Haunted Poland (2011)

When a girl invites her boyfriend to meet her family in her hometown, Chodecz, he begins experiencing a new side of her as she reveals that a childhood experiment with a Ouija board, which were shortly followed by the death of one the participants, has left her plagued by sinister and disturbing fears that has […]

Ouija (2003)

Clara decides to spend her vacation in an charming little town. There, she meets Victor and his friends, who like to spend their time playing with a Ouija board. Together, they conduct a séance and manage to establish contact with a spirit called “Audscias”. After an initially fun conversation with the invisible guest, scary phenomena […]

Escalofrío (1978)

An urban couple gets lured by another couple which claims to know them personally. Doubtful but bored, the couple decides to follow the two (un)acquaintances but quickly discovers that much, much more intricate motives lie behind this strange encounter. Over the night, the two unacquainted couples will get to know each other far better than […]