Don’t Panic (1988)

On the night of Michael’s birthday his friends surprise him with a Ouija board. Breaking his promise to never touch a Ouija board, he agrees to conduct a séance. What seems like a failure to conjure up a spirit, turns into the biggest mistake the friends ever made. Soon, Michael starts being plagued by bloody […]

Girls School Screamers (1986)

A group of Catholic college girls is staying at an art-filled mansion to catalogue the paintings. They soon learn that the estate has been abandoned for 40 years and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former junior of their school. The fun atmosphere of their stay quickly turns dead serious when […]

Spookies (1986)

A group of friends drive down a forest road at night, looking for a party. They get lost and end up at an abandoned mansion instead. They find a Ouija board inside the mansion and soon learn that it is far from abandoned – but that they have walked into a death trap, set up […]

Witchboard (1986)

Linda’s party becomes more exiting when Brandon, former friend and now arch enemy of her boyfriend, pulls out a Ouija board. She is intrigued when they manage to contact David, the ghost of a little boy. She immediately becomes obsessed with the board and can’t stop playing with it. When the spirit starts showing it’s […]

Deadly Messages (1985)

A woman finds a Ouija board and discovers that she has been marked for termination by a vicious killer. The Ouija board also makes her doubt her identity. She must now back-track through her own memory in order to find out who the murderer is, and more importantly: Why is he after her? Genre: Horror […]

Tales from the Darkside – The Madness Room (1985)

“Tales from the Darkside” is a horror series, which tells a different spooky story in each episode. In the episode “Madness Room” we get introduced to Cathy, a woman who has married a much older and very wealthy man. She likes to dabble with the occult in her free time, which she has a lot […]

The Devil’s Gift (1984)

In the suburbs, a woman purchases an old cymbal-monkey in a raggedy toy store for her stepson, ignorant to the circumstance that it contains a demon from the times of yore. It soon subjects objects and even people to psychic mind-control so that they may do its bidding. Genre: Horror Country: USA Language: English . […]

Amityville 3-D (1983)

John runs an investigation of the famous Amityville house which he believes is not haunted at all but rather an elaborate scam feeding of paranoid superstitions. When he gets the house offered to him at a cheap price, he immediately buys it. However, very quickly strange things start to occur and soon people around him […]

Alison’s Birthday (1981)

After Alison loses her parents in an accident as a baby, she gets adopted by a seemingly selfless and loving couple. When she is 16, her deceased father contacts her through a Ouija board and warns her that she will be in terrible danger on her 19th birthday. Although nervous, she still follows up on […]