What Lies Beneath (2000)

When a happily married woman becomes convinced that her house is haunted, she delves into the harsh truths hidden in her own lost memories as well as in her husband’s past. Using everything from Ouija boards to hair-locks, she insists on uncovering the identity of the ghost which haunts her, and more importantly, its motives. […]

Radio Flyer (1992)

Michael overhears his two sons arguing because his older one broke his promise to share his toys with the little one. Michael thinks that promises are not to be taken lightly and decides to tell them about his childhood which was filled with broken promises and lots of sorrow. He tells them about his abusive […]

Awakenings (1990)

Based on the true story of a people shy doctor who has to overcome his fears and work with chronically ill patients. He notices that many of his patients are in a completely motionless catatonic state, but discovers that they break out of their frozen postures for short moments when provoked by different stimuli. Through […]