Don’t Move (2013) [Short]

Several people are situated in a common house with a blood-spattered Ouija board on the dining table. The scenery suggests that they themselves are responsible for bringing about the bloodthirsty demon in their midst, which seems to react mainly to movement, making it difficult for the party to escape the house before they are all brutally murdered by their grim new adversary.




Full plot:
The short film “Don’t Move” from 2013 begins with a shot of a bloodstained Ouija board with a scribbled paper next to it saying “5 must die – 1 must live – I’m here”. The 6 friends: Anna, Marc, Sarah, Jill, Paul and Graham have gathered for a good ol’ game o’ Ouija and have already managed to call out a deadly foe from the depths. Paul is already dead and his torn-out heart is lying before him on a plate, but the demon summoned is still present. Everybody else stands frozen.

Anna, holding a remote control for a music system, presses the play-button. When the music plays, Jill runs through the room but is caught and gutted by the demon. Marc concludes that the demon is nearly (if not completely) deaf & blind, and Anna concludes that it mainly reacts to movement. She tests this by getting up from the couch she sits in, very slowly, until the demon reacts to her movement. She asks Marc where Graham is and he merely replies that Graham is “not coming back”, perhaps assuming that Graham also has been killed by the demon.

When the demon suddenly approaches Anna very closely, Marc uses his phone to dial Sarah. When Sarah’s phone starts ringing, the demon turns its attention to her and successively attacks and kills her.

Click here to unfold the remaining story (SPOILER WARNING)

Anna asks him why he did that, and discovers that he appears to have become possessed by something. When he attempts to call her phone in the same way as he did with Sarah, she rushes towards him and pulls him in front of herself so that the demon, immediately sensing the motions, attacks and kills him instead of her. After this, the demon seems to disappear in a puff of smoke.

As she slowly makes her way through the house to reach the main door, a confused Graham, who until now has been either unconscious or sleeping, gets up from the floor. As he gets on his feet, he notices the demon’s black smoke forming near Anna and screams. She quickly turns around to look, and the demon grabs her and wastes her, leaving Graham to be the 1 survivor out of the original 6.

Beth Cooper as Sarah
Jake Hendriks as Marc
Rachel Bright as Anna
Kate Braithwaite as Jill
Calvin Dean as Graham
Martin Skipper as Paul
Ian Whyte as the demon

Anthony Melton

David Scullion

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