Drive Thru (2007)

The fast food chain “Hella-Burger” celebrates a grim business mascot they call Horny The Clown. One day, Horny has had enough. Wielding his Meat Cleaver From Hell, he begins to cut up teens in Blanca Carne, California. Things only get hornier in Orange County when 17 years old Mac Carpenter discovers some even grimmer ties linking Horny’s behavior to her own past.

Comedy, Horror



Full plot:
The carnage of ‘Drive Thru’ from 2007 starts early; with a party of wiggers getting slaughtered by a mysterious killer in a clown costume when they try to place an order at the fast food drive-in of Hella-Burger, bearing the icon “Horny The Clown”. Meanwhile, soon-to-be-18 Mackenzie “Mac” Carpenter and her boyfriend, Fisher Kent, celebrate her high-school graduation, after which they mess around with a Ouija board along with a couple of friends. They never really get serious about it, but after their friends have left and Mac and Fisher are alone, the Ouija board throws the planchette at a license plate from the car of the wiggers who got killed at Hella-Burger.

While at school, and while holding a ‘magic 8 ball’ toy in her hands, Mac gets addressed directly by the toy, which also spells out “broken heart”. Shortly thereafter, Val – one of Mac’s friends, who has just gotten a tattoo depicting a literal broken heart – is killed by the man in the clown suit. He also starts chasing Mac through the school building, introducing himself by yelling “I’m horny!”

She manages to shake him off, after which she finds a member of the school staff hanged in a manner which could have been suicide. Later, when Mac and her parents are at the police station, the police doesn’t believe Mac’s version of the story. They conclude that until further evidence comes up, they’ll have to assume that the hanged staff member is the perpetrator, having hanged himself in a classic homicide+suicide scenario.

Later at a city fair, Tina and Chad, two acquaintances are murdered. Tina’s father and Mac’s mother are also present at the fair while the murders happen. Once they’re having a conversation about Val’s murder, they discover that they both know the parents of all the youths who’ve been killed so far.

The same night, the killer seems to have put Fisher (who is present at the actual crime scene) in a sort of coma or paralysis, so the police drive him to the hospital. He sneaks out of the hospital however, and together with Mac, he investigates the next paranormally given clue, leading to an old acquaintance named Chuck Taylor, who is accordingly killed that same night.

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Way back, Chuck’s father was the high school boyfriend of Mac’s mother, and as soon as Mac figures this out, she confronts her mother, Marcie. Marcie reveals that she and her high school friends were responsible for the death of Archie Benjamin; the son of Hella-Burger chain owner, Jack Benjamin, and that the recent killings must have been part of a revenge scheme (plotted by Jack).

Mac and Fisher, along with two other friends, visit Jack’s mansion at night to find further clues, however, they soon learn that Jack is not the man behind the recent murders. Instead, his son, Archie, has risen from the grave as a vengeful revenant.

Archie has prepared for the group’s arrival, and when they enter the mansion, he successfully slays and dismembers the two other friends that Mac brought, and hurls Fisher out of a window. Fisher, although injured, survives the ordeal and is driven back to the hospital by the police, who arrive to the scene at the same time. Meanwhile, Archie binds Mac to a chair, covers her in flammables and threatens to set her on fire, but Mac succeeds in spaying flammables back at him, setting him aflame instead. He falls to the ground in flames, yet when the police search the area shortly thereafter they do not find his body.

Mac and her mother go to the hospital to visit Fisher, but discover that he has left his hospital bed and jumped out of the window – at an inhuman altitude – and survived the jump. Mac takes it something to the effect of Archie having taken possession of his soul; a suspicion confirmed when one of the police detectives, who has been helping Mac, gets killed the same evening by a guy in the very same Horny-outfit.

Van De La Plante as Horny The Clown
Leighton Meester as Mackenzie Carpenter
Melora Hardin as Marcia Carpenter
Nicholas D’Agosto as Fisher Kent
Rachael Bella as Starfire
Larry Joe Campbell as Dwayne Crockers
Lola Glaudini as Brenda Chase
Sita Young as Val Espinoza
Morgan Spurlock as Hella-Burger manager
John Gilbert as Jack Benjamin
Maliabeth Johnson as Tina McCandless
Robert Curtis Brow as Bert McCandless
Edward DeRuiter as Brandon Meeks
Penn Badgley as Van

Shane Kuhn & Brendan Cowles

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