Grim (1995)

Four friends conduct a séance and unleash an ogreish monster that has been bound in a stone located in a massive cave system. When the houses build on top of the caves start to collapse, a couple of mining experts and a few residents make their way down there to find the cause for the damages. What they find instead is a dungeon full of skeletons. Soon, they come face to face to the creature from hell and their only exit has been sealed…




Full Plot:
UK horror film “Grim” from 1995 begins with four people sitting in an abandoned building at night: Steve and his girlfriend Katie, as well as Wendy and her boyfriend. They are playing with a Ouija board. Steve instructs the others to concentrate. Happening at the same time, but under the surface in a cave system beneath the house, we see a big stone trembling, with smaller chunks slowly falling from it.

The glass that they are using as a planchette starts moving, making the two girls nervous. Finally it spells out “Grim” and suddenly Katie jumps away from the board, screaming and holding her head as if she has a severe headache. From one moment to the other, she goes quiet and her eyes light up red. With a demonic voice, she says: “Free me”, then snaps out of it and screams “No” in her own voice as if she holding a conversation with someone in her own head. She falls back into what seems like possession and says “Free me now” with a demonic voice once again, but this time she shouts back “Yes” in her own voice.

At this moment, we see the demonic hand of Grim, the summoned monster, punch through the stone and torches lighting up all over the cave system. Katie keeps repeating that “it” is coming. Wendy is shaking with fear, but Steve insists that the séance is over and the girls are taking it way to serious. Unfortunately, he is wrong and the horror has only begun: Grim bursts through the floor, grabs Wendy and gets away while the rest of the group can do nothing but scream their lungs out.

After this intro, we learn that an entire settlement of houses is build on top of the cave system that was originally used for a mining project. Lately, some houses started collapsing and people are fearing that the whole settlement is due for the same fate.

Rob, a mining expert, arrives at the scene and meets his colleague Penny, who shows him the damages. She explains that there has been strange things happening besides houses collapsing – animals have been found mutilated and people are constantly disappearing. Rob is skeptical but is sure that they will find out what is going on after going down into the caves.

Meanwhile, in one of the houses close by, Mary is doing her pedicure and watching TV. She complains about a foul smell to her husband, who has gone to the kitchen to make her some coffee. When he returns, his wife is being dragged away by Grim and he fails to save her. Grim brings her into his skeleton-filled dungeon and chains the desperately crying woman to a wall.

Rob and Penny meet up with Ken and Trish, two of the local residents, as well as Steve and Katie, one of the couples conducting the séance at the beginning of the movie. The two keep their true motivation to inspect the caves secret from the rest and pretend that they are just curious. While the group puts on their equipment, Sarah, Katie’s sister shows up and insists to accompany Katie, much to the annoyance of Steve and Katie. They argue, but when Rob insists that they better settle their issues or stay on the surface, they stop and the group can proceed with their investigation.

When they descend into the the cave system, Rob explains that the official map shows four tunnels all in all, two leading to the surface and two leading to dead ends, but none of them should be under their houses. However, he points out that such caves usually run deeper than the map shows. Also, there are no bats and as there are always bats in such caves, the system probably extends a lot further than the four tunnels.

The thought of bats freaks Sarah out and she quietly tries to convince Katie to go back up with her, but Katie insists that they need to find Wendy and that there is something down here, that is calling her.

After a while of walking through the tunnels, the group runs into a dead end. Rob attaches explosives to the wall and asks everyone to stand back. There is a big explosion, massive rocks fly through the air and an opening that leads to another tunnel is revealed. When the group steps into the opening, they hear strange noises and are suddenly surrounded by bats, who give them a fright but disappear fast.

They continue on their way but soon hear a loud noise accompanied by the ground shaking. The group checks to see what has caused the disturbance and find the opening they have just created sealed again. Panic ensues and the group starts arguing. While they are distracted, Trish gets abducted by Grim, who has caused the opening to close and has watched the group throughout the whole ordeal.

Rob insists that they will find another way out and points out that they have supplies that will last for 3 days. They eventually notice that Trish is gone and start searching for her. Steve is upset about the extra time they have to spend on finding Trish and quietly tells Katie that he would prefer to just leave Trish behind. He pulls out a big pendant, reveals that it belongs to Grim and that he wants to kill him.

On their way through the cave system the group suddenly runs into an arm chair that has bloody stains on it. Sarah completely loses it and urges the others to leave immediately, but Ken insists that finding Trish has to come first. Katie finally breaks her silence and admits to the others that they have conducted a séance, but gets interrupted by Steve who doesn’t think that Rob is going to believe her. Proving him right, Rob doesn’t want to hear any of it and just wants everyone to calm down. He vows that they will find Trish and then get out of there.

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When they descend further down, they come across the old mine system and discover that countless burning torches are lining the walls. As they come closer they find numerous spider web covered skeletons lying around the tunnels. The eerie sight triggers the group to fall into another panic and the calls to find the exit right now are getting louder, but Ken insists that he will not leave before he hasn’t found Trish. At this very moment, Grim, who has been watching the group, dumps Trish’s lifeless body in the middle of the arguing group. They look up and finally see the murdering monster Grim. They scream and run off into different directions, separating into smaller bunches in the process.

Penny, Rob and Ken end up at a dead end of a narrow tunnel and as Grim doesn’t seem to have followed them, they take a break from the running. Just as Ken suggests going back to the body of Trish, Grim suddenly bursts through the wall behind him and carries him away. Robs wants to run after Grim, but the hole in the wall magically seals. Penny and Rob are in disbelief over what they just saw and continue to run for their lives.

In the meantime, Sarah is wandering around alone, searching for Katie and Steve, who are hiding in a nearby tunnel. When Sarah finally finds them, Steven’s eyes light up red and he hits her with a torch, knocking her out. Katie is shocked over his behavior and tries to help Sarah, but Steven drags Katie away. Just as they are gone, Grim comes stomping around the corner, grabs Sarah and takes her to his dungeon.

In another part of the cave system, Steve ties Katie to the ground and draws a pentagram around her. He holds up the pendant and insists that Grim wants it back and that’s why he is calling them. Katie is crying and tries to free herself of the restrains but Steve shouts at her to stop, promising to not hurt her.

Back in Grim’s dungeon, Ken is sitting in a cage and calling for Sarah to wake up. Mary, the other prisoner, jumps up, makes fun of Ken and starts laughing hysterically, clearly having lost her sanity. Grim suddenly walks in with a meat cleaver in his hand and grabs Sarah.

While Steve is sitting by Katie’s side, hitting a gong, we see Grim hack into a bloody corpse to the rhythm, before he holds up Sarah’s decapitated head in a triumphant fashion.

Penny and Rob who are still desperately trying to find an exit, hear the gong and Katie’s screams. They decide to follow the sounds and find her restrained on the ground with Steve obviously trying to conduct some kind of ritual. Penny tries to help Katy while Rob attacks Steve, who pulls a chain from a wall and starts hitting Rob. Suddenly, Grim comes out of nowhere, shooting deadly rays from his hands towards Katie and Penny. The two are sitting inside the pentagram, which seems to have created a protective barrier and therefore don’t get harmed.

Steve takes out the pendant and wants to hand it over to Grim, but gets stabbed by the creature instead. Rob places explosives on a nearby pillar and runs. Grim runs after him but an explosion causes the pillar to collapse onto the monster.

Penny and Rob want to get out of there and think that they have finally killed Grim, but Katie insists that he is still alive. The three continue on their way and find the dungeon, after we see Grim moving under the rubble. Katie sees Sarah’s decapitated head and lets out a scream, while Rob gets Ken out of the cage. Mary watches them with glowing red eyes and attacks Rob, but they manage to escape and leave her behind.

After the group comes across a lake, they decide to rest for a moment. Their break soon gets interrupted by Grim jumping out of the water. They shine their flashlights into his eyes, blinding him for a moment. They run and are closely followed by the monster, who manages to catch Ken once again before slamming his head against the wall.

The others end up at the same place where Grim was originally trapped in a stone. They discover that there is an opening leading to the surface above the broken stone and we learn that soon the sun should rise. Grim finally has caught up with them and walks into the room. The group tries to blind him once again, but he manages to grab Katie, who is once again screaming her lungs out. When the sun finally comes through the opening above them, Grim and Katie become bound in stone and the horror is over.

Penny and Rob eventually find an exit and all the torches extinguish.

The last scene shows them sleeping in their bed. Suddenly, Penny wakes up startled and wakes up Rob. She remembers Mary, who has not been found. We see Mary sitting down in the dungeon in darkness, screaming and tearing at her chains.

Jack Chancer as Steve
Kadamba Simmons as Katie
Louise Hickson as Wendy
Peter Tregloan as Grim
Emmanuel Xuereb as Rob
Tres Hanley as Penny
Nadia DeLemeny as Mary
Michael Fitzpatrick as Ken
Nesba Crenshaw as Trish
Jules de Jongh as Sarah

Paul Matthews

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