The Pact (2012)

Annie investigates the house of her recently deceased abusive mother after her sister disappears in it. She immediately senses a negative presence in her childhood home and is plagued by nightmares. When her cousin also disappears after staying at the house, she reaches out to a police man. He discovers a secret room in the […]

Haunted Poland (2011)

When a girl invites her boyfriend to meet her family in her hometown, Chodecz, he begins experiencing a new side of her as she reveals that a childhood experiment with a Ouija board, which were shortly followed by the death of one the participants, has left her plagued by sinister and disturbing fears that has […]

Seance: The Summoning (2011)

Four friends decide to conduct a Ouija board session in a morgue. They conjure up a malevolent entity that comes a lot closer than they bargained for, spilling their darkest secrets and making them turn against each other. To save their lives they have to put their conflicts behind them and banish the demon forever… […]

The Ouija Experiment (2011)

Brandon and Shay, who study film in New York, travel to Dallas to visit Michael along with several others, planning to document and upload a series of Ouija-sessions in order to get clicks online. As they gather around their Ouija board, they begin to squabble among themselves, accidentally creating a doorway to a world beyond […]

The Unleashed (2011)

After the death of her mother, Madison returns to her childhood home and finds an unsually old Ouija board in the attic. What seems like mindless fun at first, soon unleashes frightening entities that she can’t deal with on her own… Genre: Horror Country: Canada Language: English Full plot: The Canadian horror movie “Unleashed” from […]

Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

The events in this movie take place two months prior to the events of  Paranormal Activity (2007). After their son Hunter is born, Kristi and Dan experience a mysterious break-in in their home. They set up security cameras in hopes of finding out more about the intruders, but what they discover turns out to be […]

Necromentia (2009)

In “Necromentia”, four different individuals experience the wonders of Ouija boards that are tattooed unto a person’s back. This reversely narrated indie film deals with some of life’s heavy topics, such as necromancy, tattoos, going to hell, etc. Genre: Horror Country: USA Language: English . Full plot: The reverse chronology of “Necromentia” starts out with […]

Ouija Board (2009)

What is supposed to be a fun weekend, turns into a horror-trip when a group of friends runs over a blood soaked girl. Assuming that the worst is over, the group is terrified, when the spirit of the girl starts haunting them, turning their life into a bloody nightmare… Genre: Horror Country: UK Language: English […]

Credo (2008)

Credo is a contemporary psychological horror movie exploring the shadowy side of the human mind as well as the fear of facing your deepest fears. The story takes places in London, and opens with a bunch of theology-students deciding to trial their beliefs by verifying that hell exist. All are found dead, outwardly because of […]

Tempus Fugit (2008)

When Hector Anderson, the protagonist of the 2008 film “Tempus Fugit”, finds a Ouija board on the attic, he is immediately intrigued and can’t resist to give it a try. After he succeeds to contact a mysterious spirit called “Lucille”, poltergeist activity ensues in his home and he slowly but surely becomes obsessed with the […]