Is Anybody There? (2002)

The occult horror movie “Is Anybody There?” from 2002 introduces us to Renzo and his friends, who decide to dabble with the occult by playing with a Ouija board one night. Before they start, Renzo warns them to not break the following rules:

1. Don’t ever ask the ghost about the cause of their death.

2. Don’t ever ask the ghost about the cause of your own coming death.

3. Don’t ever – EVER – finish a seance before properly saying goodbye

The group successfully manages to conjur up several spirits: A man called Joseph, teacher Brenda and a little girl called Maddy. A tragic past of the spirits is revealed, as well as dark secrets of the group members, making the tension rise among them.

Eventually keeping the rules doesn’t seem so easy anymore, and so the haunting begins …




Al Castro as Renzo
Shant’e Reese as Jana
Sharrah Shuler as Brenda Harris
David Stapleton as Joseph Wheeler

Israel Luna

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2 thoughts on “Is Anybody There? (2002)

  1. Really scary Ouija board movie!!! The actor who played the ghost of Joseph Wheeler was particularly frightening, he has a commanding screen presence. Would recommend! I saw it at a theater in Dallas, does anyone know if it’s on DVD and where I can order it? I looked on Amazon but it wasn’t there.

    1. Hi Kim 🙂
      Unfortunately we have been just as unlucky with finding a way to buy it! 🙁
      However, Israel Luna, the director, made a remake of “Is Anybody There?” in 2011. It’s called The Ouija Experiment ( and is widely available. Maybe you can drop him a message on twitter ( and there is a chance he will sell a copy of “Is Anybody There?” to you? Best of luck to you!

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