Don’t Move (2013) [Short]

Several people are situated in a common house with a blood-spattered Ouija board on the dining table. The scenery suggests that they themselves are responsible for bringing about the bloodthirsty demon in their midst, which seems to react mainly to movement, making it difficult for the party to escape the house before they are all […]

Ouija Board (2009)

What is supposed to be a fun weekend, turns into a horror-trip when a group of friends runs over a blood soaked girl. Assuming that the worst is over, the group is terrified, when the spirit of the girl starts haunting them, turning their life into a bloody nightmare… Genre: Horror Country: UK Language: English […]

Credo (2008)

Credo is a contemporary psychological horror movie exploring the shadowy side of the human mind as well as the fear of facing your deepest fears. The story takes places in London, and opens with a bunch of theology-students deciding to trial their beliefs by verifying that hell exist. All are found dead, outwardly because of […]

Greetings (2007)

“Greetings”, a UK produced horror film from 2007, begins with Cathy and Matt inviting their friends to their housewarming party. When the men decide to use Cathy’s antique table as a Ouija board against her wishes, strange activities begin to unfold in the apartment. Mysterious messages appear out of nowhere and the furniture ends up […]

Night of the Hell Hamsters (2006) [Short]

One stormy night, Julie is babysitting the kids of the Williams family. After her boyfriend comes over, the two play with an improvised Ouija board to kill some time. The séance goes wrong and the hamster cage suddenly gets hit by a lightning. The two think it’s just a coincidence, but soon the hamsters turn […]

Derren Brown: Séance (2004)

Derren Brown is a master illusionist who loves to set up elaborate plays to trick the mind into believing that’s it’s witnessing the paranormal. He is the host of many shows displaying his talent. In this particular episode he attempts to conduct a séance that leaves the participants terrified and wondering whether there might not […]

Long Time Dead (2002)

A group of college students wants to spend the night partying with alcohol and drugs. Their chase for the ultimate kick leads them to conduct a séance in an abandonded factory building. When one of the students has a terrible vision and runs off, breaking the circle, they unleash a djinn, an Arabic demon, who […]

Grim (1995)

Four friends conduct a séance and unleash an ogreish monster that has been bound in a stone located in a massive cave system. When the houses build on top of the caves start to collapse, a couple of mining experts and a few residents make their way down there to find the cause for the damages. […]

Witchboard (1986)

Linda’s party becomes more exiting when Brandon, former friend and now arch enemy of her boyfriend, pulls out a Ouija board. She is intrigued when they manage to contact David, the ghost of a little boy. She immediately becomes obsessed with the board and can’t stop playing with it. When the spirit starts showing it’s […]