Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

A curious group of friends suspects that the footage in the movie Grave Encounters (2011) is not staged as officially claimed. To find out for themselves, they investigate the abandoned asylum and are soon trapped in a terrifying maze with malevolent entities who are out to get them …




Sequel to:
Grave Encounters (2011)

Full Plot:
The protagonist of the second installment of the Grave Encounters series, “Grave Encounters 2” from 2012, is Alex Wright, a film student who is obsessed with the first Grave Encounters movie. After watching it and reviewing the movie online, he finds out that all of the actors involved in the movie are missing or dead. He starts to wonder whether the footage in the movie might be real and not staged as officially claimed. He sets out on a quest to find out whether there is something to his suspicion.

After asking for anyone to come forth with more information online, a mysterious stranger with the nickname „DeathAwaits666“ starts messaging him with details on how to find the producer of Grave Encounters. Upon meeting him, he confirms Alex’ suspicion that the movie was in fact not a work of fiction.

Afterwards, he receives the coordinates to the location of the movie (an abandoned asylum) in a new message by his anonymous online contact with instructions to meet him there.

Alex is eager to follow up on that request and manages to convince his fellow student friends to come with him. After arriving at the asylum, they start investigating the location and soon find a Ouija board, that they decide to play with.

A spirit starts communicating with them via the board and outs itself as „DeathAwaits666“, who they wrongly assumed was a living person. The group gets a last instruction to record everything before the entity turns on them. Scary pale creatures with abnormally large mouths manifest and attack Alex and his friends. They panic and attempt to flee the scene while trying to pick up their cameras. One member of the group gets killed by the spirit, which shocks the group even more and they desperately try to seek their way out of the asylum. The exits keep transforming into walls, which makes the escape seem impossible. Another member of the group gets killed and the survivors stumble upon a gruesome scene of a security guard being electrocuted in front of their eyes before they finally make it out of the insane maze of the building.

They arrive at their hotel and immediately pack their bags to leave for home. Upon taking the elevator of the hotel and expecting to be taken to the lobby, they instead – to their absolute horror – find themselves back in the basement of the asylum.

They run into Lance, the main character of Grave Encounters, who they learn was living in a room of the abandoned building for 9 years, surviving by drinking water from the toilets in the building and eating the rats. He explains that he has been lobotomized by a Dr. Friedkin, who has performed many lobotomies and rituals in this asylum in the past, causing the haunted state of the location. He claims that the lobotomy gave him the ability to communicate with the spirits of the hospital. He offers his help and reveals that he has created a map of the asylum’s layout, which he claims is larger than an entire city. According to him, the only way out leads through a red door, which is covered in chains and tightly locked.

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While Alex and his girlfriend try to get a tool the cut the chains, Alex’ best friend gets isolated from the group and killed by Lance, who pleads that the spirits forced him to it. Meanwhile, Alex and his girlfriend notice that their tools vanished. Lance has taken them and manages to break the chains covering the red door, only to realize that it’s not the exit he hoped for. He panics and starts talking to the entities, who order him finalize the movie to lure more investigators into the asylum. It is also revealed, that only one person is allowed to walk free with the recorded footage.

Alex and his girlfriend discover the altar of Dr. Friedkin and observe a lobotomy taking place, as they hide behind shutters. Several nurses surround him, as he sacrifices a small infant. One of the nurses discovers the couple, which makes them flee frantically. They run into Lance, who orders them to give him the tapes with all the recordings, which they refuse. They fight to hold on to the tapes, when a wall opens up and sucks Lance in. Alex is left alone with his girlfriend, who he attacks instantly, remembering that only one person can leave the building. He turns the camera on himself and states, that he will finish the movie. He then walks through the red door and ends up outside of Los Angeles, only to be arrested shortly after.

At last, the movie concludes with Alex and the producer of Grave Encounters claiming that Grave Encounters 2 was just a work of fiction, yet they would not advise anyone to go anywhere even close to the asylum.

Just before the credits begin, the coordinates to the asylum flash up for a split second.

Richard Harmon as Alex Wright
Sean Rogerson as Lance
Arthur Corber as Dr. Friedkin

John Poliquin

Stuart Ortiz and Colin Minihan

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