Credo (2008)

Credo is a contemporary psychological horror movie exploring the shadowy side of the human mind as well as the fear of facing your deepest fears. The story takes places in London, and opens with a bunch of theology-students deciding to trial their beliefs by verifying that hell exist. All are found dead, outwardly because of suicide, after having successfully summoned a demon, and several years later, another bunch of students squat in the abandoned Catholic accommodations over the weekend after having faced eviction. This time however, something is in there with them.




Full plot:
‘Credo’ from 2008 starts out with an opening text describing the foundation of the original credo. During the intro sequence, the viewer hears a sound clip with two male voices talking about the concept of evil. The viewer is then taken to the local library where Alice, a student of theology, is reading alone at late. She gathers her stuff and leaves, after the librarian has claimed that she always is the last person to leave the library.

When she gets home, a wild and noisy party is already taking place where she lives, however, the party ends up becoming too unruly, and so, Alice, as well as her four roomies: Jock, Scott, Timmy and Jazz, are immediately evicted from their quarters the next day.

The gang then chooses to squat in an eerie, abandoned building for the night, and as they start exploring their new home, they learn that two other students, Seth and Bertha, infatuated with the topic of metaphysical evil, teamed up with three other students in an effort to summon the demon Belial. Apparently, Seth set Belial free by disrupting the magical pentagram-pattern the students had created to hold Belial in place. The day after this, the five students were all found dead; thought to have killed themselves.

As the new five try to get accustomed to their surroundings, they experience a power surge and Alice is hearing noises indicating movement. She goes to a room where her comrades are sleeping to check it out, and sees that they are toying with a Ouija board, having replaced the planchette with a shot-glass. Curious of whether anything paranormal will happen, Scott installs candid cameras at different locations.

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The day after this, they find Timmy dead in the morning, hanged in a power cable which is attached to the ceiling.

The demon begins to seek out the students whenever they’re by themselves, convincing each of them to commit suicide. Jock is subjected to a manipulative vision where his mom appears before him. Jazz, who suffers from claustrophobia, has a frightening hallucination, resulting in her panicking and accidentally bringing the roof down on top of her. Scott has an encounter with Alice where she riles him up to the point where he jumps out of the window and wastes himself.

Alice lastly has a ghostly encounter with her dad, in a manner which makes it difficult for her to tell if he is still living or dead, and if the whole encounter is fact or fantasy. Soon as Alice’s dad is done talking, the viewer is taken back to Jock, Scott, jazz, and Timmy toying with the Ouija board, asking the board whether there is anything present among them, besides themselves. The glass (replacing the planchette) moves to “Y”. When they ask for its name, it answers “Alice”. When they ask for its location, it spells “tower” repeatedly until they let go of the glass.

Scott goes through reviewing the candid cameras he installed, while the rest of the group heads up the stairs to the tower. Scott watches as Alice talks to nobody and stabs aimlessly into the air. Jock afterward finds out that Alice has hanged herself. Finally, the viewer sees Scott watching an earlier sequence of Alice talking to a person named “Scott”, making it difficult for the viewer to discern who have died so far – and in which order?

MyAnna Buring as Alice
Clayton Watson as Jock
Rhea Bailey as Jazz
Chris Jamba as Seth
Mark Joseph as Scott
Nathalie Pownall as Timmy
Colin Salmon as Dr. Reynolds
Stephen Gately as Simon

Toni Harman

Alex Wakeford

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