The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death (2014)

A small group of friends have won tickets for a theatre event which takes an ever flamboyant twist. While messing around with their Ouija board, they happen to conjure up a murderous specter which in turn engages in an insane slash-fest blowout. Genre: Comedy, Horror Country: USA Language: English . AKA: The Ouija Resurrection Sequel […]

Ouija (2014)

A young woman mysteriously hangs herself after playing with an old Ouija board, and her closest friends seek to reexamine the cause of death. Gathering around the Ouija board, they delve further and further into past events taking place in their dead friend’s house, unknowing of the perils they all bring upon themselves in doing […]

A Haunted House (2013)

An ordinary couple is struggling to establish their new life in what they thought would be their ideal house, when it turns out to be far more than they bargained for. To help save their wits and their relationship they bring in a line of friends and professionals of dubious expertise. Genre: Comedy Country: USA […]

A Haunting – Black Magic (2013)

“A Haunting” is a show that tells the stories of individuals who claim to have been witnesses of the paranormal. The witnesses are interviewed about their experiences and their stories are reenacted by actors to illustrate the stories told. In the episode „Black Magic“ (Season 6 Episode 3) we get to know a family who […]

American Horror Story – The Axeman Cometh (2013) [S03E06]

AHS “Coven” The Axeman Cometh, third season, sixth episode – After Madison’s disappearance, Zoe attempts to contact her with a Ouija board, but ends up summoning a physical manifestation of the New Orleans Axeman. Genre: Drama, Horror (TV-series) Country: USA Language: English . Aired: November 13, 2013 Full plot: Season 3 of American Horror Story […]

Don’t Move (2013) [Short]

Several people are situated in a common house with a blood-spattered Ouija board on the dining table. The scenery suggests that they themselves are responsible for bringing about the bloodthirsty demon in their midst, which seems to react mainly to movement, making it difficult for the party to escape the house before they are all […]

Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

A curious group of friends suspects that the footage in the movie Grave Encounters (2011) is not staged as officially claimed. To find out for themselves, they investigate the abandoned asylum and are soon trapped in a terrifying maze with malevolent entities who are out to get them … Genre: Horror Country: Canada/USA Language: English […]

I Am ZoZo (2012)

5 youngsters get together for Halloween and, while having fun with a Ouija board, they end up summoning the demonic entity known to most people only as “ZoZo”. This arty budget-thriller is said to originally have been built on experiences from real life. Genre: Horror Country: USA Language: English . Full plot: “I Am ZoZo” […]

Ouija (2012) (short film) [2]

A teenage girl has lost her boyfriend and now tries to use a Ouija board to interact with his ghost on incentive from some of her friends. In doing so, she discovers the concealed facts lying hidden in their past – truths she never knew about her boyfriend and about her friends. Genre: Horror Country: […]

Ouija (2012) (short film) [1]

“Ouija” from 2012 is a short film about a young woman who ventures into the unknown. With the help of her Ouija board she establishes contact to something gloomy from the spirit-world. Genre: Horror Language: English

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