Bunshinsaba (2004)

After Yoo-jin moves to a village, she gets bullied at her new school. To take revenge on her bullies, she uses a Ouija board to conjur up a vengeful spirit and puts a curse on them. Soon people around her start dying violently and she doesn’t feel quite like herself anymore…


South Korea


Full Plot:
The protagonist of “Bunshinsaba”, a South Korean horror movie from 2004, is Yoo-jin, a girl from Seoul, South Korea. She and her blind mother move from their home town to a village and her social life instantly changes for the worse. Her new classmates are far from welcoming and instead immediately start picking on her. Yoo-jin decides to get together with two other girls, who have fallen victim to the bullying as well. The group decides to meet up at the school one night to hatch a plan of revenge.

They sit down next to a desk which is rumoured to have belonged to a girl called Kim In-sook, who got killed 30 years ago and is now haunted by her ghost. With the help of a Ouija board, the girls manage to put a curse on four of their cruelest bullies, by writing down their names on the board. While executing the „Bunshinsaba-curse“, Yoo-jin is warned to not open her eyes, before it is finalized, but she can’t help but take a peak.

She immediately regrets it, when she sees a dead girl with shockingly pale skin and dark long hair sitting close to her.

The following morning, one of the bullies walks into class and sits down at the place, where Yoo-jin was using the Ouija board. She immediately catches fire and dies on the spot. When Yoo-jin discovers her burnt corpse, she is shocked, but now reassured, that the curse is truly working.

The strange occurences continue to unfold when Lee Eun-ju, a new volunteering art teacher, goes through the names of her new students. As soon as she comes across seat 29 (the supposedly haunted seat) she adresses Kim In-sook directly by her name and continues talking to her, even though she is not in the room and long time dead (and with her existence being denied by the village people altogether). Terrified that the rumours about the haunted desk may be true, the students leave the classroom in a panic.

Yoo-jin stays as the only person in the room with the new teacher and explains that Kim In-sook is not real. Lee Eun-ju reexamines seat 29 and notices that it’s not named tagged, making it impossible for her to have known about Kim in-sook. In the same moment, Yoo-jin catches a glimpse of a ghostly apparition behind Eun-ju.

One by one, the other three cursed girls die in the same brutal way.

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Witnessing the deaths around her, Yoo-jin begins realizing that she has been possessed by the ghost of Kim In-sook, making her murder her bullies, even though she has no memory of it. Soon, the teachers start sensing that You-jin is indeed behaving very strangely and has become a danger to her surroundings.

They manage to shed light on her mysterious behaviour by hypnotizing her. They learn that Kim In-sook was murdered together with her mother Chun-hee by the people of the village. Before being burned alive, they cursed the village and swore that anybody who left the village would face instant death.

A group of men from the village catch up on the events and begin planning to kill Yoo-jin, just as they did with Kim In-sook. Stopping them before they can even try, Yoo-jin burns the men alive and herself with them.

Meanwhile, the spirit of Chun-hee possesses Eun-ju and uses her body as an instrument to go on a slaughter fest in the school.

The movie concludes with a scene showing Eun-ju with a daughter, who the viewer learns is Kim In-sook’s reincarnation.

Se-eun Lee as Yoo-jin
Gyu-ri Kim as Lee Eun-ju
Yu-ri Lee as Kim In-sook

Byeong-ki Ahn

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