The Devil’s Gift (1984)

In the suburbs, a woman purchases an old cymbal-monkey in a raggedy toy store for her stepson, ignorant to the circumstance that it contains a demon from the times of yore. It soon subjects objects and even people to psychic mind-control so that they may do its bidding. Genre: Horror Country: USA Language: English . […]

Amityville 3-D (1983)

John runs an investigation of the famous Amityville house which he believes is not haunted at all but rather an elaborate scam feeding of paranoid superstitions. When he gets the house offered to him at a cheap price, he immediately buys it. However, very quickly strange things start to occur and soon people around him […]

Alison’s Birthday (1981)

After Alison loses her parents in an accident as a baby, she gets adopted by a seemingly selfless and loving couple. When she is 16, her deceased father contacts her through a Ouija board and warns her that she will be in terrible danger on her 19th birthday. Although nervous, she still follows up on […]

Escalofrío (1978)

An urban couple gets lured by another couple which claims to know them personally. Doubtful but bored, the couple decides to follow the two (un)acquaintances but quickly discovers that much, much more intricate motives lie behind this strange encounter. Over the night, the two unacquainted couples will get to know each other far better than […]

Seytan (1974)

The pre-teen daughter of an upper-class mother tampers with a Ouija board and soon starts showing behavior that indicates possession by evil spirits. Their comfortable existence is greatly challenged when a helpful psychiatrist who doubts his faith and family lends his aid and discovers that the girl is possessed by Şeytan, the trickster-manifestation of Satan. […]

The Exorcist (1973)

While at an excavation in northern Iraq, a scarred catholic priest finds figurine-parts of his arch enemy, Pazuzu – not only a demon, but a king among demons who nearly took the priest’s life during an earlier exorcism in Africa – and interprets it as a warning of a coming confrontation. Rightly so, he is summoned […]

Tales from the Crypt (1972)

5 bewildered individuals become stuck in a maze of odd catacombs together with a puzzling figure resembling a Franciscan. He is the Keeper of the crypt, and he shows his guests grueling visions that retell the stories of their deaths, including one in particular involving – you guessed it – a Ouija board. Genre: Horror […]

13 Ghosts (1960)

Cyrus Zorba and his family are broke and their furniture is being confiscated once again. When a charming, young lawyer comes along and tells them that they inherited a big mansion from a distant uncle, they couldn’t happier. When they hear that the uncle was a supposed ghost collector and his collection of 12 ghosts […]

The Uninvited (1944)

An appealing old house leads two siblings to impulsively buy it, seeking to escape their urbanesque existence in inner London. They quickly discover a ghostly sobbing which recurs ever so often and which they can’t get rid of. Desperately requesting clues that might help them, they unwind a grand mystery involving the family they bought […]

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