Necromentia (2009)

In “Necromentia”, four different individuals experience the wonders of Ouija boards that are tattooed unto a person’s back. This reversely narrated indie film deals with some of life’s heavy topics, such as necromancy, tattoos, going to hell, etc. Genre: Horror Country: USA Language: English . Full plot: The reverse chronology of “Necromentia” starts out with […]

Ouija Board (2009)

What is supposed to be a fun weekend, turns into a horror-trip when a group of friends runs over a blood soaked girl. Assuming that the worst is over, the group is terrified, when the spirit of the girl starts haunting them, turning their life into a bloody nightmare… Genre: Horror Country: UK Language: English […]

Credo (2008)

Credo is a contemporary psychological horror movie exploring the shadowy side of the human mind as well as the fear of facing your deepest fears. The story takes places in London, and opens with a bunch of theology-students deciding to trial their beliefs by verifying that hell exist. All are found dead, outwardly because of […]

Tempus Fugit (2008)

When Hector Anderson, the protagonist of the 2008 film “Tempus Fugit”, finds a Ouija board on the attic, he is immediately intrigued and can’t resist to give it a try. After he succeeds to contact a mysterious spirit called “Lucille”, poltergeist activity ensues in his home and he slowly but surely becomes obsessed with the […]

Drive Thru (2007)

The fast food chain “Hella-Burger” celebrates a grim business mascot they call Horny The Clown. One day, Horny has had enough. Wielding his Meat Cleaver From Hell, he begins to cut up teens in Blanca Carne, California. Things only get hornier in Orange County when 17 years old Mac Carpenter discovers some even grimmer ties […]

Greetings (2007)

“Greetings”, a UK produced horror film from 2007, begins with Cathy and Matt inviting their friends to their housewarming party. When the men decide to use Cathy’s antique table as a Ouija board against her wishes, strange activities begin to unfold in the apartment. Mysterious messages appear out of nowhere and the furniture ends up […]

Ouija / Seance (2007)

A private séance involving a Ouija board is interrupted when two young women seek help from their passed-away grandma, trapping a malign paranormal entity with them in the physical world. The time has come to overcome all fears and interpersonal quarrels if they are to banish the evils they have summoned. Genre: Horror Country: Philippines […]

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Katie and her boyfriend Micah move into a suburban home just to find out that the entity, that has followed her since childhood, has moved in with them. Micah sets up a camera to capture the malevolent presence and so the paranormal activity begins to unfold every night.. Genre: Horror Country: USA Languages: English . […]

Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers (2006)

An experienced priest specializing in exorcisms and demonology has turned away from the church after a disastrous event in which a failed exorcism led to a homicidal demon ultimately killing its victim. The same priest is now summoned by a desperate family to save a young woman who seems to be possessed by the very […]

Left in Darkness (2006)

Celia hates her birthdays as it is connected to her mother dying during her birth. For her 21st birthday she wants to break her depression by attending a party at a frat house. What she doesn’t know is that she will soon enter another world, a world full of demons who are out to devour […]

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