I Am ZoZo (2012)

5 youngsters get together for Halloween and, while having fun with a Ouija board, they end up summoning the demonic entity known to most people only as “ZoZo”. This arty budget-thriller is said to originally have been built on experiences from real life.




Full plot:
“I Am ZoZo” from 2012 takes place during Halloween, a frail girl named Tess Carpenter is invited by her friend Aiden to a costume event in his father’s secluded summerhouse on a vacation island. She shows up, dressed as an “overworked college student” and is joined by “Magician-Nick” along with Aiden, Dean and Dean’s Wiccan girlfriend, Mel.

After a social drink, Mel and Tess carve a pumpkin and talks a little about Samhain before they realize that they are without electricity and must proceed in darkness. They light their jack-o’-lantern and cozy up by the fireplace. Mel brings the Ouija board and, despite Tess’ fear and Nick’s skepticism, convinces everyone to play.

As the night advances, they “innocently play the Ouija board” until sinister events occur. Mel directs the activities meanwhile the bunch scribbles the results of the group’s communication attempts. Quickly, the five manage to contact someone on the other side. Mel thinks it is her recently dead cousin trying to reach them, although as they try to learn how to address this trickster they soon learn that ZoZo, the mystical Ouija-spirit, is messing with them.

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Believed to be highly dangerous, and to use Ouija boards to take over, and eventually, ruin people’s lives, ZoZo simply won’t stop! In this case, just trying the Ouija board even once, have put the characters in a situation where each gets a glimpse of how mean-spirited ZoZo can be.

ZoZo eventually latches on to Tess and psychologically rapes her in her sleep, so that when she wakes up she is unable to define whether she herself is deranged or whether external forces have really entered her mind and her life.

The stay in the house continues only unpleasantly, and the group despairs when it becomes clear that it is impossible to use the Ouija board to destroy the dreaded ZoZo.

The story concludes in an uncanny warning from paranormal researcher Darren Wayne Evans.

Courtney Foxworthy as Mel
Demetrius Sager as Aiden
Kelly McLaren as Tess
Caleb Debattista as Dean
Caleb Courtney as Nick

Scott Di Lalla

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