Night of the Hell Hamsters (2006) [Short]

One stormy night, Julie is babysitting the kids of the Williams family. After her boyfriend comes over, the two play with an improvised Ouija board to kill some time. The séance goes wrong and the hamster cage suddenly gets hit by a lightning. The two think it’s just a coincidence, but soon the hamsters turn […]

Ouija (2006)

An enigma circling around the dismal pasts of two different individuals becomes gradually unraveled as six friends who are their own worst enemies seek the counsel of a perplexing Ouija board and its ominous lures. Genre: Horror Country: Egypt Language: Arabic Full plot: In “Ouija” from 2006, Adam, Mariam, Hany, Farida and Ibrahim go on […]

Satanic (2006)

Michelle wakes up in the hospital with amnesia after a car crash. One of the few things given to her from her past life is a Ouija board. When people start violently dying around her, she is forced to uncover her past and face the malevolent force that has taken hold of her… Genre: Horror […]

Séance (2006)

Lauren and her room mates stay at their dorm during Thanksgiving while all other students leave. Having nothing better to do than killing time, they conduct a séance to contact the ghost of a little girl Lauren keeps seeing. Accidentally, they summon the ghost of a maniacal serial killer instead and now it’s killing time! […]

Vem Är Du? (2005)

Situated in an abandoned industrial complex, six young people have gathered around a Ouija board, playing the “Spirit of the glass” game. Everything goes well until one of the participants dares to ask: “Vem är du?” or “Who are you?” – Setting free an evil and wicked spirit, and from then on, it only gets […]

Bunshinsaba (2004)

After Yoo-jin moves to a village, she gets bullied at her new school. To take revenge on her bullies, she uses a Ouija board to conjur up a vengeful spirit and puts a curse on them. Soon people around her start dying violently and she doesn’t feel quite like herself anymore… Genre: Horror Country: South […]

Dead Friend (2004)

Ji-won suffers from amnesia after an accident she can’t remember. She soon learns that she was part of a bully clique in her past. One by one, her former friends get murdered and she has to solve the mystery of her past, before it’s her turn to die… Genre: Horror Country: South Korea Language: Korean […]

Derren Brown: Séance (2004)

Derren Brown is a master illusionist who loves to set up elaborate plays to trick the mind into believing that’s it’s witnessing the paranormal. He is the host of many shows displaying his talent. In this particular episode he attempts to conduct a séance that leaves the participants terrified and wondering whether there might not […]

Spirit of the Glass (2004)

The 2004 Philippine horror film “Spirit of the Glass” is about Kelly, a young woman who plans to spend the holidays in idyllic Boracay, but ends up on the country side, in an ancestral home of her family instead. She brings along her boyfriend Choppy, as well as her friends Myra, Cecille, Anton, Drue and […]

Ouija (2003)

Clara decides to spend her vacation in an charming little town. There, she meets Victor and his friends, who like to spend their time playing with a Ouija board. Together, they conduct a séance and manage to establish contact with a spirit called “Audscias”. After an initially fun conversation with the invisible guest, scary phenomena […]