Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers (2006)

An experienced priest specializing in exorcisms and demonology has turned away from the church after a disastrous event in which a failed exorcism led to a homicidal demon ultimately killing its victim. The same priest is now summoned by a desperate family to save a young woman who seems to be possessed by the very same demon, daring him to exorcise her. Gathering the bits and pieces of his broken faith, he accepts the demon’s challenge, fearing that he must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the girl…




Full plot:
Budget horror film “Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers” from 2006 begins with a priest, Father Thomas Bates, wrestling with a demonically possessed person, however seemingly without any positive results. The demon ultimately kills the possessed person and renders Bates blind on both eyes.  

The film quickly skips to the next scene, where a teenage girl, Gail Bowers, is sitting at a dining table and talking to her new guardians, Clark & Anne Pederson, who have for undefined reasons obtained parental authority over her. Anne is Gail’s big sister and the three have just been at her parents’ funeral. Gail does not want to go to any of the schools that Anne is suggesting to her, and ends up leaving the table out of irritation.

The following night, Gail has a weird sleepwalking experience, where she walks into the garden and stands around until Anne has to come out to her and make her snap out of it.

Next day, Anne and her husband Clark presents Gail with a brand new Jeep, and tells her that it’s hers if she agrees to take on the educational direction that her parents wished for her when they were still alive. During this discussion, the three are approached by Francie, a girl who says she lives nearby in the neighborhood. Gail decides to take her new car for a spin and asks Francie to tag along.

When Francie and Gail have left, Anne (a devout Christian) discovers that her beloved crucifix has been taken off the wall on which it hanged, so she puts it back on the wall with a confused stare.

Later in the evening Francis brings over a Ouija board to Clark & Anne’s place where Gail is staying. Gail & Francie puts their fingers in the planchette and tries to contact Gail’s parents, and the planchette does start to move but only for a short time. The girls get a shock when a lightbulb blows behind them, and they decide to give the session some rest.

The planchette begins moving until a light-bulb in the room blows, but is replaced after Francie has left the scene. Gail plays super shortly with the Ouija board but leaves it, after which the planchette then starts moving behind her back.

Gail explains to her sis that the Ouija attempted to spell her nickname. Anne doesn’t think that Gail parents were trying to contact her.

The following night, someone’s hand inexplicably reaches out and grabs Gail’s leg in her sleep, and when Anne walks in to check on her, she assumes that Gail just suffered a typical nightmare.

Next morning Clark suggests having a friend of his (who is a trained psychiatrist) talk to Gail.

Francie picks up her Ouija board, then runs home where she mystifyingly kills herself in her bathroom.

During the night, Gail approaches Clark and tries to sexually reel him in. She also starts spreading lies between Clark and Anne until they quickly realize that she is no longer the person that they used to know. The same night Gail has a dream in which she stabs and kills Clark and Anne.

The following day, Richard Thornhill (the psychiatrist) attempts to counsel Gail, and she tells him that she has been experiencing extreme sleep paralysis, and that she does not remember any of the abnormal behavior she has been exhibiting. He attributes most of this to a severe depression, saying that he will return later for another counseling session with her.
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Thornhill later notices that his voice recording of the counseling session features unsettling, supernatural noises – almost suggesting the presence of evil spirits or the like – so he decides to give Gail another visit. In Gail’s bedroom, he threatens to hang a little metal cross on the wall, but she protests and swears in Aramaic. Thornhill tells Anne & Clark that he suspects Gail of believing herself to be possessed by a sort of demon, and proposes an exorcism of Gail. Anne is interested but Clark is very skeptical and deems that any kind of religious approach might only exacerbate Gail’s situation.

They take Gail to another doctor who, like Thornhill, diagnoses her with heavy depression, but they quickly contact Thornhill again, after they witness Gail upside down, climbing on the ceiling at night.

Clark and Thornhill become convinced that Gail is demonically possessed when they see her body levitate. The demon uses telekinesis to slam the door behind them, trapping them in the room, and to chuck a pair of scissors straight into Thornhills chest. While wrestling her, Clark gets branded with a mark, before the demonically possessed Gail finally falls unconsciously to the ground. Thornhill, having survived the scissor-attack, gets up and realizes that the name “Bates” is spelled in blood on her bed.

The now blind Bates has retired from the church after having failed his last exorcism (ultimately losing the victim to the demon) but agrees to exorcise Gail, since the demon so explicitly called for him. Together with Father Williams and Father Fletcher, Bates enters Gail’s room and initiates the exorcism. After some intense praying, the demon is still going strong. It manipulates Fletcher to stab Williams to death, after which it crushes Fletcher’s head with a chair.

As a last resort, Bates performs the “Trial of Abraham” in which he stabs himself with a ritual dagger in an exchange of his life for Gail’s. The act seems to not only make him come back stronger, but also give him back his eyesight.

The now no longer blind Bates finally manages to expel the demon and thus give the exorcism a happy ending.

Thomas Downey as Father Thomas Bates
Erica Roby as Gail Bowers
Griff Furst as Clark Pederson
Noel Thurman as Anne Pederson
Rebekah Kochan as Francie
Michael Tower as Father Williams
Dean N. Arevalo as Father Fletcher
Brian J. Garland as Father Vincenso
David Shick as Dr. Richard Thornhill
Kelly Swearingen as Margaret

Leigh Scott

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