becker says that he might need to into their rooms to repair an electrical issue and jokingly promises to not read the diaries of the students. As Stella and Joe walk away, she tells him that she thinks that Becker is a pervert.

At the club, which is incorporated into a giant abandoned factory, Liam films his girlfriend Annie with a camera he brought from home. She asks him whether they can not go somewhere more private, so he gives Webster the camera and the two sneak away from the group. Joe gives Annie one of his wonder pills and they join their friends. When Liam and Annie return, the girls decide to go dance, leaving the guys to themselves. They are joined by Spence, Lucy’s boyfriend and start talking about their most successful hook ups and conclude that one should try everything once. When Joe hears that, he convinces them to snort some coke of train tracks nearby. They agree and wait for an incoming train before snorting the coke off the track in the last minute.

They return to the club completely pumped, with the chase for the ultimate kick on their minds. The girls are back from the dance floor and join the conversation. Spence reveals that he got his most intense kick while playing with a Ouija board once. Lucy seems knowledgable about the occult and hesitates as it is not recommended to conduct séances while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but agrees after all.

The group sneaks into the abandoned part of the factory, where they set up the camera and construct a Ouija board out of ripped up paper which they write letters on. They place a big glass plate on top of the paper letters and use a drinking glass as a planchette. Lucy instructs her friends to put their fingers lightly on the planchette, to concentrate on the questions and never let go before saying goodbye to the spirit. Everybody puts their hands on the planchette, only Liam seems to be hesitant, but he eventually gives in and joins them.

Lucy asks whether there is a spirit present with a message for them. Rob and Joe are not really taking the whole ordeal seriously and can’t stop giggling until the glass suddenly moves accompanied with a loud squeak. Everybody in the group swears that they have not pushed it while the glass keeps moving around spelling out random letters. Lucy explains that it sometimes takes a while until the spirit learns to use the board properly. Annie asks whether it could potentially tell the future and the glass sharply moves towards “Yes”. The group is taken back by that sudden movement and begin noticing that the glass is heating up, but they blame it on the friction. The glass continues moving and spells out “ALL DIE” and then “DJINN” twice in a row, scaring the group – especially Liam seems irritated and is suddenly hit by a vision: He sees something flying through the same corridor from the first scene of the movie and a bleeding man screaming his lungs out. Liam jumps up, ignoring Lucy’s pleads to not break the circle and smashes the glass. He runs off and Annie, his girlfriend runs after him.

She finds him on the roof, where he apologizes for freaking out and gives her his ring to wear on her necklace. She likes it on the roof and wants Liam to stay there, but happens to be asthmatic and forgot her inhaler in her bag downstairs. She runs to get it but notices on her way that her necklace somehow ended up on a hard to reach place behind a metal fence. She tries to reach for it but gets startled by a loud thud. She wants run back when she discovers that paper letters have been placed on the window spelling out “ALL DIE”. Back at the roof, Liam is nowhere to be found and she gets increasingly scared. To make things worse, paper letters spelling out her name have appeared on the other side of the window and demonic sounds start surrounding her. Annie climbs on top of the glass roof that is located directly above the night club and bangs against it to gain some attention. Unfortunately the party guests are rather paralyzed by the sight and just observe the spectacle rather than trying to help. An invisible attacker grabs Annie’s legs, the glass breaks and she falls onto the club bar. She dies instantly. A pool of blood starts collecting around her body and we finally see that her lower thighs have severe burn marks on them.

When the police gets there, Annie’s friends are all shocked. They go back to the dorm in silence while Lucy and Spence go their house boat, where they live. Spence decides in the last minute that he needs to get some drugs to calm him down and leaves Lucy alone inside the boat.

There, she grabs one of her occult books. She manages to find a section about the djinn and finds out that it is an Arabic demon who has been created out of fire and is older than man. It’s natural form is fire but it can possess a human if summoned without a shaman. It can be banished with the help of an exorcism.

Lucy tries to calm down and makes some tea, but when she fires up the gas stove a giant flame shoots up from it. Suddenly noises can be heard coming from the top of the boat and after what seems an eternity, Spence enters the boat. Lucy is upset and insists that the two go join their friends at the dorm for the night, but promises to not tell anything about what she has learned tonight or her scary experiences when she was alone to not scare the others further.

At the dorm, the group is terribly upset. Stella regrets having ever agreed to a séance, but Rob insists that it had nothing to do with Annie’s death and it was probably just a psycho killer who happened to roam around there at the same time. Lucy finally breaks her silence and tells the others about what she has found out about the djinn. She points out how Annie’s injuries are the same exact injuries other victims of the djinn have been found with. She explains that he is bound to the person who has summoned him, which is all of them. As a djinn can only be free when the summoner is dead, his goal is to see all of them dead – just like he spelled out during the séance.

Liam, who has been listening to their conversation from afar, gets up and speeds off in his car.

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The light bulbs suddenly burst and it goes dark in the room where the group is sitting in. They try to calm down and hope that it’s just a blown fuse. As the fuse is in Mr. Becker’s apartment downstairs, Spence and Webster decide to ring him out. When nobody opens, they figure he isn’t home and climb in through a window. After trying to find the box for a while they suddenly stumble upon a giant pin wall with loads of occult drawings, Arabic texts and gory pictures of dead people with burn marks. They turn on the light and call the rest of the group in. They find news paper articles talking about satanic murders in Morocco featuring a photo of child that supposedly survived the murders and holds a strong resemblance to Liam. Photos of adult Liam are pinned next to the article. Other articles talk about Paul Brennan, one of the devil worshippers who has been accused of the murders and charged in Britain.

Meanwhile, Liam is on the road and gets overwhelmed by another vision of the séance in Morocco. He sees the corridor once again, people conducting a séance and something that looks like a screaming woman sticking out of an flaming oven. Liam snaps out of it and avoids crashing into an incoming car in the last second. He returns to the dorm and sees the police surrounding Becker’s apartment, before continuing on his way.

The next day, Liam meets the others at the university cafeteria. They tell him about what they found in Becker’s apartment and ask why he told them that his parents died in a car crash. Liam insists that they did, so they tell him that 8 devil worshippers went to Morocco in 1979 and only two of them – Paul Brennan, Liam’s father, and Becker – came back. Only Brennan got charged with murder, but got put into a mental hospital because he was declared clinically insane.

Liam gets really angry, calls them liars and runs off. Stella is exhausted and vows to go home to her mother, but first goes to a public toilet to smoke. There, the lights start to flicker and she hears someone whisper her name. She becomes scared and asks whether someone is there with her and when it turns out that there is a girl in the next cabin, she calms down. She walks out, but gets pulled into another cabin and starts screaming. We see blood dripping down her legs until she goes quiet. The other girl gets out of her cabin and discovers a blood smeared and dead Stella lying in one of the cabins, upon which she gives out a hysterical scream.

When Lucy is home alone, Becker suddenly stands next to her. He tells her that she has no idea what she is dealing with and vows to finish it once and for all. He insists that he demon has to be exorcised, that she must trust him and that now that they called the djinn, one of them is possessed by him. Lucy is terrified of Becker and shouts at him to get out, upon which Becker replies that they are all going to die.

In the meantime, Liam has found out that his father is truly still alive and stays at the Penhill Psychiatric Unit. He visits his father there, who has old burn marks on his neck. Liam is upset with him as he has killed his mother, but he explains that it had to be done. Liam doesn’t understand and becomes increasingly angry and wants to leave. His father shouts that Becker is just there to protect him, but Liam doesn’t believe a word and storms off.

Back at the dorm, which is now guarded by the police, Joe and Webster decide to sneak in and get the tape from the séance. Joe wants to leave immediately, but Webster insists on watching the footage right there. Joe goes into the kitchen to find matches for his cigarettes but instead finds a melted plastic bottle while a strange shadow starts moving around him.

Meanwhile, Webster is startled by something he sees on the screen and wants to get Joe to show it to him. When he makes his way downstairs, he burns himself on the staircase railing. He then walks up to the kitchen and finds himself standing in some strange liquid. When he switches on the light it turns out to be a pool of blood. He panics and turns on the lights everywhere, but when one bulb after the other bursts and the dorm goes dark again, he crawls under a bed. Soon after, he sees the door open and a dead Joe gets dumped in front of his eyes, before the door closes again.

He crawls from underneath the bed and runs to the front door, but before he manages to unlock it, the demon gets him and his face gets smashed against the door, splashing blood to all sides.

At this point the group finally finds out that Stella has been killed as well. They decide that something has to be done to avoid another death and agree to attempt an exorcism at the same spot they conducted the séance.

When they have already left for the abandoned factory, Liam arrives at the house boat and finds a note saying where they have gone to.

Immediately after Lucy, Rob and Spence find themselves back at the site of the séance, they pack out a Ouija board and put their fingers on the planchette. They are all shaking with fear while Lucy calls for protection from the light during this endeavor. Soon, a demonic growling starts ringing through the room and the planchette begins to tremble. Suddenly, a fire shoots up from the planchette, causing the three friends to scream out in pain and remove their hands.

When Liam arrives at the site armed with a dagger, Spence is running frantically through the building with a glass shard in his hands. He sees a shadow moving around and hides in a closet with louvered doors. Suddenly Rob’s face appears in front of him. He is acting suspiciously calm and seems to be sniffing for something like an animal. Finally, his eyes transforms into demonic eyes with slit pupils. He walks away and just when Spence thinks that the worst is over, hands break through the wall behind him and grab his face, burning it. Spence screams out in pain and soon collapses lifelessly on the floor, just to have possessed Rob come around the corner and spit on his dead body.

Liam walks into the séance site too late and finds the burned planchette. Possessed Rob spots him and shouts that Becker is here and that he is responsible for the killings. At this moment, Becker comes out of nowhere and hits Rob with an axe, before pouring gasoline over him. Liam attacks Becker and throws him down a staircase, runs to Rob to see whether he is okay, but when he looks back, Becker has disappeared.

Liam takes the axe and runs downstairs. Becker creeps up on him and begs him to listen, but Liam refuses and wants to kill him. Rob stops him, kneels down to Becker and taunts him about the events in Morocco, upon which Becker tries to attack Rob, but Rob comes first and stabs him with a metal rod.

Liam is relieved as he believes that the killer is finally dead, but still wants to find Lucy before getting out of the building. He checks in an elevator shaft and finds Lucy hung from a rope. He cuts the rope with hope that she might still be alive, but Rob explains with a cold voice that she is dead. He finally drops his facade and reveals that the djinn is real and Becker was not responsible for the killings. His eyes transform into demon eyes once again and he tells Liam in a demonic voice that it is his turn to meet the djinn.

Liam takes his dagger and stabs Rob’s hand, upon which it bursts into flames, but doesn’t seem to bother Rob at all. Rob overpowers him, throws him to the ground and starts to hurt him. He says that the pain Liam is feeling is nothing compared to the pain that Liam’s father has caused him and that now he is going to show him what real pain is.

Liam suddenly has a vision of the djinn being banished during the séance in Morocco by being burned alive. Rob pulls Liam back up, who manages to grab a nearby oil lamp. Rob, who has been soaked with gasoline by Becker, realizes what Liam is planning and suddenly starts talking in Rob’s normal voice, begging him to stop. Liam stays cold and throws the lantern on him, setting him on fire, before kicking him down the elevator shaft.

When Liam looks down the shaft, possessed Rob jumps into his face, growling and with his skin completely burned away. He grabs Liam, smiles and tells him that he will come with him. Liam slams the elevator door onto Rob’s arm and he finally falls down the shaft, letting out demonic screams.

Liam reopens the door and a giant fire bursts out of the opening, throwing Liam backwards and knocking him out.

The last scene of the movie shows Liam visiting his father at the mental hospital. Liam seems to have finally forgiven him and gives him a hug, but soon his face transforms into a demonic grimace. Possessed Liam burns his father’s skin and triumphantly proclaims that his father was wrong to think that he could get rid of him, the djinn, so easily. The camera zooms out and reveals a dead guard lying in a pool of blood in front of the cell, before showing Liam’s demonic face once again and zooming into one of his eyes.

Joe Absolom as Rob
Alec Newman as Liam
Lukas Haas as Webster
Lara Belmont as Stella
Marsha Thomason as Lucy
Mel Raido as Joe
Tom Bell as Mr. Becker
Melanie Gutteridge as Annie
James Hillier as Spence
Michael Feast as Paul Brennan

Marcus Adams

Marcus Adams, Eitan Arrusi, Chris Baker , Daniel Bronzite , Andy Day and James Gay-Rees

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