Haunted Poland (2011)

When a girl invites her boyfriend to meet her family in her hometown, Chodecz, he begins experiencing a new side of her as she reveals that a childhood experiment with a Ouija board, which were shortly followed by the death of one the participants, has left her plagued by sinister and disturbing fears that has been following her ever since.


Poland / USA / Spain

English / Polish

Full plot:
The budget film “Haunted Poland” from 2011 shows the handheld recordings of Pau and Ewelyn, a young couple, as they board a flight to Poznan in order to get to Chodecz; Ewelyn’s home town, where her grandparents are waiting for them.

When they arrive in Poznan, they meet up with Ewelyn’s uncle and go sight-seeing down town. At night, they film a Jesus-statue which seems to distort the camera image, and when they get home, something seems to disturb them in the bedroom and prevent them from getting enough sleep. Next day, Evelyn pays her parent’s gravesite a visit. They also go to a public transport station to pick up Ewelyn’s friend, Irene.

At some point, the three visit a burned-down house next to the local cemetary, which they enter and film, and then leave. That night, they all go sleepwalking. Next morning, they travel to Toruń. There, nothing happens. When they get back Pau and Ewelyn gets into an argument over topics such as superstitions in religion and in particular within Catholicism.

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One night Pau finds Ewelyn in one of the rooms in her grandparents’ apartment, lying in an awkward position, and when he wakes her up she reacts rather shockingly and almost attacks him. This makes both of them very scared, and during a calmer conversation, she lets out that she, as a child, toyed with a Ouija board together with a group of other kids (and made contact), and only a few days after this supposed Ouija session, one of the kids died (cause of death not specified). The episode left a mark on Ewelyn and has since made her very fearful when staying in her home town.

Next day, Irene says goodbye to Pau and Ewelyn and begins her journey home. That day, Ewelyn is very tired and does not feel well, and when it becomes night, she suddenly runs out of the apartment, across the yard and out on the street. Pau immediately follows her with the camera. She keeps running down the street until she gets to the point where the Jesus-statue shown earlier is standing. There, she throws herself to the ground. When Pau reaches her, a sequence of unnatural noises begins while the camera image starts getting increasingly distorted and ultimately disappears.

Pau Masó as Pau
Ewelina Lukaszewska as Ewelyn
Irene González as Irene
Miroslaw Grzelak as Ew’s uncle
Krystyna Grzelak as Ew’s grandma
Dominik Lukaszewski as Ew’s brother

Ewelina Lukaszewska & Pau Masó

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