Left in Darkness (2006)

Celia hates her birthdays as it is connected to her mother dying during her birth. For her 21st birthday she wants to break her depression by attending a party at a frat house. What she doesn’t know is that she will soon enter another world, a world full of demons who are out to devour her soul…




Full Plot:
“Left in Darkness”, an otherwordly horror movie from the year 2006, is about Celia, whose mother has died while giving birth to her. After being abandonded by her alcoholic father, her grandparents took her in. Celia frequently visited the grave of her mother since childhood. During one of those visits, she almost got run over by a car and was saved in the last moment by the spirit of a boy named „Donovan“, who she considers her guardian angel from then on.

Due to the death of her mother being connected to her birthday, she has a hard time celebrating it every year.

When her 21st birthday comes along, Celia is a college student, her loving grandfather has died and she no longer feels the presence of her guardian angel. In an attempt to get over the grief she feels over her birthday, she agrees to go to a frat party with her roommate Justine.

At the party, a group is playing with a Ouija board, when a message for Celia comes through, telling her to go home. Not taking it seriously, she stays and gets approached by Doug, a fellow college student, who charms her and lures her down into the basement.

In the basement, she is given a drink, which she naively downs, unsuspecting of what comes next.

The drink has been laced with a drug, making her black out. Doug and his friends brutally rape her, before noticing that the drug was overdosed. They take her from the basement into a shower and immediately go back to partying, leaving Celia to die of the overdose.

When Celia wakes up, she sees her dead body in front of her, realizing that she has died and is only a spirit now. The house seems empty, but looking into mirror reveals the world of the living on the other side. She is trapped in a parallel world – neither heaven, nor hell. While trying to come to grips with what just happened to her, she runs into her recently deceased grandfather, who – much to her horror – is not his loving self, but rather seems possessed and attacks her, making her flee. To make matters worse, the house seems to be surrounded by countless demonic creatures. Luckily, she runs into her guardian angel, Donovan. He explains to her that the creatures roaming around are so called „Soul Eaters“, who have devoured her grandfather’s soul and want to devour her soul. However, they can only do so, if she herself invites them in. Also, she should stay in the light to stay safe, but she only has time to escape this world until 2 AM, when the lights will go out.

From then on, the lights mysteriously go out around her, as she frantically tries to make it through her nightmarish surroundings. She runs into her dead mother, who advises her to remain in the house. Meanwhile, Donovan manipulates Doug into commiting suicide in the world of the living, with his soul being immediately taken by Soul Eaters.

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At this point, it is revealed, that Donovan’s intentions are not to protect Celia, but to get her soul just like the other Soul Eaters. Desperately, Celia attempts to contact the living via the Ouija board. She tells them about her corpse lying in the shower and makes them call 911.

Finally she decides to give up her own soul to Donovan, for the soul of her grandfather. He agrees, but just when her grandfather is free, they flee in the last moment before 2 AM. They crawl into a dumbwaiter, which leads them to heaven, where Celia’s mother and grandmother are waiting for them.

Monica Keena as Celia
Jessica Stroup as Justine
Chris Engen as Doug
David Anders as Donovan

Steven R. Monroe

Philip Daay and Jane Whitney

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